Procedures and Requirements to be a Minister in Uruguay

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At present, millions of young people and adults continue to prepare in different areas to take the places of government in their countries. Today we love being able to guide all our readers on how they can do and what steps they must follow to become ministers of their Nation.

Any public office requires preparation, skill, efficiency and productivity. All these qualities must be invested in those people who, with a burning desire in their hearts, want to give the best for their country, filling themselves not only with knowledge but also with excellence to be able to assume such a high responsibility.

In detail, we will expand all the necessary information so that you can follow each of the steps to become a great Minister of your nation.

Requirements to be Minister of Uruguay

According to Article 42 of the Uruguayan constitution, it is established that for a person to be a candidate for Minister of the Nation, he must:

  1. Have an age of 25 years
  2. Must belong to the secular state
  3. Being a citizen in exercise of the same
  4. Be Uruguayan by birth or nationalized in the country, with at least 10 years established in your residence.

How to be a Minister in Uruguay

According to the laws of the Republic of Uruguay, it is established that every citizen who aspires to be Minister of Statemust have the necessary profile required by this position, it is essential that applicants for these positions are people prepared at an academic level, who are responsible people, sensitive to the needs of the people, who are young with fresh ideas and willing to Do your best so that the functions delegated to you work with the highest possible quality and efficiency.

How are ministers chosen?

Through the Uruguayan Democratic System, The election of a Minister should be in an orderly manner, through collective voting in the Nation, where the people are in charge in the first instance of electing their President and once the Executive President takes power in the corresponding position, he will make the delegation of his ministerial train, dividing it as follows:

  • The National Government is classified by: Executive Power and Legislative Power
  • Then the competent Bodies are classified such as: The Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the General Assembly of Chambers of Senators, Court of Appeals, Court of Lawyers.
  • Directive President of Ministers directly appoints the Senators and Deputies, the Court of Justice also works, which are appointed by the General Assembly

The election period in Uruguay is every five years, where the elections that are held are at the level of the Legislative Power and the Executive Power after these elections, the election of those who the Uruguayan people choose as their ruler is held.. It should be noted that the Ministers, those that make up the Judiciary, or the personnel that make up the Supreme Court of Justice are directly elected by the citizens.Rather, the Executive Branch, hand in hand with the President of the Republic, is in charge of classifying his team of Ministers and different teams that will be in office for a certain time.

How many Ministers are there in Uruguay

Due to the elections of recent years and always in Uruguay the train of Ministers is made up of:

  1. The Minister of Industry, Mining and Energy
  2. The Minister of Culture and Education
  3. The Minister of Economy and Finance
  4. The Minister of Fisheries, Agriculture and Fisheries
  5. The Minister of National Defense (of the people)
  6. The Minister of Social Development
  7. The Home Secretary
  8. The Minister of Health
  9. The Minister of Housing, Environment, Territorial Planning
  10. The Minister of Public Works and Transport
  11. The Minister of Social Security and Labor
  12. The Minister of Sport and Tourism
  13. The Minister of Foreign Affairs

Duties of a Minister

A Minister has functions of great responsibility, which must every day have his best performance, dedication and skill to meet the needs of the Nation in all areas.. Among his highest responsibilities is proposing and presenting to the President of the Republic both the norms and the functions to carry out politics internally and that are oriented towards maintaining and improving Public Order, Peace and Social Security. And in this way to be able to apply through the different authorities of the internal Government, the regulations that can be carried out for this purpose.

In order to have an effective job, the Minister must exercise within the framework of all his powers directing, adopting, coordinating, executing and effectively formulating public policy by carrying out the legal system, legal certainty and defense the necessary access to alternative and formal justice.

Articles of the Constitution referring to the Ministers

As established in Article 2 through the Constitution by which the country is governed, it is determined that the functions of the Ministers must fulfill each of the functions indicated by law and comply with each of its policies.

  1. They must manage different alliances in the different cooperation organizations at the national and international level
  2. They must participate in the design of policies that are related to the protection of the faith of the public in terms of registration and notarization
  3. They must be good administrators of all funds for Prisons, Infrastructure, and the reduction of drug use.
  4. Coordinate with excellence all relations between the Executive Branch, the Judiciary, and before the Public Ministry and all control agencies to comply with the development and consolidation before public policies that have to do with law and justice
  5. Promote, adapt and formulate policies strategically in terms of: Legal system, rationalization, strategic reform in public legal management; socialization of legal information.
  6. Monitor and control the design and improve the criminal, penitentiary and jail system and control crime prevention and actions against corruption and organized vandalism
  7. Coordinate and design to improve the policies in charge of the administrative and independent authorities, in accordance with what is provided and established by law
  8. The other functions are fully attached to the constitution and the law

Current Minister of Uruguay

Currently in Uruguay the Ministers who occupy the different positions are classified as follows and all must fulfill their functions in the different positions that were assigned to them, and thus in this way the Nation can march in its different areas effectively and thus all the citizens that make up the country can live in a developed and safe country by the different organized bodies.

  1. The Minister of Industry, Mining and Energy – Carolina Cosse
  2. The Minister of Culture and Education- Maria Julia Muñoz
  3. The Minister of Economy and Finance- Danilo Astori
  4. The Minister of Fisheries, Agriculture and Fisheries- Enzo Benech
  5. The Minister of National Defense (of the people) -Jorge Menéndez
  6. The Minister of Social Development- Marina Arismendi
  7. The Minister of the Interior- Eduardo Bonomi
  8. The Minister of Health- Jorge Basso
  9. The Minister of Housing, Environment, Territorial Planning- Eneida de León
  10. The Minister of Public Works and Transport- Victor Rossi
  11. The Minister of Social Security and Labor- Ernesto Murro
  12. The Minister of Sport and Tourism- Liliam Kechichián
  13. The Minister of Foreign Affairs- Rodolfo Nin Novoa

In the different positions it is necessary that each one of the Ministers can administer the area that was assigned to him and have responsibility, to carry out his functions and through transparency, commitment and loyalty to his nation. Always trying to comply with the principles of honesty, loyalty, legality, efficiency and impartiality and maintain the highest performance in all his functions as a public servant, in a legal manner before all his functions adhering to the law and compliance with his Legal, Administrative responsibilities. , Cultural, Educational, Interior among others.

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