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How do I know if I’m in the Clearing? is a question that many Uruguayans are currently asking due to the implications that this has. And it is that, in fact, this is something that affects many areas of the economic life of the citizens of this Latin American country.

In this sense, this is one of the services that weigh the most within the daily life of Uruguayan workers and parents. Do you want to know more about Clearing? Are you interested in knowing how this service actually works?

Then you should continue reading this article to find out everything!

What is Equifax?

In order to know in depth what clearing is and what it is for, it is necessary to first know what is equifax And what does it mean from now on?

And the truth is that Equifax is a company that bases its operation on data reports in different areas of the current economic spectrum. This means that it is a company which collect data from different sources, many of them difficult to access for those interested in them.

In this sense, it is interesting to mention that it is a company that have access to bank details especially related to loans at different levels. In this way this company is constantly collecting new information on all those people who currently have a bank account of any kind.

And this is a company exceedingly large, which was born in the United States with the intention of being an information center. This is how he created a enormous fame regarding the information it collects, because it is constantly updated and improved.

This can be seen in that it is a company that has branches in twenty four countries worldwide, including the United States, Russia, Spain and Uruguay.

What services does Equifax offer us?

It is indisputable that when talking about how to know if I am in the Clearing you have to know what are the services that Equifax has available.

And it is that, although it may not seem like it, has a lot to do with the Clearing that occurs throughout the Uruguayan territory. In fact, as many can imagine from what was previously commented, Equifax collects data and information at all levels that someone imagines.

This is the main service it offers, since there are many people and companies willing to pay for knowing both data and information. However, this company does not stay only with that since also has an analysis service available to all interested parties.

In this service you can find from statistical analysis even those that are economic as well as future projections of everything related to the economy.

At the same time it also has is known for provide a safe storage system of all the data that interests those who can pay for it.

In fact, those who mainly contract the services of Equifax are the banks to know the economic behavior of clients, especially for credits.

What is Equifax – Clearing

As surely many people already know, Clearing is a report on trade obligations and their compliance by people in general.

Of course this also applies to companies and for all those people who have some type of obligation or mentionable commercial connection in general. So, knowing what Equifax is, we can already get an idea of ​​what it does in its Clearing division in Uruguay today.

And how do I know if I’m in the Clearing it’s part of what Equifax does when it provides its services to different entities. In fact, this company, being one of the most recognized and most prestigious has few errors regarding personal business behaviors.

That is, if a person did not fulfill its obligations it will appear in the Equifax databases for a specified period of time.

In this sense, the Equifax clearing system is one of the safer today because they update it every day.

It is also the one they use the most At present, the banks in Uruguay to know how profitable it is to make loans or to give credits.

How do I know if I’m in the Clearing?

There are certain ways that through must be applied on how to know if I am in the Clearing in an easy and fast way.

In fact, there are currently three ways which are the most used on how to know if a person is currently in the Clearing.

It is important to highlight that both ways are personal because a series of data that is very personal and quite delicate information is handled.

Even so, the two ways to know if you are currently in the Clearing are designed for Uruguayans or for people with nationality or residence.

If you are wondering what are these three ways then we will tell you so you can decide which one you want to use for your convenience:

  • The first one is go to an Abitab office in which they will request the identity card and a payment of 150 total pesos.
  • You can also make your inquiry at the offices of redpayments, Carrying in the same way 150 pesos and his ID, making him the holder of it.
  • Finally you can approach one of the Clearing-Equifax offices distributed throughout the national territory and request it for free.

How long does a debt last in the Clearing

Once the person knows how to know if I am in the Clearing, and in the event that it is positive, you will wonder how long it will last.

And the truth is that this is a very logical question because of all the repercussions What does this have in the life of Uruguayans? Being the answer to this that It will last in Clearing for as long as you have the debt as long as you have not paid for it at the time of consultation.

The reason for this is that so people they can’t lie about their information of commercial obligations to the entities of the different banks. That is why it is important that the person comply punctually all the obligations that it has acquired with the different entities that carry out commercial life.

Of course it is possible to exit Clearing as long as the appropriate steps are followed to be able to comply with the particular debts that the person has.

Yet despite this may still appear for ten years in the Clearinghouse reports once the debt in question has been paid.

How to proceed to exit the Clearing

Another of the frequently asked questions in relation to Clearing is what is the process to leave from the general list of debtors.

And the truth is that this is something extremely simple since a large part of the process is completely automated, without the influence of people. In fact, exiting Clearing is something that is based on the pay the debt or also the possibility of refinancing it.

Once you have done this, the company to which the payment was credited must send the report to Clearing in five days. When this company has received the report you can remove it from the listalthough as mentioned above it can take a while for this to happen.

In case you want to make sure that the report was sent you can go to Equifax in person to notify the payment of debts.

This is done if after a while it has not left Clearing and the person isn’t sure they sent the report.

It is also important to highlight that it is possible to remain in the mullet for up to ten years according to the time you have spent with the debt on the list.

What is the importance of not being in the Clearing

Another question that people ask once they have an idea how to know if I am in the Clearing is what is the importance of not being

But the truth is that it is something very important for all people, especially those who have future projects that need investment or capital. And the reason for this is that only those people who are not on the Clearing list they are given loans for different activities.

The reason for this is that there is no security that the person will comply in this case with the new debts assumed. The same happens with credits, because banks they will not give you credits to people who are on the Clearing list.

This means that many people will not be able to carry out projects because there will be a constant refusal by banks to invest their capital.

As you can see how to know if I’m in the Clearing is something extremely important and with enormous repercussions in every sense of the newspaper.

But with our guide you will be able to do it quickly!

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