How to know my ANTEL number: Obtain the necessary information

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Currently the technology represents one of the largest industries in the world. One of the things that are essential for human beings today is the cell phone.

Thanks to the rapid advancement of technology It has managed to improve people’s lives, which is why this is a useful and multifunctional device. Today there are countless functions that smartphones offer their users.

From instant messages to video calls and multitasking applications that allow us to mobilize our bank accounts. However, some of the most important things for the full operation of this device is the telephone service.

There are diverse and multitudes of mobile phone companies around the world, some of these multinationals and other nationals depending on the country. It is of great importance since part of the functionality of this necessary instrument depends on said service.

Functions such as sending text messages, making calls to different operators, depend on this. In addition to the important mobile data to receive Internet wherever you want if you do not have WIFI.

For this reason, today we have brought our users an effective and useful guide so that you can enlighten yourself on everything related to the ANTEL telephone service. We will also share some tips and advice that you surely did not know.

What is ANTELL?

The National Telecommunications Administration or by its acronym ANTEL is a state-owned telecommunications company of Uruguay. Previously this was one of the main companies in that country to offer this service.

Due to differences with other operators, the services of this company they have been limited to the moment of offering national fixed telephony. In addition to cable Internet connections, this company is still one of the leaders in the Uruguayan market.

What are the services offered by ANTEL

Surely you will wonder what services are offered by the company ANTEL. That is why we will detail the services that this company offers to its subscriber customers below.

It is important to note that Some of the services that we will mention below may currently be monopolized. We ask our readers to take forecasts if they wish to purchase any of these services.

Mobile Telephony

Within the ANTEL platform there is a division of mobile or cellular telephony, in previous years it was known as ancel. It should be noted that this division maintained close competition with other 2 regional companies.

It started its operations on September 1, 1994 and was one of the pioneers in providing this service within the national territory. However, over the years ANTEL has grown exponentially and favorably for the Uruguayan inhabitants.

Fixed Telephony

As its acronym indicates, the first thing that this company offered its customers was the fixed line telephone service. For some previous years it was enabled within this division international calls.

It is worth mentioning that since it is monopolized, only calls can be made to the same operator. Consequently, its clients are subject to the costs that the state company decides to establish.

Due to recent updates in the functions of this ANTEL service competes with 17 other multinational companies. Besides owning the 61% of traffic international long distance.


In addition to the aforementioned, this company has a cable and mobile Internet division. Also better known as anteldata provides data transmission and Internet service.

At the same time, it competes with other operators for different ways of transmitting it, such is the case of the system 3G. In the first instance this company provided the 95.5% of Internet access services throughout the country.

It is important to mention that due to the incorporation of other operators into the market, this figure underwent some changes. Even so, ANTEL maintains the names of the second level domain “” In uruguay.

How to purchase an ANTEL line

If you intend to buy or acquire a new ANTEL line, you should take into account that this company is still a monopolized company. This means that calls to alternate operators cannot be made to this one.

It is worth mentioning that recently the contracting of this division has included value-added services Voice Mail Box. In addition to the mode of call on holda to make different calls simultaneously.

Steps to follow

To obtain your ANTEL landline service you must follow the following steps to do it correctly:

  1. In the first instance, you can enter the ANTEL website to make your request for telephone service. Accessing the following link Online application for ANTEL Telephone Service.
  2. Inside you must fill in the requested fields with the necessary information to be able to make the request. Remember to have your identification documents at hand and follow the instructions provided by the page.
  3. Once this is done, you will have to wait for an installation crew to be assigned to visit your place of residence and install the fixed telephony.

Another option to acquire a new ANTEL line is through its telephone means. Calling 23 from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. You can also send an email to and formalize your request.

How to know my ANTEL number

In some cases we may forget our number assigned by our operator. There are different methods to consult it, among the most common is to make a call from our mobile to any contact present.

By default the phone will indicate the number of the phone from which a call is being received. Another option is to review the contract with our telephone service company, where the number assigned by ANTEL must be detailed.

The other option to choose is to request your contact number from your relatives who have your number registered on their mobiles. In addition to those already mentioned, you can check the number from your smartphone by checking the SIM card settings.

What is ANTEL Online?

As technology has advanced exponentially, companies They have invested in new and modern ways of offering their services to the public. For this reason, ANTEL recently enabled a web platform for the public.

Through it you can carry out different actions and procedures, in addition to providing you with updated information on the services offered. At the same time You will be able to carry out recharges and different transactions with your ANTEL account.

It provides its users with security and confidentiality in their contact information and balance recharge. At the same time you can request different services offered by this company.

What services does ANTEL Online offer us?

Below we will detail all the services offered by the ANTEL web platform:

  • Issuance of payment receipts.
  • Rent payment and balance recharges.
  • Reception of complaints or discrepancies with the service.
  • Request for appointments to resolve doubts or problems within the commercial offices of ANTEL.
  • Make request for technical service 24 hours.
  • Provide consumption details.
  • National telephone directory.
  • Registration of users in ANTEL online to perform different actions within the platform.

What are the benefits of being an ANTEL customer?

Below we will detail all the benefits you get by joining ANTEL services:

  • Depending on the plan you can have WhatsApp for free.
  • Calls to any part of the country.
  • Monthly discounts.
  • Agreements.
  • Destination friends that works by choosing 5 friends and decreasing the amount of charge when communicating with them.
  • Family Minute.
  • Frequent Call Service.
  • Royalties for seniority.
  • Monthly or semi-annual gift minutes.
  • Discounts for electronic recharges.
  • Unlimited calls according to the telephone plan.


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