Procedures and Requirements to be a Deputy in Uruguay

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By becoming a representative, you become the representative of a chamber within a team of representatives, who must carry out their functions of legislating together with senators. In this way, the laws that are established in the nation, they must be chosen and selected in a fair way for the benefit of all those who make life within the country.

The laws that correspond within the municipalities, regions, institutions and citizenship are offered, since the Constitutions of the different countries explain the rights and duties of the inhabitants of the country, as well as each of their guarantees, through the Constitution. A description of each of the competent bodies to judge, legislate and execute state policies is made.

Requirements to be a Deputy in Uruguay

To take any government entity, it is necessary to be able to be fully trained and in all possible areas to take these positions, which is why it is essential that people who aspire to any of these different positions comply with the following requirements:

  1. Be 21 years of age or older
  2. Have completed their full cycle of secondary education
  3. Have residence in your region that belongs to your corresponding electoral district, at least two years before the election
  4. Must be a citizen with free rights to exercise suffrage

Complying with these requirements, you can be part of the list of selected and applicants to take any of the Departments made up of the General Assembly, which is the Body that is in charge of exercising the Legislative Power within the establishments of the Western Constitution of Uruguay.

constitutional articles

The Eastern Constitution of Uruguay establishes in the following Articles a support for the established Laws and that must have the correct fulfillment.

This is how the Constitution establishes it in its corresponding Articles:

  1. Article 44 of the Uruguayan Constitution: “The State will legislate on all issues related to public health and hygiene, seeking the physical, moral and social perfectionism of all the country’s inhabitants. All the inhabitants have the duty to take care of their health, as well as to assist themselves in case of illness. The State will provide the means of prevention and assistance free of charge only to the indigent or lacking sufficient resources”.
  2. Article 46 of the Uruguayan Constitution: “The State will give asylum to the ingredients or lacking sufficient resources that, due to their physical or mental inferiority of a chronic nature, are disabled for work. The State will fight by means of the Law and the International Conventions, the social vacuums”.

These constitutional articles are some of the most outstanding, for which the legislators and deputies that make up the Chamber of Deputies must implement them.

How to be a representative in Uruguay

Through the Electoral Court it is established that to be selected as a Deputy, it is necessary to participate in elections and have a different number of votes in each of the departments of Uruguay. One of the examples is that to be Deputy of Montevideo, which has 41 representatives among the 99 in the chamber, the candidate will be selected by a number of votes.

In accordance with the order established, each department must obtain by law two seats, the department in charge of registering fewer voters could come out as Deputy with 7,000 votes, but in the case of Flores, only a number of 21,494 citizens are authorized to vote. In addition, it is suggested that an investment of at least 1 dollar must be made for each of the votes in promotion and that electoral publicity be obtained in order to be able to legally take the position of Deputy.

The votes to be Deputy by departments are classified as follows:

  1. Cologne: 4 seats, corresponding to 25,561 votes
  2. Artigas: 2 seats, corresponding to 19,313 votes
  3. Long Hill: 2 seats, corresponding to 22467 votes
  4. Peach: 2 seats, corresponding to 15,386 votes
  5. lavalleja: 2 seats, corresponding to 16,787 votes
  6. Flowers: 2 benches, corresponding to 7,164 votes
  7. maldonado: 2 seats, corresponding to 23,965 votes
  8. Florida: 2 seats, corresponding to 18,435 votes
  9. Black river: 2 seats corresponding to 13,966 votes
  10. Jump: 4 seats corresponding to 24,237 votes
  11. Tacuarembo: 3 seats, corresponding to 24,431 votes
  12. Rivera: 3 benches, corresponding to 20,468 votes
  13. Thirty-three: 2 seats corresponding to 13,176 votes
  14. Bump: 2 seats, corresponding to 19,363 votes
  15. Soriano: 2 seats, corresponding to 22,975 votes

How representatives are chosen

The election of the Deputies has a totally organized System, which is in charge of adding each one of the votes by departments of the conformity of the Chamber of Deputies.

The people selected for this position must guarantee and ensure compliance in the different departments with the functions that correspond to them, to guarantee all citizens of the national territory. Each individual must make the choice of their candidate through the list of official candidates and where the number must be equal to the positions to be covered plus their respective substitutes.

How many deputies are elected

The institution in charge of exercising the Legislative power is the Oriental General Assembly of Uruguay. This is made up of two chambers made up of 129 members, while the Chamber of Representatives is made up of 99, dividing the Chamber of Senators into 30 that will carry out their functions, either jointly or separately according to the different provisions within the framework of the constitution. .

The number of Deputies must cover the different regions:

  1. Cologne
  2. Artigas
  3. long hill
  4. Peach
  5. lavalleja
  6. Flowers
  7. maldonado
  8. Florida
  9. Black river
  10. Jump
  11. tacuarembo
  12. Rivera
  13. Thirty-three
  14. Bump
  15. Soriano

Functions of the Deputies in Uruguay

The Deputies are elected through lists presented by the different political parties, groups and equalization of different types of voters through a proportional system.

From the moment they are elected, they are representatives of the people, in addition to the Deputies to acquire their condition, They must take an oath or promise where they commit to abide by each of the functions that correspond to them, as well as to affirm their commitment to comply with the articles established by the Constitution and complement their declaration before each of their activities.


  • interpret the constitution
  • Judge the conduct of the Ministers of State in political affairs
  • Coordinate and elect before the meetings of both chambers, both in the members of the Electoral Court, Supreme Justice, Court of Accounts, Administrative Litigation Court referring to their respective sessions
  • Choose and organize the place where the authorities of the Nation of Uruguay should reside
  • Determine what the regulations of the militia are and classify the number and the time in which they must be summoned
  • Create alternatives and offers for public employment, agree on pension benefits, approve or disapprove certain donations, presenting all the offers that are planned to the Executive
  • Ban or allow different types of troops to enter the country
  • Set the value of the coin and the denomination of the same
  • Form, create, and publish the codes
  • Arrange, establish, the Administration of Justice, Administrative Litigation and the Courts

Chamber of Deputies

Since 1830, the Constitution that currently governs the country came into force. In the Uruguayan parliament, a transition was created, becoming bicameral. This is how it has remained until today, with this transformation the way of choosing its members changed, For a long time through the 19th century, the vote was always in a large minority, in this way the Senators had to assume the allocation of different departments within the Camera. But some time later the right to vote was established secretly.

  • Nicholas Viera. Deputy for Cologne
  • Enzo Mala Castro. Deputy for Soriano
  • Alfredo Asti. Deputy for Montevideo
  • Edgardo Rodriguez. Deputy for tacuarembo

The team of Deputies is in charge of carrying out each of their competent responsibilities, which are delegated to them when they assume their respective positions to exercise their constitutional duties in the different departments within the chamber.

In this way, they are as effective as possible to remove the administration from their respective workplaces together with the 99 assigned Deputies to carry out one of the best leadership jobs within the country, once each Deputy takes office, they will be protected by parliamentary immunity.

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