Certificate of Arrival in Uruguay: Steps to Apply, What it is and MORE

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The Certificate of Arrival in Uruguay It is an accreditation granted by the Uruguayan Ministry of the Interior to control migratory movements. In other words, this document guarantees the entry and exit of foreigners and nationals in the southern country. This is one of the most mobile procedures in the Uruguayan immigration office.

At present, technological advances in communications allow this type of procedure to be carried out quickly. Therefore, with just one appointment in the online environment of the responsible body, you can prepare to get your certificate. If you need to know more about this procedure, keep reading with us, you will not regret it.

What is the Certificate of Arrival in Uruguay?

On the other hand, in many countries this type of accreditation is known as a letter or control of migratory movement. Therefore, in this nation it is called Certificate of Arrival in Uruguay. This document has a legal character at the immigration level. In this sense, officials in ports, airports and border points require this type of guarantee.

In addition, with this certificate, you can control the entries and exits that a foreign citizen residing in Uruguay has. Likewise, it is also handled by Uruguayan citizens when they need to travel outside the country and when they return. In any case, the National Migration Directorate, an entity attached to the Ministry of the Interior, is the one who coordinates this task.

In the current moments of health emergency, most governments, like the case of Uruguay, have had to relax the rules at the migratory level. For this reason, since September 2020 the National Directorate of Migration has established special measures regarding the control of migratory mobility for foreigners and nationals.


Then, to remove the Certificate of Arrival in Uruguay, the requirements are very specific. In this regard, if you need to obtain said endorsement and before complying with a series of steps, you must have the following requirements. If you still do not know them, stay in the reading, we are going to indicate them for a better orientation:

  • You must personally go to the National Migration Office in Montevideo or to the Regional Inspectories located in some important departments.
  • Present your identification card updated and in good condition.
  • If you cannot attend the Migration Office in person, you must then attend with a power of attorney with a term of validity of no more than one month, where a third party is authorized to carry out the management.
  • Remember that if the process is done by a third party, you must also present the documentation of the interested party and the identification card of the attorney-in-fact.
  • If you are a foreigner, you must present your document that identifies you as a legal resident (current)
  • In case of having said non-current resident card, you must first resolve that update personally.
  • If you cannot move for medical reasons or due to reduced mobility, the procedure can be done by a direct relative with a verifiable filiation document, identity card and a certified and stamped medical report.

If you have any questions or queries about the requirements to obtain this certificate, the Ministry of the Interior puts at your disposal the following customer service telephone numbers in Montevideo: 152 1815 – 152 1823. But if you are in the provinces, you should consult the digital link of the Uruguayan government to locate addresses and telephone numbers of interest.

In case you need to find the data of the departmental inspectorates, it is very simple. In this regard, you just have to enter the government portal, select the Ministry of the Interior and choose the icon of «inspectories». In this way, you will find the address, contact telephone number and email of each of the immigration offices.

How to Request the Certificate?

In a different vein, it is now easier to request the Certificate of Arrival in Uruguay. That is, with the technological advantages of web platforms, the user can access the virtual office of the Ministry of the Interior and look for the procedures section. In this way, you will be able to start the request for this document in a timely manner. Follow us, we will explain it to you step by step:

  • First you must get a computer, laptop, tablet or smart mobile.
  • Check the internet signal.
  • If all is well, find a reliable browser like Safari, Mozilla Firefox, or Google.
  • Put «Ministry of the Interior.»
  • Thus, you will be able to access the virtual platform of the ministry.
  • On the digital front page of the ministry, look on the left side for «certifications and permits for minors.»
  • You will see five types of procedures for certification.

  • Select the one that corresponds to Certificate of Arrival.
  • Look for the option «procedures» and select the certificate you require.
  • Then you click on «start process».
  • Remember to have your identification card number and your gub.uy username at hand for all types of procedures with the Uruguayan government.
  • That way you get to the digital format of the Form.
  • Review it, print it out and complete the information they ask for.
  • Insert the form in your folder with the requested collections.
  • Remember to request your appointment through the virtual office of the Ministry of the Interior so that you can show up with your folder and the form.

Important: You should permanently consult the link that we indicate above, since for reasons of health emergency, it is likely that there will be quarantine and the Migratory Offices attend special hours. In the case of the Capital, as it is one of the busiest places for this procedure, we can indicate some coordinates:

  • If you wish to personally approach the Migration Directorate, you can go to Misiones 15-13. Montevideo.
  • The customer service hours are from 9 am to 3 pm.
  • To contact the office, you can contact the numbers: 152 1815 and 152 1823.

Who Issues the Certificate?

It should be noted that the Government of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay manages its national policy on migration through the Ministry of the Interior. In this regard, said executive body delegates to the National Migration Directorate a series of powers for temporary residence, visas, permits for minors and the Certificate of Arrival in Uruguay.

In any case, this Directorate of Migration has a virtual platform already indicated above, and with inspectorates at the national level to attend to everything concerning the issuance of accreditation and control of migratory movement for foreigners and nationals. In addition, its platform allows to guide those interested in procedures such as:

  • Permission for travel by minors.
  • Special permitting procedures for minors to travel to Chile.
  • Temporary residence extensions in Uruguay for foreigners.
  • Issuance of the exit card.
  • General residence procedures and visa.
  • Preload for crossing borders, among other procedures and forms.

In the current moments of health crisis, the National Directorate of Migration has temporarily created a relaxation of its migration control measures. In this regard, according to an official statement dated 09-24-2020, the Uruguayan government will not strictly control the departure of foreigners residing in the country.

Likewise, it will not be necessary for the resident foreigner to take steps to obtain his re-entry permit, unless he requires it for some need. In any case, this type of procedure can be done by the interested party through the exit control point. This implies flexibility in the handling of the exit accreditation for Uruguayans and residents.


In another vein, most of the official rates for procedures, forms and certificates issued by the Uruguayan Government are adjusted to Tax Units that are updated every six months. For this reason, to obtain the Certificate of Arrival in Uruguay, the user must pay a fee of more than 190 Uruguayan pesos.

According to the above, this rate must be adjusted every six months according to the general price index and the inflationary effects of the Uruguayan economy. In any case, this cost is brought together in a tax collection fund for face administrative and operational expenses in public agencies that carry out official procedures.

Remember that in Uruguay, there are more than 2,800 official procedures that are available to citizens and companies. Generally, most are low-cost or free. Consequently, the Ministry of the Interior and the National Directorate of Migration strive to provide a comfortable, safe and quality service to the citizen residing in Uruguay.

Additionally, you can pay this cost at the banks associated with the Migration Directorate, in any area or department. Take into consideration that the immigration office puts at your disposal a series of inspectorates to facilitate the management of the certificate and its payment. If you do not have information about these centers, do not worry, here we mention them:

  • Carrasco International Airport
  • Immigration Inspectorate in Salto- Puente Internacional. Artigas.
  • Rivera Office in the town of Suárez.
  • Rio Branco province at the border crossing.
  • Maldonado-Punta del Este office in the Ventura Alegre area.
  • Piriápolis Migration Directorate in the Port of Piríapolis.
  • Migration Inspectorate in the Port of Montevideo.
  • Montevideo Main Office in Misiones.
  • Province of Paysandú on the International-Independence Bridge.
  • Nueva Palmira office in Darsena.
  • Mercedes province.
  • Meló-Aceguá Migration Office in the Rodó region.
  • Melilla Immigration Inspection at Angel Adami Aerodrome.
  • Fray Bentos office in Rivera.
  • Colonia immigration inspectorate.
  • Among other regional immigration offices.

With your Certificate of Arrival, you comply with immigration control!

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