How to know my Movistar number: Obtain the necessary information on the subject

How to know my Movistar number is one of the most common questions asked by citizens throughout the territory of the Uruguayan nation. And it is that, in fact, there are many reasons by which a person may not know what your local or cell phone number is.

Among these reasons, the most common is that you have forgotten or that it simply could never be learned because of the code. Do you want to know more about how to know my Movistar number? Are you interested in learning more about Movistar and its services throughout the Uruguayan territory?

Then continue in this article because we will tell you everything you need to know!

What is Movistar

One of the many questions that can arise when you start talking about how to find out my Movistar number is what is Movistar

And the truth is that it is something very logical to ask, and to be able to speak properly about the subject here we will tell you quickly.

In fact, there is not much that needs to be said, since Movistar is a telecommunications company with its origin located in Spain.

In this sense, the name of Movistar it is simply a trademark and not exactly the name of the company that provides the services.

The original name of the company is telephonewhich was founded in the mid-20s of the last century in the Spanish capital.

It began to make the sense it currently has in the mid-1990s, when it was finally fully purchased and privatized.

It is important to mention that Movistar currently provides services in at least eleven Latin American countries with very good reviews in general by users.

It is also the fifth telecommunications companies most important worldwide, being among the three most important in Latin America in general.

What services does Movistar offer?

A very common question when talking about this company is what are the services that Movistar currently offers to all Uruguayan citizens.

And the truth is that there are many services that Movistar offers, all of them framed within what is telecommunications and also in entertainment.

In this regard, the company has made great strides by making available to its users full service television or live channels.

In addition, in the sense of telecommunications, Movistar is recognized worldwide for your phone services that lends to all the countries in which it is.

And it is that, in fact, this is the fundamental pillar of the company, since it is the main service for which it is contracted internationally speaking.

In fact, it has a very good offer in relation to all the services offered to users of its general mobile telephone lines.

This is because it offers two main plans according to which the user can choose the one that best suits all their needs.

In this way, the plans of postpaid and prepaid so that the client chooses the one that best suits their general needs.


One of the most used modalities to be able to use your Movistar line comfortably is through the method offered known as prepaid. And it is that, in fact, this is a quite efficient way of using your money and that yield a preconceived benefit by the company Movistar.

This is for the simple reason that there are a lot of plans that give certain benefits to all those who want to pay them on time. In fact, the great point of prepaid is to have a complete telephone plan, which has a fixed rate, which they must pay.

This has a significant number of benefits, such as the fact that thus you don’t pay what you consumebeing able to consume everything canceled.

At the same time you can also get facilities like unlimited whatsapp during a certain time or forever, according to the plan that you have contracted in a timely manner. It is also possible to have a certain number of telephone numbers to which call or send messages completely free of charge for a certain time.

As against it has the theme that not always everything paid is consumedwhich is why many people feel that it is a loss.


The other way to obtain Movistar telephone services is through the different plans postpaid that it offers in its authorized stores.

And it is that, in fact, this is a type of contract widely used, because in the postpaid you pay after consuming data. The reason for this is that this is how you pay only what is consumedbeing this something that many people see as much more profitable.

In this sense, he has plans much more extensive so that they can be more easily adapted to the different types of users that Movistar has.

In fact, this type of plan works much more easily than the prepaid plan, since the packages are bought that interest them This means that the person recharges the amount he wants to his line and then, by dialing a code, buy the preferred plan.

In this way it is achieved that preferred amount can be recharged or whatever you have and then you can decide what to buy voluntarily.

The disadvantage of this type of system is that there is no a plan that must constantly respondbut packages may vary.

How to buy a Movistar line

A very frequent question when talking about how to know my Movistar number is the how can i get a line in this great company. But the truth is that it is about something very easy since Movistar constantly seeks to have new clients that join its services.

In fact, the method to acquire a Movistar line is basically the same than in all other operators that provide their services in Uruguay. Still, if you have any questions about how you can request a line from this company, here we leave you a guide with all the corresponding steps:

The first of all will be go to a Movistar service store or to any of the company’s authorized agents nationwide.

After this you should request a new line to one of the managers of the sales part of the store that is.

Once this is done they will do a paperwork in which they will ask you for some type of identification to ensure the identity you are currently providing. When they have done this, you should only cancel the amount of the line and you will have your Movistar line ready to be used immediately.

How to know my Movistar number

As said at the beginning of this article forgetting a phone number is common and it can happen to anyone at any time.

In fact, there are many people who his number is not known due to different reasons such as being very new or having memory problems. But the truth is that how to know my Movistar number it’s something simple and that there are, in fact, several ways to do it without any problem.

Here we will tell you the four most common ways and also those that have proven to be more effective in all how to know my Movistar number:

The first way, and the most used is call a friend or relative because the phone number will be dialed. If this is not a viable option you can always go to an authorized Movistar store and request that they tell you what your number is telephone.

In the event that the person has the box in which the line they are currently using came in you can look for it on the side.

finally can send a text message to the number 2267 where they will send you another with your cell phone number corresponding to the user.

What are the benefits of being a Movistar customer?

A very frequent question when the topic of how to know my Movistar number comes to light is What benefits do I have from being with Movistar?

And the truth is that there are a number of benefits that all those people who have a line with this great company can enjoy. One of the main services is international roaming which lowers the costs of using the line in countries that have Movistar.

Another benefit is that this company facilitates the change of line when the person moves to another country with Movistar branches. It can also be mentioned that, being such a large company, generally offers good service to all of its users in every way that it can.

Finally, it is important to highlight that is a company with international standards that guarantee a good functioning of all its systems in general.

As you can see how to know my Movistar number it is something very easy for anyone.

And with our guide you can do it without leaving your home!

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