Form 6351 Proof of Registration

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Form 6351 It is one of the forms that is in charge of carrying out the registration certificate. This is a process which is open to all natural persons who wish to carry it out.

If you want to know more about Form 6351, keep reading!

What is Form 6351?

Form 6351, It is one of the simplest forms compared to others. They are carried out by any type of company, single person or by any entity that is multi-person.

The documents that must be attached are linked to both personal and company data. It is important for each of them to be current, since you cannot attach any type of document that is out of range.

Each and every one of the companies that have an electronic signature can carry out any type of procedure. This particular completely and securely. To do this you just have to visit the following web portal.

Otherwise, all those companies will have to send any type of documentation in detail. This same can be scanned according to an email address. As is

Likewise, this is one of the few processes where the person who owns a company without an electronic signature can process it.

All those people who want to carry out the application process should be aware of being able to generate an original application form by scanning. Which is only essential for the entity. It is a way of validating the process being carried out by said person or company.

It is important to mention that natural or physical persons, as well as each one of the taxpayers, can generate the application for proof of registration safely through the web page mentioned above. In the same way, each of the people may also carry out this process in person, in some of the entities present in the same.

What is it and what is it for?

Form 6351 is a request for proof of registration. Either so that the company or the person can stay or carry out other activities. Or you just want to have it as documentation when an important opportunity arises.

In the same way, this form 6351 works to be able to process any type of information that has to do with the resolution of any type of work exercises.

Rather, it has to do with everything that the company wants to do. Either a request for proof of registration. For some workshops that you want to provide to your employees. Or in the same way, who want to participate in any type of entity or management system by it.

It should be noted that each of the processes can also be carried out anonymously. To do this, they only have to be part of the shareholder register and the last face of the territory act. No problem will arise if people decide to do it under this modality.

It is important to say that this is one of the processes that has multiple functionalities. Both for independent people, as well as for people who are waiting for a type of help from a company. Those people who wish to duplicate the RUT card may also do so.

How to complete the Form

For all those people who are carrying out this process, it is important that they follow these steps to complete it satisfactorily:

  1. The person must place the denomination that they have, in this case or one of the examples could be Salta police union.
  2. On the other hand, the person must place the RUT number, if they do not have it, the same form can assign it, or the person who is in charge at that moment can also place it.
  3. We proceed to place the local number
  4. Then the type of local is placed, this can be main.
  5. Once the above has been placed, they must place the date on which this form 6351 is being processed.
  6. The person must state if they are a resident or not.
  7. If it has a permanent establishment as well as the administrative management unit and likewise the type of group by which it is governed.
  8. Place each of the types of domicile, among these are those of fiscal and constituted type.
  9. In the tax domicile part, the person must place the department, the town and the street where it is located.
  10. In the other part of the constituted domicile, the department and town must be placed, as well as the street and the door number.
  11. Once the other steps are completed, the person must place the acts and effective dates, among this will be placed the acts, the effective date, as well as the presidency.
  12. Of the same person, the date of presentation must be placed.
  13. Finally, the person must place the periods of activity, where they must write the start date, the restart of activities and that will be all.

Each of the steps must be followed correctly. The form itself is already very small, it is almost half a page. In the same way, each of the steps must be completed satisfactorily so that the form does not hurt or tell the person that they have to start the process again.

On the other hand, this form can be found on any website, as long as the image is completely clear. If they cannot find it on any page, the person can go to one of the main offices and remove it.

Where and when to formalize your delivery

This is one of the easiest deliveries to formalize, since each of the natural persons, as well as the taxpayers themselves, can go to one of the main offices and give them form 6351, without any inconvenience.

It is important to highlight that the return must be attached with any type of registration certificate that due to its art must be accompanied by the same form. This is one of the forms that with «registration certificate» what it means is that it opens the doors to any company or entity to register in workshops or for their part in business.

In the same way, this form 6351 must be delivered to the Montevideo headquarters, if one of the people is living in Uruguay, but who is living in another state, there is no problem, you just have to Be aware of which are the branches that can serve you.

It should be noted that if a user has any type of doubt regarding the process, they can also contact one of the main offices. They are in charge of providing all the services they can.

How do I request a duplicate RUT Card/Proof of Registration?

Those people who want or need to request a duplicate RUT card or proof of registration as other people know it, should only take into account a series of steps:

  1. The person must also download or print the form 6351 and fill it out.
  2. You must place each and every one of the steps that are needed, be they personal data as well as the address.
  3. Enter the number of the date for which this form is being processed.
  4. You must place the type of person you are, whether natural, legal or for your part a taxpayer.
  5. The person must download the RUT card, which must already be in his possession in advance.
  6. Once the previous steps are completely placed in perfect condition, the person must attach to this form any type of document that supports the duplication of the RUT card.
  7. The type of document that the person is going to attach must be in perfect condition, and must be placed in a folder next to the same form 6351.

These are some of the steps that people have to carry out for the RUT duplication process, it is recommended that each of the users know how to handle the documents well, if they do not know how to process it, it is preferable that they contact a person who has already done it, or if possible with the same agency.

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