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Form 6351: Format, How It Is, and MORE

Uruguay is one of the countries with the highest labor demand in the world, so those who are planning to start in this country should be vigilant and complete the Form 6351 without fail. Do not miss any details! It is known for being one of the documents whose main function is to serve as … Read More

Form 5500: Format, How to Fill It Out and MORE

The Form 5500 is a request for exemption from the payment of Income Tax associated with the lease of a real estate. This document is responsible for releasing taxpayers, for a set period, from compliance with this tax obligation. As long as it meets the necessary qualities. Surely you will be interested in knowing much … Read More

Form 3100: Generation, Filling and MORE

Uruguayan citizens must pay income tax to contribute to the nation’s expenses. The Form 3100 makes your life easier when reporting tributes. Next, we will explain how you should fill out the form so that you do not make any type of error and therefore present it in a timely manner. Keep in mind that, … Read More

Form 1302 VAT Personal Services: Steps, Application and MORE

Did you know that paying taxes to the state is of the utmost importance, since, with the payment of them, fundamental resources are guaranteed to Uruguayan citizens such as health, safety, justice, development of works among others, therefore, the Form 1302 VAT Personal Services It is a document where you can declare the income you … Read More

Form 1102: Program, Data and MORE

The income tax in Uruguay is a tribute that every citizen must pay to the nation. THE Form 1102 It is a tool that allows people to fulfill their duty and pay the percentage for the profits made in the year. Form 1102, is a document that makes it easier for the community to pay … Read More

Form 0453: Format, Instructions and MORE

Currently, Uruguay has developed important public works for the taxes collected from each citizen who timely reports the taxes. Form 0453 it is a document that people process to obtain printed stationery. In this article, we will detail the steps you must take to obtain the procedure. The Form 0453, it must be filled out … Read More

Form 0355: Format, Filling and MORE

When a taxpayer wishes to close down the activities of a sole proprietorship, he uses the Form 0355. Which is a document that allows declaring the cancellation of a single or multi-person entity before the corresponding body. You will surely be interested in learning more about this form and this time we will explain what … Read More

Form 0352: Format, How to Fill It Out and MORE

The Form 0352 It is a document that is attached to Form 0351, and is used to request the registration and / or updating of natural persons related to a sole proprietorship or multi-person company. Its main purpose is to collect and record all pertinent information about the person to whom it is enrolled. If … Read More

Form DS 160: How it is, Interview and MORE

The Form DS 160 is the document used to process the Request for Non Immigrant Visa. Applying for this procedure is essential to obtain the American visa, and completing it is very simple, since it is done 100% online. If you are interested in learning more about this requirement, we recommend that you continue reading … Read More

Form 0351: Format, Documentation and MORE

The Form 0351 It is an instrument that allows you to control the tax payment of taxpayers. Uruguayans have a duty to declare taxes in a transparent and reliable way. It is important to mention that the DGI is the body in charge of collecting taxes so that the nation can reinvest the money obtained. … Read More