How to know the RUT of a company: Read us and find out what you should know

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As you already know, among the most important procedures to establish or develop a company are the legal documents. Those who will appear before the law to declare it fully operational and legal.

However, people who wish to increase their economic income They must get trusted people to carry out these procedures. Within which there must be complete training and knowledge of national laws.

in turn is pertinent to comply with the rigorous Uruguayan regulations to avoid inconveniences. In the same way, when starting a company, the entrepreneur must take into account all the procedures that must be carried out for the proper establishment of it.

One of the essential requirements that must have a company is the RUT since taxes are the main income of the State. Given this, today we want to teach you through a simple and practical guide on everything you should know about the RUT.

We will also share different tips and suggestions when processing it in order to achieve the results you expect so much. As well as we will be teaching you how to know the RUT of a company.

What is the DGI or General Tax Directorate?

The General Tax Directorate or by its acronym DGI It is the main entity that collects the public resources that the State needs. Among which are taxes in order to fulfill their purposes.

This entity is of vital importance since only the collection of taxes represent the 80% equity of the State. However, this body belongs to the Central administration and is a dependency of Ministry of Economy and Finance of Uruguay.

It should be noted that within this entity the concepts destined to the expenditure of State resources are managed. In addition to applying rigor in the collection of these and ensuring its operation.

Its duties?

According to the specifications and objectives imposed by the government for the creation of this entity, its functions are the following:

  • Guarantee collection of state assets.
  • the firm app of the norms in reference to the internal taxes of its competence.
  • To promote the conscious performance of taxpayers.
  • Act with morality, efficiency and professionalism.

These are the objectives and functions of the General Tax Directorate in relation to the causes for which said entity was created. Let us remember that it is of the utmost importance for the State and its maintenance.

What is the Single Tax Registry or RUT?

The Single Tax Registry or by its acronym RUT is the mechanism to identify, classify and organize people and entities. That they are registered as taxpayers.

These taxpayers when obtaining the RUT automatically will be subject to obligations administered and controlled by the State. They will apply in tax, customs and exchange matters within the provisions of Uruguayan law.

In addition, through this tool, taxpayersThey will be able to make the due declarations and payments of income tax. At the same time, it allows carrying out different activities and legal procedures of

What is the RUT used for?

The importance of this document lies in the accreditation of the identification for the economic activities that the taxpayer carries out. Which will be presented to third parties with whom you have a commercial or employment relationship.

This in turn will certify before the law and to the different supervisory and control entities the legality of the activities that the entity or citizen carries out. In turn, it indicates its obligations towards the Uruguayan State.

Not to mention that it allows the General Tax Directorate Have up-to-date, truthful, organized and reliable information. On all the taxpayers obliged to register in it and carry out the different procedures correctly.

What are the requirements to enroll in the RUT

The documents required to process your RUT will be detailed below, in this case the requirements are for the registration of entities:

  • Identification document or passport.
  • Commercial certificate as a natural person.
  • Commercial certificate of the establishment, in case you have it.

If you are a new member of the RUT, the registration It must be carried out at any headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce of the domicile. If it is an already registered merchant, you must process your update with the DGI and point enabled for this purpose.

How to enroll in the RUT

If you wish to formalize your registration in the RUT and obtain your NIT, you must follow the following steps. Remember to have the aforementioned documents on hand:

  1. The first step you should do is fill out the form offered by the DGI website.
  2. Then you must request an appointment within that page. You yourself can choose the day and time that you will attend the appointment for greater comfort.
  3. When attending, you must follow the instructions given by authorized personnel within the DGI offices.
  4. Submit the aforementioned documents.
  5. Ready

These steps may vary depending on the area and availability of care personnel. It should be noted that it can only be done if the legal entity or owner attends with the certificate proving its position or ownership.

How to know the RUT of a company

The DGI, through its online platform, has made available to residents in Uruguay a way to consult the RUT of a company. To consult it, you must be registered within said platform.

Also this one too will be sent via e-mail to the person who has been registered within the RUT. It should be noted that also there is a contact number to process said query, which is 0800 2001.

How to issue the RUT Registration Certificate

The form that is issued is he 6951, which replaces those issued by the office 6351 (one-person and multi-person entities) and 6,301 (individuals without business activity).

To access this service you need key without contract (Pine tree key with adhesion contract. The Form that is issued on the web (6951) is free of charge.


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