How to know if I have income tax returns: Read us and find out about the subject

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as many of us know the maintenance and administration of the country is carried out by the State. For this reason, it has generated different laws and reforms for the proper functioning and well-being of the nation.

However, it is pertinent to mention that Much of the support of the State is thanks to different mechanisms that it applies to its inhabitants. The most influential and relevant of them is the collection and allocation of taxes.

Surely you must already be aware of this process, since in all the countries of the world it is applied for the same purposes. It should also be noted that will ensure the good economy of the nation and its economic resources.

That is why today we have brought our readers a wonderful and practical guide on everything you should consider about personal income tax. We will also tell you various tips and advice that you surely had not heard.

What is the General Tax Directorate or DGI?

The General Tax Directorate or by its acronym DGI It is the main entity that collects the public resources that the State needs. Among which are taxes in order to fulfill their purposes.

This entity is of vital importance since only the collection of taxes represent the 80% equity of the State. However, this body belongs to the Central administration and is a dependency of Ministry of Economy and Finance of Uruguay.

It should be noted that within this entity the concepts destined to the expenditure of State resources are managed. In addition to applying rigor in the collection of these and ensuring its operation.

What are the functions of the DGI

According to the specifications and objectives imposed by the government for the creation of this entity, its functions are the following:

  • To guarantee the collection of the estate of the State.
  • The sign app of the norms in reference to the internal taxes of its competence.
  • Promote the performance aware of the taxpayers.
  • Act with morality, effectiveness and professionalism.

These are the objectives and functions of the General Tax Directorate in relation to the causes for which said entity was created. Let us remember that it is of the utmost importance for the State and its maintenance.

What is the IRPF?

The Personal Income Tax It is the payment or personal tax that is levied on the income of residents in Uruguay paid in one year. It should be noted that it is a progressive tax.

This means that the more money the taxpayer earns, the percentage for which he pays for this tax will be higher for its cancellation. These taxes are established according to the economic activity that the taxpayer carries out within said country.

Within the legal statutes of the Uruguayan State, taxes are the most significant pillar of the tax system. At the same time the personal income tax reflects severely the tax principles established in the constitution of the nation.

What are personal income tax withholdings?

Continuing with this information, it is important that you know what is called withholdings in personal income tax. In the first instance, it is the amount that is subtracted from the taxpaying citizen by the payer of certain income.

which are like this established by law and that are entered into the tax administration system as «advance». In a quota of the Tax that the taxpayer has to pay in the time established by the managing entity.

It should be noted that the taxpayer You must have declared the assets within your ownership status. In addition to being registered within the General Tax Directorate.

How the IRPF is calculated

As we have previously mentioned, the IRPF in Uruguay is an annual tax that determines the income obtained by individuals. And it is personal and direct for each taxpayer.

Therefore, the income that is included in the personal income tax is calculated in the following aspects:

  • Invoiced returns on capital.
  • Patrimonial increases that established by the laws of the nation.
  • The income from work considered by the economic activity carried out by the taxpayer.
  • Income imputations established by Uruguayan law.

All these aspects are accompanied by an affidavit that must be made by the taxpayer. Which is done at the time of registering with the management entity.

What are income tax refunds?

Due to certain discrepancies within the system, the General Tax Directorate has recently approved the return of capital to 250 thousand taxpayers. Notably returns are the rent amounts requested in the wrong proportions.

It usually happens when the user they do not update their data in question to their assets and work environment before the Tax Administration. Given this, the managing body enabled various consultation methods for taxpayers.

How do I know if I have income tax refunds?

As we have mentioned before, a way has been made available to check if you are part of the 250 thousand taxpayers who have the return from the personal income tax.

We remember that this is a recently introduced modality due to inconveniences on the part of the management entity’s system. For this we want to inform you that you can collect the return as long as one is made to you.

To consult it you can access the website of the DGI, inside you must enter your ID number. The system will automatically indicate the existence or absence of this credit.

To collect it through a local Abitab or bank that the person has selected to make payments to personal income tax. To consult it you can enter the following link: Return Consultation.


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