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How to know my Claro number is a very common question among people who currently have contracted this telephone and internet service. And it is that this is one of the largest companies as far as communications are concerned throughout the territory of Latin America today.

In fact, it is also one of the companies with more growth, due to the large number of users who daily choose it for their services. Do you want to know more about Claro? Are you interested in knowing what services are currently being offered?

Then keep reading because in this article you will find everything!

what is clear

To be able to speak with certainty about something, one of the first things to do is to know it, so let’s start by saying what is Claro in reality. And the truth is that this is a fairly simple question since Claro is a brand of communications services that operates in America.

In fact, it is one of the largest companies and with further expansion in the business of telecommunications brands at a general continental level. The reason for this is that has expanded its services from the purest telephone line to internet and television services.

This is motivated by the fact that the company is owned by America Movil, which is a giant in the communications industry. In fact, this group, led by Carlos Slim, is one of the wealthiest corporate groups in the world at present on the market.

What services does Claro Uruguay offer?

A question that comes up many times when talking about how to know my Claro number is what are the services currently offered.

And the truth is that, being such an important company offers many services which are very useful for all Claro users today. In fact, among all the services currently offered, the ones that stand out the most are those of mobile telephony, fixed telephony and internet.

The reason for this is that they are the services in which the company specializes to offer to all its current users in Uruguay. It is important to highlight that all these services are treated as part of plans that the user can choose when making their Claro subscription.

In this sense, you can even choose between whether you want be a prepaid or postpaid user according to the facilities and interests you have at that particular moment.

Prepaid Mobile Telephony

To start talking about the different types of plans today, we must first mention the prepaid that Claro has for its users.

And this is one of the types of payments that more are used at present due to the comfort that it generally implies. In fact, this is a plan that is used so much because the user pay only what you consume and recharge what you want.

In this sense it is a plan that fits very well for those users who do not have a constant income system in their accounts. At the same time it also allows the person buy the packages that interest you without having to wait for a particular packet.

In fact, the user has the freedom to choose which plan or service to activate according to the recharge you do at the time you consider.

Postpaid Mobile Telephony

The other great way to use Claro’s plans is through postpaid payment of the line you currently have.

And it is that many people opt for this type of plan because have an average usage of your phone data. This is very useful when the person know how much you spend approximately every month and wants to have a good relationship between price and product.

This is also the payment plan generally chosen by people who currently have a secure monthly income in their bank accounts. The reason for this is simply affiliate your account and already pay all the service that is related to the plan they have contracted.

If you want to know which plans Claro currently has available for all its postpaid customers yesYou just have to click here.

Fixed Telephony

Another of the services that are currently sought by Claro users is the fixed telephony to be able to call from home. And it is that, in fact, this is one of the main services that all telecommunications companies should have in order to be competitive.

The reason for this is that a lot of families They request to have a landline phone at home to be able to make calls or make calls comfortably. At the same time there is also many companies that for commercial reasons they must have a landline to carry out their operations and for legal reasons.

However currently of course does not base its services on fixed telephony, but it does so on the internet and mobile telephony in general. This is motivated by the fact that there is a lot of competition in the area of ​​fixed telephony, while the other areas are currently much freer.


Another of Claro’s strengths is your internet servicewhich is generally considered one of the best in Latin America.

In fact, Claro has become famous to a large extent due to the fact that manage your internet plans as if they were mobile phones. In this sense, they give the possibility of buy plans to be able to browse the internet with certain restrictions that are adapted to particular users.

This is how many users will be able to contract the internet plan that best suits you and for which they can pay more comfortably. At the same time they also offer be able to have postpaid internet for all those who prefer to have plans similar to the ones they use on their mobile phones.

And finally, those who prefer to use a system of prepaid contracting the plans that seem most comfortable when required.

How to purchase a Claro line

One of the most frequently asked questions when talking about this great telecommunications company is how can i buy or get a line of course. And the truth is that this is a very simple process because an attempt has been made to facilitate precisely so that anyone can request them.

The reason for this is that the customer base is easily expanded of the company in the countries in which it has a presence. For this reason, it currently acquires the lines of Claro almost no difference at all to acquire any other general telephone line.

In fact, all you have to do is go to a Claro store and make the purchase request for a line. In addition to this you also have the option of go to an authorized agent and request the purchase of a line of Claro in the place.

How to know my Claro number

How to know my Claro number is a very common question because it’s not something so simple remember the phone number sometimes. However, here we will tell you the four most common ways how to know my Claro number very comfortably and easily, without any problems:

The first is dial a family member or friend that you have nearby, since that way they can see what your number is and tell you to write it down. In the second option is to call the code of *22# to have your Claro phone number sent to you by text message.

All those who still keep the box in which they were sold the line will be able to find the phone number on one of the sides.

Finally, it should be mentioned that, as soon as they give it to you you can save the number in your phone and only consult it in case you need it.

What are the benefits of being a Claro customer?

Once you know how to know my number, of course, another of the questions that frequently arise is what benefits I have Claro Uruguay.

And the truth is that there are a number of benefits that come with affiliation and frequent use of Claro Uruguay lines.

One of the benefits most used today is the exchange points for different services or gifts offered by the company in its contracts.

Among the most requested gifts are Redeem points for movie tickets in theaters that have agreements with Claro.

In this sense, tickets can also be obtained for plays or events depending on how many points are accumulated at the right time.

Finally it is necessary to mention that the points can also be exchanged for calls, data or messages depending on the case that interests you.

As you can see how to know my Claro number is something extremely simple and that anyone can know.

You’ll see how easy it will be with this guide!

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