Form r500: Affidavit of Rural Registers

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The R500 form, It is one of the most important documents for all those who need to carry out an affidavit of rural registers, it is very simple, you just have to follow a series of steps.

If you want to know how to fill out the r500 form, just keep reading!

What is Form R500?

The R500 form, As many of the people will not know, it has to do with the affidavit where each one of the people must follow a series of instructions to fill it out.

In the same way, it can be said that this is one of the forms that have to be completed under web pages or, on the contrary, by printing machine.

It should be noted that each person must bring this form, either in original or in copy, which is why no amendments of any kind are accepted that are not duly saved.

It is only exonerated in the event that the holders who can only occupy in some cases the totality of their own registers. They must be duly accompanied by a type of attached form.

In which the owners or occupants in this case will be identified. However, users who are going to carry out this process must be aware that they must comply with filling out a series of data.

Some of the information that people must fill out are the following:

IMPORTANT: It will be taken into account that each of the documents will be consigned by the department that is located in the Register.

  • cannelloni
  • maldonado
  • rock
  • Thirty-three
  • long hill
  • Rivera
  • Artigas
  • Jump
  • Black river
  • Soriano
  • Cologne
  • Saint Joseph
  • Flowers
  • lavalleja
  • Peach
  • tacuarembó
  • paysandu
  • Florida
  • Montevideo

Likewise, it must be taken into account that the number corresponding to the Judicial section in which the Register is located will be entered.

In another instance is the locality castrate, it is here where each of the registers, whether urban or suburban, will be indicated what is determined or explicit in this case for the National Cadastre Directorate.

The register number will be the one that will be in charge of consigning the numerical identification of the same.

The CONEAT index is the one that is in charge of saying if the declaration is being formulated under the owner of the same property, if not, each one of the people must have an authorization from the person who is the owner at that moment.

It is here where the CONEAT productivity index indicated by PRENAER (MGAP) will be entered.

The total HAS, like the previous one, is addressed only to the owner or, in this case, to the owner. If this is the case, this consignment is made by an occupant, only the total hectares that the same person is occupying will be consigned, which is why a type of historical declaration must be made with respect to stoppages.

It can be said that in most of these cases the total sum of the hectares must coincide with the total sum of the other lines, which in turn were declared by the other owners. This is normally done to have a series of regulations and statistics about them.

It is important that each one of the people can make these same statistics so that when the time comes to submit the form, they can do so without any inconvenience or returns, as each of the figures must be rounded towards the bottom.

And it is there when the same faction of hectares should not reach 5,000 square meters, and in the upper part it will be possible to observe that it will reach 5,000 square meters. This is one of the oldest but most accurate methods still commonly used to determine these dimensions.

Regarding the tenure code, the person must be aware that the declarant’s tenure is going to be consigned in accordance with the following detailed modalities:

  • Owner
  • Tenant
  • herding
  • Joint ownership and sharecropping
  • Intruder
  • Occupant
  • prominent buyer
  • Others
  • Free Usufruct
  • Onerous Usufruct
  • bailment

In the same way, the declaration has a series of dates which will be established based on the availability of each one of the representatives of each one of the hectares, in order to better distribute the spaces and see if any mistake has been made. inside the documents.

The exoneration and/or degradation on your part will go hand in hand with each of the details that have to be done based on the information of the surfaces of each one and thus, in this way, the causes can be better visualized according to to the following details:

  • natural mounts
  • self-consumption
  • Affected to industry and commerce
  • For sports fields
  • Colleges
  • churches
  • Recreational activities

If by some chance there is one of the major causes, only the HAS fields will be filled in, so that the person who is reviewing each of the documents at that time is aware of what the process of the application will be. same.

The disassociation by this part can refer to the field where the date will be entered as one of the data (the format already written), which will correspond to the end of the situation related in turn in each of the lines .

That is why here the causal mode is coded according to each of the following details:

  • Alienation
  • Others
  • Expropriation
  • Cessation of Occupation
  • Division
  • Termination of Lease
  • Increase in hectares in possession
  • Decrease of hectares in possession
  • Fusion of standards
  • Goes to suburban without exploitation
  • partition.

Instructions to complete Form R500

The R500 form is one of the most important documents for all those people who, for their part, have hectares under their power. That is why you have to have a notion of how to fill it.

Now, filling out this form is very simple, you just have to know how to do it, which is why a series of steps will be shown below that will help you to have an idea of ​​how to respond correctly.

  1. The person must enter each of the main identification data such as name and surname, age, identification card of the country, age and marital status.
  2. After that, each of the data of the rural hectares must be placed.
  3. Write a letter giving explicitly why the person wants to carry out an affidavit of the rural registers.
  4. In the form there were some boxes where you should place the dimensions of the hectares, knowing that the lower part cannot exceed 5000 square meters but the upper part can.
  5. Then he will proceed to place what type of hectare it is according to the list that appears there. If the answer is another, you must specify what type of rural entity it is.
  6. Once these steps are completed, it only remains to know if the person who is processing it is the owner, please specify if it is, but rather place the option according to the list.
  7. Make an appointment to see if the documents are okay.

It is important that each one of the people at the time that they are going to make the affidavit must take into account that the documents that are going to be attached must be in original and in copy to be able to be received.

What are rural registers?

Rural registers are what today are known as hectares or rural land, which have multiple functions such as agricultural or livestock activities, there may also be other types of activities such as agricultural ones.

This type of land is usually called registers because they have an owner who is in charge of caring for and exploiting them. When the owner wants to make a type of affidavit, he must process it as rural registers.

Throughout time each one of them has been determined with the name of patterns simply to differentiate them from those of more rural lands and even from the same urban lands that we well know is the city.

documents annexes

Some of the documents that people must attach are the following:

  1. Proof of ownership by the owner.
  2. The dimensions of the hectares or of the padrones.
  3. A certificate that endorses each of the activities carried out during the stoppages.
  4. If you have the purpose of a company, take RIF and proof of payment of the same.

Registration of Rural Companies

Those rural entities that want to carry out a series of business procedures only have to bring:

  1. Identification of each of the people who will be at the head of the company.
  2. Payment of the voucher at the time of carrying out the procedure.
  3. In writing, a record of the activities to be carried out and what their purpose will be.

We hope the information has been helpful!

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