Certificate to Acquire Explosives: Steps, Costs and MORE

The Certificate to Acquire Explosives, It is a document that is responsible for enabling the obtaining of explosives and, in turn, accessories in the Material and Armament Service of the Ministry of National Defense.

For this reason, in this article we explain: what are the necessary requirements to request it, the steps that must be followed to obtain it, the cost, where and when they are processed, its function, and we conclude with its definition.

Requirements for the Certificate to Acquire Explosives

Generally, to start the application for any type of certificate, the organizations and institutions require a series of documents. This certificate, being a legal document, is not exempt from them.

But, there is no need to worry, because below, we will show you a list of the demanded requirements so that those interested can start the process of this certificate.

  • First, the interested party must have a Concession to Exploit or, failing that, an Exploration Permit with Article 97.
  • In addition, you must have an authorization for the use of explosives.
  • Finally, you must have a user on the official page. Or, you can also use the electronic Identity Card and the respective reader.

It is convenient to highlight an important aspect when submitting the requested documents. And it is that, no public entity can demand or demand additional requirements or documents to those shown above.

Steps to Follow for the Certificate to Acquire Explosives

After the explanation of the necessary requirements to start the application for this type of certificate, we continue with the steps that all interested parties must follow to obtain the certificate.

To begin with, we should highlight an important aspect. And that is that, there are two methods by which the interested parties can carry out this procedure. And those are, in person and through the Internet.

Step by step to carry out the procedure through the Internet
  • First, the interested party must enter the corresponding web page.
  • Then, you need to click on the option: Start Procedure Online.
  • Likewise, you must access with the respective user or, failing that, with the electronic Identity Card and the corresponding reader.
  • Subsequently, the applicant must fill in the data and information requested according to the instructions.
  • Next, you must enter the Unique Tax Registry number -RUT-, corresponding to the company that wishes to order the explosive.
  • It is important that the applicant is the authorized representative of said company.
  • Also, the Identity Card of the designated blaster must be entered. We must mention that if it is registered in Dinamige, the system will automatically complete the remaining data.
  • But, if the case arises where the barrenista is new, he must complete the personal ones and, in turn, attach a copy of the license.
  • Finally, the respective materials and explosives to be requested must be completed.
Step by step to carry out the procedure in person
  • First, the interested party must go to the Dinamige Entrance Desk.
  • Subsequently, you must present all the requested documents to continue with the process.
  • Then you must enter the application online. Likewise, he will have a computer and an official who will assist him in the Dinamige office.
It is important to clarify that, at this time, face-to-face customer service is not provided. This is due to the current situation declared a national health emergency by the Executive Power.

Costs of the Certificate to Acquire Explosives

Now, this point of the article is one of the ones that generates more doubts and uncertainty. Because, it is common for the costs to start some procedures to be high. For this reason, below we show the amount to take into account to make this request.

  • First, the interested party must pay a total amount of 383 Uruguayan pesos.
  • Likewise, you must take into account that it is adjusted semi-annually by the Consumer Price Index -IPC-.
  • And, finally, this payment must be made once the process has started through the Internet.

On the other hand, it is essential to highlight an important aspect at this point in the article. And it is in terms of the cost of commissions that this type of specific certificate presents. Pay attention to the information.

First, we must mention that the SPWeb system approves the payment of debts through the collection network throughout the national territory. It also allows payment through banking systems.

Therefore, interested parties should bear in mind that this type or method of payment has commission costs as a consequence. They are presented according to the following details:

  • Using the Antel Payments Getaway: 0.5% of the total transaction plus VAT. This has a minimum of 1,159 UI plus VAT. And, a maximum of 0.3 UR with taxes included.
  • Commission of the means of payment: Uruguayan Mail, ABITAB and RedPagos. These three electronic payment systems have a cost of 0.85% adding the tax of the total amount of the transactions.

As for these last three payment systems, it is essential to highlight that they have a minimum of 11.20 Uruguayan pesos with taxes included. And, they also have a maximum of 251.64 Uruguayan pesos with taxes included.

Payment of the Procedure

  • At first, the interested party should take into account that they only have 5 business days to cancel the amount of the certificate once the application process begins.
  • Likewise, you can carry out this payment in Dinamige’s Treasury or, failing that, in collection networks.
  • Now, if the applicant decides to pay in collection networks, he must indicate that the payment is directed to the National Directorate of Mining and Geology. Adding the Ticket number found in the confirmation email.
  • It should be noted that making the payment results in commission costs. They are explained in the previous point.

Where and when to process it?

Now, as we mentioned in a previous point, this certificate can be requested in two ways. And those are through the Internet and in person. However, due to the current situation in the country, the application in person cannot be carried out until further notice.

So, if the applicant decides to carry out the procedure through the internet, the first thing to do is enter the corresponding web page. Then, choose the option to start the process online and continue the process with the steps explained in previous points.

It is important that the interested party keep several aspects in mind when starting this procedure. The first is that you must make sure you have each of the requested and demanded documents, and the second is to remember the different forms of payment, the amount, and the commissions that correspond to them.

On the other hand, if the applicant makes the decision to wait for the organization to start with customer service to carry out this procedure, we present the corresponding address to attend in person:

  • Address: National of Mining and Geology (Dinamige).
  • Customer service schedule: Monday through Friday, from 10:00 am to 1:30 pm respectively.
  • Address: Hervidero 2861 between Ricaurte and Río Grande.
  • Customer service hours to request or withdraw the certificate: Monday through Friday, from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm respectively.
It is important to note that customer service is not provided in person without first scheduling an appointment. This, as a preventive measure given the current situation in the country.

Certificate issuance

  • The first thing that takes place before issuance is the evaluation of the application and the payment.
  • Once this is done, the certificate is sent to the National Army Material and Armament Service.
  • However, the applicant can request a copy via email. Or, you also have the option of making this request in person at the Dinamige Entrance Desk.
  • However, if you decide to apply in person, you must have a USB device on hand. This is because the certificate with electronic signature is not valid in its printed version.

What is it for?

With all this, it is convenient that you know the function and purpose of this certificate. Because on many occasions it is not given the importance it deserves. For this reason, we will explain to you what this type of certificate is for.

In addition, it is relevant to mention and highlight that having this certificate on hand brings with it different benefits and advantages. One of those benefits is when it comes to carrying out other procedures. Since, it is usually a main and fundamental requirement to start other requests.

What is the Certificate to Acquire Explosives?

We conclude this article by offering a brief definition of this certificate. Well, it is nothing more than a document that enables the obtaining of explosives and, in turn, accessories in the Material and Armament Service of the Ministry of National Defense.

We must mention that there are certain requirements to be able to start the process of this certificate. Being one of the main ones, having a user on the corresponding official page, or failing that, with the electronic identity card.

In turn, after meeting each of the requirements, the interested party must follow a series of established steps. Taking into account the responsibility of requesting this type of weaponry.

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