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Procedures and Requirements to be a Senator in Uruguay

A senator is part of the Senate or Senate of a specific country. To be a senator, it is necessary to meet a series of requirements established in the constitution and in the laws of the national congress, which also establishes the functions that a senator exercises. The following are specified procedures and requirements that … Read More

What are the Requirements to be President in Uruguay?

If among your goals is to be president or to be part of the presidential political sphere of the beautiful country of Uruguay, we will show you the Requirements to be president in Uruguay. Requirements to be President of Uruguay Article 151 of the Constitution of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay: The President and Vice … Read More

Steps and requirements to get a passport in Uruguay

Great, we’re going on a trip! Read here! We will help you to know the Steps and requirements to obtain the passport in Uruguay. We always find it pleasant to plan a trip abroad, well, we must check the status of our passport, it is one of the essential documents for this plan, it allows … Read More

Procedures and Requirements to be a Minister in Uruguay

At present, millions of young people and adults continue to prepare in different areas to take the places of government in their countries. Today we love being able to guide all our readers on how they can do and what steps they must follow to become ministers of their Nation. Any public office requires preparation, … Read More

Form r500: Affidavit of Rural Registers

The R500 form, It is one of the most important documents for all those who need to carry out an affidavit of rural registers, it is very simple, you just have to follow a series of steps. If you want to know how to fill out the r500 form, just keep reading! What is Form … Read More

Form 6361: Confirmation of data of one-person or multi-person companies

Form 6361is one of the documents that are responsible for having a series of spreadsheets where people can generate a data confirmation method for one-person companies or in other cases they can also be multi-person. If you want to know more about Form 6163, just keep reading! What is Form 6361? Form 6361, unlike other … Read More

Form 6351 Proof of Registration

Form 6351 It is one of the forms that is in charge of carrying out the registration certificate. This is a process which is open to all natural persons who wish to carry it out. If you want to know more about Form 6351, keep reading! What is Form 6351? Form 6351, It is one … Read More

Form 3100 DGI: Personal Income Tax Deductions

Do you want to know what is Form 3100? Then keep reading! Form 3100 Form 3100 is a data collection system, established by the DGI so that employees can calculate, maintain, and generate the necessary information for the Affidavits of Personal Income Tax Deductions before the BPS. This is a virtual system, offered to make … Read More

Form 1302 – Personal Services VAT

Form 1302, It is one of the most important documents for those people who need to get the VAT on personal services. For this, it is necessary to know the steps that must be followed, in the same way they must know the applications that can be made through this form. To learn more about … Read More

Form 1102: Personal Income Tax

Form 1102, is one of the most important documents that people always tend to overlook. It is one of the documents that have to do with the Personal income tax. It is also one of the processes and procedures by which all people can carry out the Form 1102 return. To learn more about Form … Read More

Procedures and Requirements to donate blood in Uruguay

It is important to bear in mind that all questions referring to medical aspects should be considered as mere guidelines, in any case leaving the individual assessment of each case at the discretion of the doctor who attends each extraction. We also emphasize that unless otherwise specified, we refer to the current situation in Uruguay. … Read More

Procedures and Requirements to be a Deputy in Uruguay

By becoming a representative, you become the representative of a chamber within a team of representatives, who must carry out their functions of legislating together with senators. In this way, the laws that are established in the nation, they must be chosen and selected in a fair way for the benefit of all those who … Read More

How to know if I have income tax returns: Read us and find out about the subject

as many of us know the maintenance and administration of the country is carried out by the State. For this reason, it has generated different laws and reforms for the proper functioning and well-being of the nation. However, it is pertinent to mention that Much of the support of the State is thanks to different … Read More

How to know if I am in the Clearing: Read us and find out about the subject

How do I know if I’m in the Clearing? is a question that many Uruguayans are currently asking due to the implications that this has. And it is that, in fact, this is something that affects many areas of the economic life of the citizens of this Latin American country. In this sense, this is … Read More

How to know my BROU Account number: Find out everything you need to know

Currently, one of the most important things for human beings is the money. It allows you to do many things: Buy, settle things, pay for your purchases, among others. Since many years Different and peculiar ways of saving money have been created. Some of these being very effective, contrary to others that their creators simply … Read More

How to know my Civic Credential number: Read us and get the information you need

How to know my Civic Credential number is a question frequently asked by many of the citizens of the Republic of Uruguay today. The reason is that this is a document very important for citizens who make civic life around the entire territory of Uruguay. And indeed it is one of the documents that are … Read More