How to recover steam account

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How to recover Steam account? If something happened that you lost your account or the data that allowed you to access it, then you will surely be interested to know what you can do to get your account back. In this sense, what you can do is follow a series of methods that we will be explaining to you today, so that you can try them all and see which one works for you.

Specifically, today we will explain how you can recover your Steam account if you forgot your data, if your account is inactive for a long time, if your account has been hacked or stolen, what to do with your credits if a thief makes use of them and how block your Steam account. If you want to know all this and more, keep reading!

How to recover Steam account if I forgot my data

Let’s start by answering the question of How to recover steam account from the stage where it is easier to lose: yes you forget your login details. In this case, what you can do is what we will tell you below, which is a very simple process if you have the right tools. Let’s see!

  • To get started, go to Steam.
  • Once there, click Sign in.
  • On the screen you will find, click on Have you forgotten the password? and proceed to enter your phone number or email address and confirm that you are not a robot.
  • You will receive a message with a link or verification code that you must use to be able to change your password. Obviously, it will arrive in your mail or on your phone.
  • Create a key that is secure to prevent your account from being stolen. Use the banking format and use a capital letter, numbers, a character and do not use personal names.
  • Then log in to your account with this password and voila!
  • You will have successfully recovered your account.

With the new access, you can see your name in the same account. You only have to access with your email and password and you will be able to view it, if you do not remember it. If you don’t remember the email you registered with, then you could be in trouble there. You can use your number if you set it up.

If you did not, you must choose the option of I no longer have access to… And from there you will have to answer a series of questions to confirm your identity and be able to access your account. They will ask you for your mail, telephone numbers, telephone codes and additional information that you want to attach, as well as proof of previous purchase.

Can I lose my Steam account if it is inactive for a long time?

On the other hand, another frequently asked question is the following: Can I lose my Steam account if it is inactive for a long time? You may think that you may not be using your Steam account for a while and you are interested in knowing if there is a risk that you will lose it if you are not an active user. It may be like this on other platforms and you do not want to take risks.

The truth is that this is not going to happen. At least so far, there has been no case where someone’s account has been suspended or terminated for not using it for a while. This means that you can use it and stop using it as you please, without losing access to it and, in resonance, to the games you buy according to the terms of the transaction.

If you spent some time without entering your account and now you cannot access it, try to follow the steps that we mentioned in the previous section. You just have to click on Sign in, then on the option that you forgot your password, enter your email or phone number, wait for the verification code and change your password.

Steps to recover my Steam account if it has been stolen or hacked

Now let’s talk about the Steps to recover my Steam account if it has been stolen or hacked. Sadly, this is a scenario that can easily happen. For whatever reason, if one day you find that you cannot access your account with your login details or changing the password, then it is because they have been a victim of this.

  • To begin with, you should take a deep breath and remain calm. We already know that you can have a certain amount of money invested in the platform, but stressing yourself will not achieve anything. What you can do is take action and try to fix the problem.
  • Once you have calmed down, check that your computer does not have any type of malware. Once you do this, you can proceed to enter the Steam page and click on Support.
  • There you must locate the option and select Help, I can’t login.
  • You will be redirected to a new page which you need to click on My account has been stolen and I need help to recover it. If you are lazy to do it, we summarize it in two steps:
    • The first thing you should do is change your password and make sure that no virus is on your computer. You do this with good anti-virus and anti-spyware software, the kind that actually detect and eliminate malware and don’t let your movements be spied on.
    • Next, change your email password. The thief may have been able to access your Stream account by gaining access to your email, so you should change your password.


To prevent your account from being stolen or hacked, you must follow a series of preventive measures: do not share your password and use sites that are secure (have the padlock closed or the name in green before the URL).

Can I get my credits back if the thief uses them and how to do it

Again, a frequently asked question is Can I get my Steam credits back if the thief uses them? If the answer is positive, how to do it? Of course, if the thief or hacker breaks into your account, he can make use of the credits you have. Sadly, it is difficult for you to recover these.

If the thief stole your inventory items, then there is a chance that your items will be restored. This happens when Support verifies that your account was in fact stolen. You will only recover your inventory once, which means that if your account is stolen again it will no longer be restored as it will be your responsibility to take care of your account.

How to restore steam account without mail

If you forgot your email and want Recover your Steam Account without Mail, then you can do what we will tell you next. The truth is that all is not lost, but you can use your phone number or answer the relevant security questions, those that allow you to confirm that it is your account.

  • First, you must enter the Steam platform and from there click on Sign in, an option located in the upper right part of the screen.
  • There you have to click on Have you forgotten the password?
  • Enter your email or phone number. You can enter the email even if you can no longer enter it.
  • If you put your phone number, you will make use of the Mobile Authenticator. Wait for a message with the respective Steam Guard code and enter it. This way you can change your password and access your account again. If you do not have access to the authenticator, select this option and request that they send you an SMS to the number you have registered with the code to verify.
  • If you enter the mail, then you should click I no longer have access to this email address and fill out the form that appears on the screen. You must put your current email, information about your account, evidence of purchases you have made, among other data. When you’re done, click Submit. You will only have to wait for Support to contact you with your ticket.

We hope that by one of these ways you will be able to recover your Steam account.

How to block my account

To finish, we will answer the following question: How to block Steam account? IF for some reason you need to lock your account, then you can do it from two tools: the automatic lock and the manual lock.

If you receive an email and it indicates that there were changes in the password, in the email or code requests, do not exaggerate by thinking that your account is being stolen. In these notices you will find the respective link that will allow you to block your account. Of course, in what you block it, write down the code of unlock. With this you can access your account.

This ban will restrict purchases, gifts, trades, community access, playing on servers with active VAC, and product key activation. Block the account on what you think is being hacked or stolen.

This is how we finished answering your question. How to recover steam account. We hope we have been of help to you with what you were looking for.

Until next time!

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