Form 1302 – Personal Services VAT

Form 1302, It is one of the most important documents for those people who need to get the VAT on personal services. For this, it is necessary to know the steps that must be followed, in the same way they must know the applications that can be made through this form.

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Form 1302

Form 1302, It is known as one of the documents where people can carry out various activities that are of their interest, which is why the same form is called by the name of «Request for billing numbers».

However, today it is known by the name of form 1302. It is also one of the documents that are established by each of the present tax directorates as well as the national customs, where each of the people can know if the process by which they are processing the form is open.

Each of these can be differentiated by:

  1. Authorization of new numbering.
  2. Enabling a surplus by the end of the term of the two years of validity of the authorization resolution.
  3. Disabling a range of numeration not used.

Form 1302, on the other hand, establishes that those people who are processing this document for some of the previously established cases, are those who are obliged to make a type of invoice, which allows them to issue electronic invoices that are found. current.

On the other hand, each of these electronic invoices must be under the supervision of the DIAN database. It is here where each of the operations that are provided will proceed to be carried out, that is, that each of the operations by the electronic invoice (or with it can be carried out).

In the same way, each of the users must request a kind of authorization where they can present the type of numbering to be able to issue any type of electronic invoice. This is how each of the people can also write a kind of report where they establish the type of invoice.

On the other hand, the start of each of the operations that share an issuance of electronic invoices with different types of invoices or, in this case, billing, may present an article No. 1 of the 2007 resolution in order to request any disqualification of authorizations. previous ones that are in force,

That is why each of the people must be clear about the procedure they want to carry out and why. Some of these doubts can also be resolved through the customer service of the government organization.

In the same way, it is recommended that natural persons, as well as taxpayers, be able to know which are the niches that can carry out this procedure, since they are the only people who meet the necessary parameters.

Application of Form 1302

Those people who want to process the form 1302For their part, they must know that they must follow a series of steps that are very simple. In the first instance, everyone must download the form found on the Internet.

Form 1302 is the following: DIAN 1302 BILLING REQUEST (to download)

In the same way, each one of the people must comply with having a Operating system: Windows XP, Windows 7 and 8; Linux UBUNTU distribution. Because in order to apply, people must open an Internet page that is not supported by computer operating systems.

It should be noted that each page can be presented in different ways, among some of these are the following ways:

  1. Via Web (INTERNET)
  2. Magnetic media (CD or flash drive)

It is important to take into account that everyone can apply for this type of format, since it is known as version 02 of form 1302, however they must comply with the fundamental requirements that, as can be seen, only have to do with The operating system.

In another instance, it can be said that people, known as taxpayers, can only apply if they are not linked to the CESE, because the program rejects them once they enter. For this, people who are in this situation can contact some of the main headquarters.

It is recommended to each of the users that if they are part of some type of company, write a type of letter specifying why they have to carry out the 1302 form and not the form corresponding to the affidavits, however there is no No problem with formalizing and processing this.

Guide to complete the data

The 1302 form is one of the documents that, as said before, is very easy to carry out, more so because it is classified in several versions that make it easier to choose and therefore what are the steps that must be followed. perform to process it.

Some of the general steps to be able to carry out this process correctly are the following:

  1. The person must download form 1302, which can be found at the following link DIAN 1302 BILLING REQUEST (to download).
  2. Once the form is downloaded, you must start each of the data that is placed on the sheet.
  3. Then you must place the tax identification number as can be seen on the form (INTT).
  4. After that, on the right side, each of the last names and the first name must be entered (necessarily in that order).
  5. If the person comes to possess another name, it is also necessary that it be placed on the return.
  6. Once the personal data is complete, at the bottom the person must place the company name for which they are processing this type of form 1302.
  7. Then a form will be placed in the form of a spreadsheet, it is here where the person will have to place the numbering ranges to authorize, or for their part, enable or disable.
  8. In the first box you must place the billing method.
  9. Then in the second box the prefix is ​​placed.
  10. Then in the third box, you must place the number you have. (from number)
  11. In the other box the person must place the other number they have. (up to the number).
  12. In the last box you must place the type of request you wish to process.
  13. Finally, what remains for the person is to complete each of the boxes and if you have more documents that you want to attach, you can do so on the form.

It is important that each one of the people as well as the taxpayers comply with each one of the processes that must be followed, in the steps that explain precisely what has to be done at all times.

It may be that each user is proposed to attach any type of document that supports the request they are requesting, however it can also be said that it is not necessary to attach documents depending on the case.

Are other annexes necessary?

Many people believe that several documents should always be attached when submitting a type of form, the truth is that it is not always necessary and/or convenient, which is why it is simply sometimes only necessary to attach the documents that have to do with with identification documentation.

On the other hand, it can be said that those people who are taxpayers with the CESE program must attach a document that supports the reason for their company name, to be processing said form.

Filing Form 1302

Form 1302, as previously stated, is one of the most important documents where people can carry out many activities as long as it is in the legal field.

However, many people wonder what they have to do when submitting documents, because it is very easy, form 1302 must be delivered to one of the main offices that receive it in advance.

This means that you must choose a prior appointment for the delivery of the documents where in this instance you must know that said form must be delivered in a folder and if necessary, they must also be the documents the person attached (if any).

Frequent questions

What is it for?

It all depends on what the client needs, but it provides VAT and affidavit services.

Can all people process it?

Yes, all those people who are classified as natural and of course the taxpayers.

Where are they located?

Personalized: In Montevideo, Department of Taxpayer Assistance, Av. Daniel Fernández Crespo 1534, and in dependencies of the Interior.

Telephone: Basic telephone assistance service, Tel. 1344.

Via e-mail: About affidavits:

For computer problems: SAC

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