How to recover PowerPoint file

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Attentive! If you have deleted or not saved the PowerPoint file you were working with, take comfort in this article from how to recover powerpoint file, You will find everything you need to know to get out of the problem presented.

Here we bring you on this occasion this very useful reading for that type of situation that we never want to happen to us. You can read about recovering PPT files from temp folder, with recovery software, with auto recovery and much more. Take advantage of the information and prevent this from happening to you in the future.

How to recover powerpoint file

There are various ways or ways to recover unsaved or accidentally deleted PPT presentation files. But the main thing to do after losing or deleting a file or folder is to stop using the computer or external storage drive where PowerPoint files have been accidentally deleted. You should add new files or update existing files on the same drive where you deleted or did not save the PPT file, as this may prevent successful recovery of PPT files.

Undeleted PowerPoint files can be recovered using recycle bin, also using programs like Remo Recover, as well as through auto-recovery and other additional methods which are extensively explained in this article.

Is it possible to recover a Microsoft PowerPoint file that I did not save?

When creating a PowerPoint file and not saving it, the system immediately displays a warning. This notice informs you that the file will be closed without saving recent changes. Despite this, it happens that files are closed without saving and the information they contain is lost. However, there are a few ways to recover an unsaved PowerPoint file:

  • One option is through temporary file folder which is explained later in this article.
  • Another possibility is the file name change. If the PPT file appears in the corresponding file explorer, you can rename it by adding .ptt at the end of it.
  • Then, you can open the file and verify that it is the file you are looking for and save it in another folder on the computer and thus retrieve the information.
  • Also, you can use the function built into PowerPoint. This feature is helpful in restoring an unsaved PowerPoint file. To use this feature do the following:
    • Open the PPT program and click the «Open» menu.
    • Now select “Recent Documents”. In the menu bar on the left.
    • Then, click on “Recover unsaved presentations” at the bottom of the list.
    • Then a folder opens where the unsaved documents are.
    • In case the file is there, you need to press the left button and open it.
    • Proceed to save the file as you always do.
  • Recover a previous version of a PowerPoint fileTo do this, follow the steps indicated:
    • Right-click and select «Previous Versions» from the corresponding menu.
    • Then, a new window opens where the tab is already selected. Here you can find older versions of the PPT file, but only if a restore point is marked.
    • Select one of the previous versions to retrieve an earlier version of the document.
    • Older versions are a side way to recover an old PPt file.
  • Also, you can rrecover files that are stored in Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive or any other type of cloud storage. This is an additional and valuable alternative to recover an unsaved PowerPoint file.

Recover Unsaved PowerPoint from Temporary Folder

Continuing with the list of possible PowerPoint file recovery solutions, it is to do it through the Temporary folder. When you create a presentation, PowerPoint automatically saves the work you’re doing, but it does so in the background. This temporary file is stored in the Temporary folder. There is not always a guarantee that it will be possible to recover from this location, because there are times when this possible solution does not work.

Likewise, it doesn’t hurt to try and follow the step-by-step steps below:

  • Requires use of computer search tool to find the temporary file.
  • A temporary file originating from a PowerPoint presentation should have the following format: tmp.
  • Therefore, to find temporary files created for a presentation you must search for the corresponding term in the search box: ppt*tmp.
  • In case you find a file with the name of your presentation, you must click on the right button and select where it indicates rename.
  • Then you must put another name and use .ppt as the extension remaining in this form: filename.ppt.
  • Finally proceed to open the file and save it in the folder of your choice.

Recover PowerPoint File with File Recovery Software

There is an option to use a PPT file recovery program called ApowerRecover. It is an excellent and powerful program to effectively restore lost presentations. Likewise, you can recover other types of files such as images, videos, music or documents.

It is a program that offers the possibility of seeing the files that it intends to restore and validate that the one that is really needed is being saved. It is an easy-to-use software, all you need to do is follow the below-mentioned guidelines to recover deleted PowerPoint files from computer:

  • You must start the program on the computer, you must first download and install it successfully.
  • In the main interface you should click on “Documents”, as this is the category all PowerPoint files belong to.
  • Then, you must click «next» to continue.
  • Move on to select the location where you think you will find the missing PPT file. If you know the exact location go to “Select location”.
  • Then, you need to click “Next” to do the scan.
  • Once the scan is complete, choose the file you are looking for. If you still can’t find it, you should click “Scan deep” to continue searching for files.
  • You need to select PPT in the results and hit the «Recover» button to get the deleted PowerPoint file.

no doubt that ApowerRecover. An excellent alternative to recover deleted PPT files, this is a handy tool to restore PowerPoint presentation.

Use the AutoRecover feature

There is also another way that can help you to recover unsaved PowerPoint files and that is AutoRecover feature. The steps are the following:

  • open a power Point presentation.
  • You must select Options.
  • then go to
  • You need to make sure you have checked the box where it says: “Save autorecover information every few minutes.
  • Also, the dialog box that says “Keep the latest version automatically retrieved on close without saving”.

Recover it in “Recover unsaved presentations”

If you forgot to save the PowerPoint file you were working on, then you couldn’t find it, no problem here are some steps by which you can easily recover the file:

  • Must open PowerPoint on your computer.
  • Also, click on File, Archive located in the upper left corner select.
  • Then in the section «Recent», you must press and on “Recover unsaved presentations” in the lower right corner.
  • The Saved Drafts folder it opens, Locate the file and double click to open.
  • Now go ahead and save the file.

Please note that the files in the Unsaved folder are temporary files, it is recommended that you retrieve and save the data you require as soon as possible. They can be lost after a short time.

Recover Permanently Deleted PowerPoint Files

In case everything mentioned above regarding file recovery did not work for you then you can follow the below step by step to recover unsaved/deleted PowerPoint files with Recoverit Data Recovery for Windows.

You can easily recover those presentations that have been deleted or deleted by following the steps below:

  • You must select the location where the PowerPoint is located.
  • Then you must start recovery data on the computer and select where the PowerPoint files are saved.
  • After, go and scan the location. This program starts scanning the drive to find the deleted PowerPoint files.
  • Once the I scan the files that are recovered are displayed in the corresponding result. Also, you can preview certain files like music, photos, videos, Office files, then select your deleted PowerPoint file and click “Recover” button to get it.

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