How to retrieve a sent email

Both gmail and outlook are 2 of the most used emails worldwide. And since there are so many people who use them, it is normal that the question of How to recover a sent mail.

That is why today we come to talk to you about How to retrieve a sent emailboth in outlook and in gmail, the possible complications and much more.

How to retrieve a sent email

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It is difficult to meet someone who today does not use an email. Quickly, these services ended up becoming something absolutely necessary for people today.

It’s easy to see why it was son the great comfort they offer to send messages and the security they possess. It wasn’t long before they took advantage of the original postal mail

Today, you’re going to have to have an email yes or also if you want to have an infinity of different services that you will end up needing. From having accounts on web pages to hang out on social networks, video games and other fun

Even extremely important services such as the Bank or government pages in which to carry out legal processes. Emails are an extremely basic requirement for all of them.

Even in the workplace they are the general norm. Both for communications within companies, such as communicating with other departments, and even work applications. Today everything is done through emails

Obviously you should already have these unless you are young or your case is really exceptional.

The email market is an extremely competitive market. Being that the difference in users between the largest and the rest of the emails is an abysmal amount of people.

Hotmail and its change to Outlook

On the other hand we have Hotmail (the actual Outlook). This service was bought by Microsoft in 1997, with the new software giant as owner. Hotmail grew explosively thanks to the help of being linked with the then extremely popular Messenger.

Over the next few years, Hotmail would go through several updates and continue to fight hard in the email market. Being from its first moments one of the favorites of the public.

Once the 2012, Hotmail would become Outlook in what would be one of his biggest changes to date. From that moment on, the new accounts created for this service would become @Outlook. However, accounts that were created with the domain of @hotmail, they would not have to worry since they would continue to be active.

Gmail history

Lastly we have gmail, this has one of the most curious beginnings since it was originally only used by Google employees. This service was created by a couple of Google workers to facilitate communication within the company and thus facilitate the projects that were carried out.

It wasn’t until year 2004 that Gmail would be announced to the consuming public. Although originally, you could only join Gmail if you were invited by a user who already had an account within the platform.

Finally, in 2007 Gmail would be launched for everyone, and already people from any country could register without any invitation. Although Gmail entered email services late, it is undeniable that since its release worldwide. It has been one of the great providers of this service.

Today these 2 email services are still among the most widely used worldwide and you probably know them quite well.

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How to recover an email in Outlook

It will have happened to more than one of you that you click on the send message button only to realize that there is an error in the message. You may have sent it to one or even several wrong people, that you have attached something by mistake or that you have sent the wrong message.

When it happens, you get nervous and quickly look for how to solve the problem and end up finding this article. Although we are here to help you, we must warn you that it is not always possible to recover an Outlook email.

Requirements to get it back

Emails and messages that have been sent through Microsoft Outlook must meet certain requirements to be able to remove either replace for a new one. In order for you to delete or replace a sent message, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Both the person or people who have been send the message as your email program have to be connected to a sMicrosoft Exchange server.
  2. The message was sent using the desktop application of Outlook either Microsoft 365 within the same organization.
  3. The people you sent the message to They haven’t opened it yet.

All 3 conditions must be met at the same time so that your mail can be retrieved without the recipient seeing it.

Recovery Steps

To recover the message you will have to:

  • Go to the folder of sent itemsthis folder is located on the left of the Microsoft Outlook window.
  • Next you must open the message you want to retrieve. The process will not work if you only select it, you must double click on the message to see it in the reading pane.
  • Here it will depend on whether you have the normal tape or the simplified one.
  • regular tape: In the tab that says “messages” select the “actions” option and the one to recover this message
  • Simplified ribbon: You will have to select the tab «Message», then you must click on the 3 dots (…) to go to the more commands tab. Then click on «Actions» and finally in “Retrieve this message”
  • Then click on the box you want to use. Either delete the unread copies of the message (the one we recommend), or delete them and replace them with a new message
  • In case you want to replace them with a new message, you must write it right there and it will be replaced.

And voila, with this you will have managed to prevent other people from reading the message.

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How to recover an email in Gmail

Once you’ve sent the message, a popup will appear that says «Message sent» and you will have the option to «undo» along with that of “see message”. Click it quickly, you only have 5 seconds!

For increase the time you have to retrieve it, follow the procedure below:

  • At the top right of the screen, select the window «setting».
  • Within the “Labs” tab, enable the option “undo send”.
  • Choose the “cancellation period” give you more time to undo it.

If you made it in this time period, congratulations. We’re surprised at how fast you are, if you didn’t make it, we recommend you increase the time. We wish you the best of luck in your case.

Why recovering an email does not always work

None of the companies has explained why this happens, but there are several aspects that we can point out.

In Outlook, can’t retrieve anything other than Microsoft Exchange, this can be a bit weird for users. But you have to remember that couriers are like parcel services. The rules of use, the code used and the purpose of this service. It is to send messages that cannot be easily edited.

The only exception is Microsoft Exchange which is especially aimed at companies. In this case, deleting or replacing an email is not something that can be really harmful or break the Privacy rules since they are usually a team of people with the same goals.

On the other hand, in Gmail. What happens is that there is a very short period in which your mail is in a «Limbo». gmail has it «saved» in its database, but it has not yet been sent to the recipient. When you increase the undo send period, you are also increasing the duration of this period.

The main reason What we could point out is that both Outlook and gmail They have strong privacy policies. So that user information cannot be touched. Even these same companies do not delete emails that may be considered dubious but send them to other folders.


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