Direct Dispatch Certificate: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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The Direct Dispatch Certificate, guarantees the entry into the country of all merchandise of dangerous products, but that can be pallowed under the regulations of the country.

To learn more about this process, this article mentions some Important points that can be of great help to obtain the certificate.

Requirements for the Certificate of Direct Dispatch

Compliance with these requirements is important in Uruguay, since, in this way, the certificate can be awarded.

The completion of this procedure is face-to-face and these aspects must be taken into account:

  • Make a note drawn up by the interested party requesting the Direct Dispatch
  • Importer permit of Arms, Ammunition, Dangerous Substances and Pyrotechnics of the Material and Armament Service.
  • Direct Dispatch Form (See associated document)
  • Merchandise purchase invoice
  • Packing list
  • Bill of lading (BL, Air Will, CRT) (Depends on the corresponding route)

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Direct Dispatch Certificate

  • Enter the document at the entrance table of the Document Administration Department, which is given a file number
  • The process then follows the Logistics department to carry out the Certificate of Direct Dispatch
  • The certificate must be delivered to the office or representative of the interested company
  • It is sent after the services Via fax to the Material and Armament Service, Ministry of the Interior and Prefecture of the Port of Montevideo and Air Brigade III, as appropriate.

Where and when to carry out the procedure?

This type of paperwork can be carried out in the Logistics Department – Heritage Area. Montevideo. The telephones are: 2487 2828 ext 152 – TeleFax: 2487 2608.

They can be attended from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

October 8th Avenue 2602.

Air, Maritime and Land Form




What is the Direct Dispatch Certificate for?

This certificate is used to enter the country any dangerous merchandise, this merchandise is talks about products, objects or materials that pose a risk to health or cause damage to the environment.

These are recognized as harmful products, for example: mixture of chemicals, manufactured products, etc.

Many of them are found in various classes, What:

  • Class 1: Explosive Merchandise
  • 2: Gases
  • 3: Flammable Liquids
  • 4: Solid flammable, self-reactive and explosive solid deseesitized
  • 5: Reactive materials
  • 6: Toxic materials and infectious materials
  • 7: Radioactive matter
  • 8: Corrosive substances.

What is the Dispatch Certificate?

This certificate consists of allowing the passage of goods to market without having been previously stored in the dtax or private deposits enabling the effect.

The services of the Customs Agents, have provided low costs, reduce logistics times and comply with the law. The objective of importing or exporting are contracted by the company to carry out the indirect dispatch of goods.

The latest reform to the Law emphasizes the right of companies to carry out their customs clearance in a direct appointing representatives legal for said activity.

It is important not to confuse the legal representative of a company, since it has the responsibility to exercise the powers that are granted in the corresponding instruments, with which they designate for the customs clearance of the merchandise.

If those companies opt for a direct dispatch figure, the importer or exporter must take into account that they have unlimited liability for acts such as errors or emissions. Otherwise, the company chooses to hire a figure of indirect clearance and use customs brokers, since, they are jointly and severally liable, leaving the customs clearance under their charge.

To use this Certificate of Direct Dispatch, an Enrollment must be made as Import of Weapons, Ammunition, Dangerous Substances and Pyrotechnics.

This document authorizes the entry of controlled merchandise into the country, required by the National Customs Directorate and the exporter.

The company needs to be registered in the Material and Armament Service for said activity. Registration is done at the Inspections Department office, dependent on the National Weapons Registry Division, having to complete the form of Registration of Commercial House.

The following documents that they should have are:

  • Identity Card of the owner (s). (Copy)
  • BPS Registration Certificate. (Copy)
  • DGI Registration Certificate. (Copy)
  • Certificate of Judicial Background.
  • Photocopy of the Certificate of Qualification for the Acquisition and Possession of Weapons issued by the Ministry of the Interior (in case of registration for Armories).
  • Auctioneer card
  • Certification of signatures by notary.
  • Gather the security measures mentioned in Circular 004/08/987: Security measures – Requirements for businesses that operate in the arms and ammunition branch.
  • Present Certificate of Book Signature, issued by the Police Headquarters (in the case of Armories).

When registering the company, the data must be completed of the Import Application Forms of Controlled Goods using this link

For the importation of pyrotechnics and substances, the technical characteristics of the aforementioned products must be attached.

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