Form 6361: Confirmation of data of one-person or multi-person companies

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Form 6361is one of the documents that are responsible for having a series of spreadsheets where people can generate a data confirmation method for one-person companies or in other cases they can also be multi-person.

If you want to know more about Form 6163, just keep reading!

What is Form 6361?

Form 6361, unlike other forms such as 230 or form 1203, is one of the most important in terms of confirmation. This same can result based on the confirmation of data, payments, or simply some type of request by a company.

Some of the companies that are within this modality can be single-person or multi-person, there is no difference between what can be done in terms of the characteristics of said request.

However, some of them (whether companies use them to make them more feasible when it comes to solving a problem). This is how the request for confirmation by this form has been highly requested.

In the same way, it can be said that each of the people can choose to download the form online so that there is no problem if they pick it up at the main office or, on the contrary, at the time the buy for some box office.

Although it is true that some of the processes are usually a bit tedious, this form is not difficult at all since most of the steps are usually very easy to carry out and therefore to complete and satisfactory way.

Finally, it is also convenient that each one of the people can know that they must request an appointment in order to carry out the 6163 form, however it is also necessary that the people attach some type of document but if they wish and need, it is preferable.

Difference Form 6361 and 6906

The difference between form 6361 and form 6906:

Form 6361. It is responsible for carrying out the confirmation of a company’s data. Whether these are unipersonal or multicellular.

On the other hand, the 6906 form is in charge of the Record Consultation of Registry Data as are the Companies and other single and multi-person entities.

Some of the people may not be quite clear on what the difference is. But if we pay attention to detail, those people who want and need to process form 6361 must be because they are business owners or therefore are partners in one or more.

That is why these same one-person or multi-person persons should know that form 6361 is for said company to confirm the data that it possesses, these same data can be to an entity they want to associate with or at least so much can also be a type of purchase for which they want to buy something.

On the other hand, there is also form 6906, this is where people, whether unipersonal or multipersonal, will go to be able to process a type of certificate where they can prove each of the data as well as confirmation of knowledge and identity. Of the same.

Each of these data results in being able to have a better notion of the data that a person possesses regarding the owners of said company. Some of them can be classified as current or not.

Likewise, it is recommended that each of the data on the form be filled out accurately and precisely. So that there is no problem at the time it is delivered. There is always a person who is in charge of processing and seeing if the written data matches what it should be.

Other of the clear differences that can be presented is the format of the sheet. Many of the people do not know that the data that is filled in the 6361 form even though they are very similar. They are not always the same.

Some of the forms usually have particular characteristics that make them very peculiar. By this it is meant that the forms are simply a kind of spreadsheet. Where each of the owners will place the list of both the interests and the personal data of each person.

How to complete the Form

Form 6361 is very easy to complete, it is only necessary for people to follow a series of steps, among these are the following:

  1. First of all, the person must look for the form in one of the main offices so that it can be filled out. However it can also be downloaded.
  2. Once the form is downloaded, you must start each of the data that is placed on the sheet.
  3. Then you must place the identification number of the certificate as can be seen in the form (Registration Certificate).
  4. After that, on the right side, each of the last names and the first name must be entered (necessarily in that order).
  5. It is also important that people who have a type of nickname can place it. Because there are forms that if they have the option of placing it, they can do so.
  6. Once the personal data is complete, at the bottom the person must place the company name for which they are processing this type of form 6163.
  7. Then a form is going to be placed in the form of a list, it is here where the person will have to place each of the identification data of the company, whether they are unipersonal or multi-personal.
  8. In the first box you must place the year of inauguration of the owner’s company.
  9. Then in the second box each of the income that the company has is placed.
  10. Then in the third box, you must place the number you have in the RIF, in order to know the status of the company in all years.
  11. In the other box the person must place the range in terms of the numbers they have in earnings.
  12. In the last box you must place the type of request you wish to process.
  13. Finally, what remains for the person is to complete each of the boxes and if you have more documents that you want to attach, you can do so on the form.
  14. Each of the documents that have to be attached can be done without any problem, as long as they comply with the other steps of form 6361.
  15. Ready, no additional steps are needed.

It should be noted that each of the people can carry out any type of procedure regarding the form. For this, it is only necessary that users as well as taxpayers are aware of all the steps that must be carried out.

However, in the same way it can be said that all processes must follow a series of previous steps. The purpose of this form is that the person is clear about the procedure that he wants to carry out, for this he only has to know if it is really form 6361 or form 6906.

How to register a company

The person must process a certificate. It must guarantee that the company is a direct income or not for a person or for a line of partners who have a common goal.

On the other hand, people must carry the RIF of the company. As well as the identification of the owner or partners. However, it is important that the person who is going to register a company has all the payments up to date. With respect to each of the tax units of SUNAT.

In the same way, it is recommended that each person have all the documents up to date with respect to SUNAT. Therefore, they must have each of the company’s account statements current and of course they must be solvent.


Some of the requirements that are needed for this business registration process are the following:

  1. Owners data.
  2. Account statements of each of the companies that have the owners.
  3. They must be solvent with each of the tax units.
  4. SUNAT documents regarding registration.

Attached documents

The documents that must be attached to complete form 6163 are those that are requested when you attend the face-to-face interview.

It is not always necessary to fill out the annex documents.

Success! We hope the information has worked for you.

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