Steps and requirements to adopt in Uruguay

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The decision to have children or not is something very personal, it is free of judgments, everyone knows their reasons. But if you decide to give shelter, love and protection to a minor and receive love, respect and company, we will guide you in the Steps and requirements to adopt in Uruguay.

This option to become fathers or mothers is very valuable.

It allows the possibility of changing the lives of the adopters and the adoptee for the better, it can be motivated, for health reasons, or because there is no need to do it biologically, or just by the illusion of raising a child already born.

Wherever you look at it, it is a win-win step because the happiness and attention that is enjoyed in a family has no comparison, as they would say in a famous song «family is family».

Requirements to adopt

The characteristics of adoption in Uruguay, with respect to who can adopt, is free, relaxed, we can all exercise the right to adoption, -according to the 2009 modification of the Childhood and Adolescence Code-, even so, there are requirements to have the status of adopters:


  • Be registered in the Single Registry of Applicants (RUA)
  • One or both adopters must be over twenty-five (25) years of age
  • At least one of the adopters must be at least fifteen (15) years apart from the adoptee.
  • In the case of married couples, concubines or homosexuals, they must have a minimum of four (4) years of cohabitation.
  • Registration in the Single Registry of Applicants (RUA) is the essential requirement to continue with the adoption steps. This registry depends on a first interview carried out by the Institute for Children and Adolescents of Uruguay (INAU), in its department. of Adoptions, where he explains to future parents about the adoption process, reasons for adopting, questions raised by them and the answers to them.

It is important to know the conditions that children and adolescents must have so that the corresponding judge can enable them to be adopted:

  • That by decision of a judge, the loss of Parental Authority is given by definitive separation from their natural parents.
  • In the case of tenure in the future adopting family, they must have lived together for at least one year, with optimal conditions for their integral development.
  • The child or adolescent must have positively expressed their desire to be adopted. In those cases, where the minor is not able to express it, whoever the law has designated for that will do it in his place.

Necessary documents

As the adoption is a complex process, in phases, where various documents are supposed to be presented, some of which exist in daily life and others that are generated during the process, it is suggested to consult the following site:


Department of adoptive legitimation and adoption
Address: Piedras 482 – Montevideo – Uruguay
Telephones: (+598) 29157317 / 29150712 internal 224 – 225
Opening hours to the public (winter): from 10:15 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Opening hours to the public (summer): from 9:15 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Steps for adoption

The management to request an adoption is made up of the following phases:

  1. registration for interview: request the date of the interview on the Internet site of the Institute for Children and Adolescents of Uruguay (INAU), it is known that this service is open on the last Tuesday of each month, as well as by telephone (2208 4630). This step is required.
  2. Clinical study: future parents undergo a social and psychological evaluation by specialized professionals.
  3. Single Registry of Applicants for Adoption (RUA): after the previous steps and having met the expectations, it becomes formally registered in the list of applicants to adopt.
  4. This step will depend on being selected as a family: they will be given the information concerning the child or adolescent to be adopted, in order to facilitate the decision to integrate them into the family.

Process cost

In the adoption process, the services provided by the Institute for Children and Adolescents of Uruguay (INAU) have no cost for the adopters, one or another tax stamp required by the courts, but they do not represent a high cost.

Two trials are carried out, the first where the minor is empowered to be adopted and the second the full adoption itself, being a complex process, requires the advice and support of a specialist in the field, which will generate costs for the adoptive family. .

These costs will correspond to the use of three specialists (lawyers): the one of the adopter, the one who defends the child and the one of the family of origin, the latter is almost never present.

The minimum rate of any fee endorsed by the Bar Association is $16,030 (15 UR), the total cost of the services will depend on the complexity and time of the activity to be carried out, adopters could pay approximately 50 UR

For very low-income adopters, with a salary of less than $32,060 (30 UR), they can be advised and accompanied free of charge, by the Ombudsman or by the Legal Office of the Faculty of Law.

What is adoption?

We know as Adoption, the action in which a An adult receives a child or adolescent as a family born into another family, creating a maternal or paternal relationship, makes him your child.

In Uruguay, the adoption is full, this means that the adoptee receives all the legal rights identical to those who were born in the bosom of the family that adopts him, the relationship with his family of origin is not lost, he can maintain planned visits with them, the adopter must respect and enforce this right.

In general, in adoption the priority is the protection and interests of the child and adolescent, over any other.

Why adopt?

Adoption is the best opportunity that exists to improve the living conditions of a minor, whatever the reasons for not having a family or the protection of one.

Personally, the action of adopting satisfies our desire to be a father or mother, to create a family, to leave a legacy of customs, cultures and personal history, with the greatest respect, affection and deep love for your child.

It is very common that the main motivation to adopt is the difficulty in conceiving a biological child, also due to social sensitivity, since in those countries where there are wars, religion, politics, etc., many minors remain orphans of both parents. , whatever the healthy motivation, loaded with good intentions, giving and receiving love, respect, protection, are very valid, it will be a grain of sand to improve the world.

Who can adopt?

In 2009, Law No. 18,590, of the Childhood and Adolescence Code, was approved, where it is decreed that any person interested in having a child or adolescent can adopt, provided that the real priority is protection and care and integration. of them to family life.

It can be deduced that single people (single, widowed, divorced), couples under marriage or in concubinage, homosexual couples can adopt.

Prospective adoptive parents must show a sincere desire to want to adopt someone else’s child, accept their origins, their history, as well as recognize the right for the child to know that they are adopted.

There are comments on the approval criteria to select the adopters, these being the couples, their socioeconomic conditions or economic solvency and the possibility of care and protection of the family. The healthiness of the environment where the adoptive parents live, with space capacity to receive the child, is also taken into account.

international adoptions

They are those managed by people who live or have residence outside the country where the boy, girl and adolescent authorized to be adopted lives, as long as the regulations for adoption and protection of minors are the same as those of the country itself.

Only those over 25 years of age can apply for International Adoption, and in the case of couples, cohabitation must be exceed 4 years. The adopters will complete their application and documentation before the INAU, which is the body responsible for International Adoption in Uruguay and possible adoptees must be older than eight (8) years or who require special attention for their health.

When taking the path of adoption, to form or increase the family, one must be aware that the responsibilities and satisfactions that only a child can provide are acquired, without expecting gratitude for the person who is adopted, because as a biological parent you are not at waiting for that thank you.

The most probable thing in good family relationships is that values ​​and customs are learned, which will generate expressions of affection, solidarity, respect, love, in short, all those positive values, will simply be born in a sincere way by a healthy coexistence.

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