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Requirements to emigrate to Chile from Venezuela

What Venezuela is living today related to the purchasing power suffered by Venezuelans, that it is increasingly difficult to obtain basic things such as food, personal hygiene products, clothing and footwear, not to mention that public services are in decline, making life in Venezuela more difficult. Due to the problems mentioned above, Venezuelans are choosing … Read More

Steps and Requirements to create a company in Venezuela

If you got tired of being an employee and want to create a company where you take the reins, a company where you can decide the important steps by which it will be governed, you should know the Requirements to create a company taking care that you are not fooled for lack of information. Requirements … Read More

How to know if a trademark is registered: SAPI

How to know if a trademark is registered It is a quite frequent question nowadays when someone decides to start a business or project. And it is that this has a lot of importance at the moment in which it is decided to even place a brand as its own. In fact, it has a … Read More