How to recover WhatsApp messages

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If you are one of the people who does practically everything through WhatsApp, it is practical for you to know How to recover WhatsApp messages. Today, practicing everything we talk about on our mobile, we do it through the use of the WhatsApp tool.

Its use has been very useful in our personal conversations with friends, contacts outside the country, and even as a work tool for sending important information.

How to recover WhatsApp messages

In the manipulation of our mobile phone, there has always been a moment that we inadvertently proceed with the elimination of a some message of interestyes

The steps or methods that exist to recover your messages depend on the situation and age in which they are found.

For messages that have more than a week oldits process is somewhat complicated, you just have to be attentive to comply with a series of steps that will help you recover them.

With the purpose of offer security, a messaging application offers users backup of their conversations every day from 4 am. Likewise, the information is protected in a folder named: “Data base”

Also, this process offers you advantages and devastations, as you could delete your recent messages, or restore your deleted messages, therefore, you may not get back everything you want.

To retrieve your messages from old WhatsAppYou must follow the following steps:

  • Proceed with making a copy of the content in the folder WhatsApp/Databaseaccording to the configuration of this folder can be in the internal or external memory of your terminal.
  • Once the copying is complete, proceed to paste the information in the folder created on your computer.
  • Subsequently uninstall whatsappand start opening the folder you created on your computer.
  • locate file “ msgstore.db.crypt7” or “ msgstore.db.crypt8”proceed to delete file
  • Locate the backup you want to recover and change the name to: “ msgstore-Year-Month-Day.1.db.crypt7” by “msgstore.db.crypt7”
  • Carry out download and installation of the new Whatsappalthough you should not open it.
  • once completed connect your mobile to your computer, and proceed to copy the file “msgstore.db.crypt7” WhatsApp/Database
  • Once completed, you can start the application, then locate «Restore» and start viewing your old messages.

Without having a backup

It can be a matter of concern, if you delete the application from your mobile, either due to carelessness or inexperience or simply by mistake, it is bad not to die since you can find the solution.

The steps to follow are simple, remember not to access third-party applications as they can steal and access the information contained in WhatsApp, according to the following points:

  • Initially you must enter the files registered on your cell phone.
  • Place the folder in the last position WhatsApp
  • Mark the folder “Databases”
  • locate file “msgstore.db.crypt12”
  • Then rename the folder with the exact date you want to restore by placing: msgstore-year-month-day.1.db.crypt12
  • If there is a file with the title: msgstore-year-month-day.1.db.crypt12, you should delete.
  • Proceed with the installation on your cell phone of the «WhatsApp»
  • Locate the «Restore» option, to complete the loading process of all conversations.
  • Lastly, wait for text message with «Verification code»
  • It is important to remember that the verification code is not compatible with third parties.
  • Once the process is finished, proceed to access all your conversations again,

Recover recent WhatsApp messages

The steps to recover recently deleted WhatsApp messages are very simple:

  • Exclude the application of: “WhatsApp” from your mobile
  • Proceed again with the «download» and «facility» of whatsapp
  • Once WhatsApp is started, the option to restore message history
  • mark option «Restore»
  • finally ready messages «Recovered»

How to create a backup on Android

To successfully complete your message recovery process, you must have a backup, for this you must configure your WhatsApp accordingly:

  • Initially you must access WhatsApp
  • Locate, click the three points that appear in the upper corner.
  • Click on “Settings”
  • Locate «chats» click
  • Tick “ backup” later » save»
  • Done the backup is completed instantly.

Also, you can save your conversations by simply linking your Gmail account to your Google account, you just have to access the “Google Drive Settings” the system offers different time intervals to select when you want to make the copy:

  • Never
  • only when i hit save
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

How to create a backup on iPhone

Currently it is no longer a problem to change or lose your mobile phone, you just have to access the steps to create a backup of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

It is important, before starting, to understand the difference between iCloud backups and backups created from your computer, therefore, we indicate the following steps to follow:

Process for backup with iCloud

  • Connect your mobile phone with a Wi-Fi network
  • Locate Settings
  • Enter (Your Name) – Check iCloud.
  • Locate and bookmark iCloud backup
  • Locate AND mark backup “now”
  • Finally, wait connected to the Wi-Fi network until the process is complete.

In case you want to check the progress of the completion of your backup, you must access the following:

  • Enter settings
  • Enter (Your Name) – Check iCloud.
  • Flag iCloud Backup
  • Locate and mark backup “now
  • When the process is finished, the date and time of the last backup appears.

Process to backup iPod with Mac computer

  • Link your mobile to connection from your computer.
  • for computers macOS Catalina 10.15,open Finder
  • for computers macOS Mojave 10.14 or older version or PC, run i tunes
  • Located at the top of the Finder screen
  • Tick «usually»
  • choose option «Keep a backup of all your iPhone data on this Mac.»
  • In case you require the backup data and backup with a password, you must select: “Encrypt local backup”
  • Mark click on “Backup Now”

Note: It is important to note that if you can connect the iPhone with your computer wirelessly, as long as the connection is synchronized with the Wi-Fi.

How to download WhatsApp conversations

There is a way how to download or export WhatsApp conversations, where you can save locally.

Also, review the files that have been exchanged in it, to be able to view them at any time. These steps proceed both for mobile on Android as well as on IOS

The WhatsApp application keeps its backup copies in different storages, it varies according to the mobile you use and whether it is Android or IOS

To start the WhatsApp download process on Android, you must follow these steps:

  • Access the WhatsApp application
  • Locate the button at the top right of the screen: “app menu”
  • mark option “settings” where several sections are displayed
  • Locate in menu chat section then mark button: “chat history”
  • mark option “Export chats”
  • Click on the name of the conversation whose history you want to download
  • Wait window with options menu
  • Mark “multimedia” file, to download all the photos and videosinclusive audio shared on whatsapp

Download WhatsApp chats on IOS

The download process for your iPhone is to be quick and simple, you just have to follow the following:

  • Locate on your iphone the chat history you want to download.
  • Mark the name of the person who corresponds to the chat.
  • Once inside the conversation, mark «contact name», then all the contact information is displayed.
  • Sign in for set up chat or view shared content.
  • Locate the option at the bottom of the screen. “export chat”,

Sometimes it happens that we need to recover a very important conversation, since, allows us to evaluate any information important to let go. With all these steps and tools, it is important to take precautions always before so as not to have to go through these problems.

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