Requirements to Be a Minister: How to Be, Election and MORE

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The Requirements to be a Minister in Uruguay they are important to citizens who want to run for office. Citizens who aspire to be ministers must serve as a politician.

In addition, he has to take charge of a ministry or in a given case of a specific department, which is made up of the government cabinet.

It is important to highlight that any public office that the citizen has obtained complies with the union and construction of a country, in this case, Uruguay. Therefore, if you are interested in this topic, we invite you to continue reading.

What are the Requirements to be a Minister in Uruguay?

According to article 176 of the Constitution of the Republic of Uruguay (1967) with reform through a plebiscite in 1989, also in 1994, in 1996 and finally in 2004) highlights that for citizens to become ministers they must meet the same qualities as for a Senator .

Therefore, complying with the Article 98 of the Constitution (1967) senators have to be Uruguayans by birth and must have 7 years practicing it. You must also have from 30 years.

These same requirements that senators must meet are the same Requirements to be a Minister In uruguay.

How to be a Minister in Uruguay?

To obtain this position, citizens must first comply with the Requirements to be a Minister In uruguay.

In addition according to Article 149 of the Constitution (1967) It refers that the Executive Power will be exercised by the President of the Republic who can perform functions as a minister or with the Council of Minister.

The Ministers are composed of the Minister council and summons it, the Republic President, when deemed necessary or by various ministers to raise issues. They also have to meet within the 24 hours following or indicate the day of the call.

Likewise, citizens who wish to become a minister must have the profile required by law and must be academically prepared individuals who fulfill their responsibilities to seek solutions for the people who need them.

Election Process to Be a Minister in Uruguay

The election of a Minister must be in an orderly manner, through collective voting in the country. The first instance, the inhabitants, is in charge of choosing the President of the Republic.

When the President begins his term, he will delegate his minister portfolio, dividing it as follows:

  • The Uruguayan Government is divided by the three powers: the executive, legislative and judicial.
  • The following are classified Organisms such as: The Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the General Assembly of the Chambers of Senators, the Court of Appeals and the Court of Lawyers.
  • The Board of the President of Ministers performs the appointments directly to the position of senator and deputies. In addition, the Court of Justice works which are appointed by the General Assembly.

It is important to note that the elections in Uruguay are every 5 years , where the elections that are held are for the Legislative Power and the Executive.

Through the Executive Power, in the hands of the President, it is that he has the power to Choose your team of ministers.

Functions of Being a Minister in Uruguay

According to Article 181 of the Constitution of the Republic of Uruguay (1967), citizens who want to obtain the position of minister must fulfill the following functions:

  • The ministers must ensure the faithful fulfillment of the Constitution, laws, decrees and resolutionss.
  • Carry out and present for approval the bills, decrees and resolutions that they consider necessary.
  • Award licenses to employees of their skills.
  • Suggest the appointment or removal of employees.
  • Citizens who wish to become ministers, must bear in mind, that they have to protect the administrative direction and approve the appropriate measures so that it is carried out correctly, and impose disciplinary penalties.
  • Sign and notify the resolutions of the Executive power.
  • Carry out the other attributions imposed by the laws or the provisions accepted by the Executive Power in consensus at ministerial meetings.
  • Commission in turn, by resolution and under its political responsibility, the attributions that it deems necessary.

It is important to highlight that the functions to be performed by ministers and Undersecretaries are governed by the Executive Branch.

How many Ministers are there?

In Uruguay there are 13 ministers. Each of them are in charge of working in the following ministries:

  • Minister Javier García, is in charge of the ministry of Civil defense.
  • Citizen Pablo Bartol, is in charge of the ministry of Social development.
  • The Minister Azucena Arbeleche, is in charge of the ministry of Economy and Finance.
  • Minister Pablo da Silveira, assumes responsibility for the ministry of Education and culture.
  • Citizen Carlos María Uriarte is in charge of the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and fishing.
  • The Ministry of Energy and Mining deals with Omar Paganini.
  • Minister Jorge Larrañaga assumes responsibility for the ministry of Inside.
  • Citizen Francisco Bustillo is in charge of the ministry of External relationships.
  • Daniel Salinas is in charge of the ministry of Public health.
  • Minister Pablo Mieres assumes responsibility for the ministry of Work and Social Security.
  • Citizen Luis Alberto Heber, is in charge of the Ministry of Transportation and Public Works.
  • German Cardoso is the one in charge of the ministry of sightseeing.
  • Minister Irene Moreira is the one in charge of the ministry of Territorial Planning and Environment.
  • It is important to note that on August 27, 2020, the current Minister of Atmosphere, is the citizen Adrián Peña.

Legal Aspects Regarding Ministers

The ministers are governed by the articles that the Constitution of the Republic of Uruguay (1967), therefore, the following is highlighted.

The Article 162 explains, that the Council of Ministers will carry out through the attendance of the majority of the members and will resolve by an absolute majority of votes of the people present.

The Article 164 It highlights that all the resolutions contained in the Council of Ministers can be annulled by a majority, through the vote of its members.

Article 167 , in this it emphasizes that when a Minister is in charge of temporarily fulfilling the functions of another ministry, a single vote will be valued in the council.

According to Article 174 It is highlighted that the law by majority will be determined by the number of ministries, their responsibilities and their functions that they must fulfill. The President of the Republic goes to the councils of ministers, in addition he can award the ministers so that they can remain in office.

Following the Article 177eIt explains that at the beginning of the legislative period, the Ministers have to give a synthesis of the ministry, through the General Assembly.

The Ministers will be in charge of the resolutions and orders that must be signed or if they are sent by the President of the Republic, as long as the resolution expresses the responsibility of the agreements to the Council of Minister.

Requirements to be a Minister: What is it?

A minister is the person who is in charge of politics and is responsible for directing a certain ministry, be it State, Health, Tourism, among others.

The ministers belong to the government cabinet and work under the mandate of a President of the Republic.

Requirements to be a Minister: Minister council

The Council of Minister in Uruguay is an entity that is made up of the President and the ministers. Normally this body holds sessions on working Monday mornings, at the headquarters of the Executive Tower in Montevideo, although there may be the possibility of meeting at the Suárez y Reyes Residence.

It is important to note that the ministers can earn at least 276,795.68 nominal monthly amount.

This position is indispensable in the construction of a nation, because it helps the President of the Republic to fulfill the ministries that they propose. Therefore, citizens who want to obtain this position, must prepare from day one to get it.

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