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Certificate of Origin: Requirements, Steps and MORE

Countries have trade agreements with each other, regarding certain products or certain industries. But to avoid deception or an attempt to evade the law, the products must have a document that proves their place of origin. In order that there is evidence that it comes from the country with which there are agreements, this important … Read More

Birth Certificate: Documents, Steps and MORE

In all the countries of the world, identification documents are issued to people, to maintain a constant record and control of the population density. In the case of Venezuela, the first identification document that people have is with the Birth certificate. Which contains important information about the newborn. This document is not only important during … Read More

Migratory Movement Certificate: Requirements, Steps and MORE

The Certificate of Migratory Movement It is an accreditation document that evidences the control of entries and exits of a citizen in Venezuela. Therefore, the intention of the authorities in charge of immigration policy is to facilitate this process. In this regard, the Administrative Service for Identification, Migration and Immigration (SAIME), is the entity in … Read More

Marriage Certificate: How to Get It, Legalize It and MORE

The Marriage certificate It is the document that reflects your marital status as married before a legal union. At the same time, this certificate is provided by state institutions such as the Civil Registry. With which, it is essential that you carry out this application process based on the guidelines proposed by the entity. Likewise, … Read More

Residence Certificate: Requirements, Procedure and MORE

At present, citizens who need to carry out certain legal procedures in Venezuela require the Residence certificate, This document allows you to open bank accounts, apply for a job, among others. Complete this process to avoid delays. The Venezuelan Government appointed the Municipal Civil Registries to issue this certificate. The citizen must go to the … Read More

Food Handling Certificate: Requirements, Steps and MORE

In Venezuela, businesses that provide food goods or services need to possess the Food Handling Certificate. They need it to be able to establish their business legally, because their trade is related to a good that can be very delicate in health terms. These types of businesses must comply with certain protocols to preserve health. … Read More

UCV Certificate: Requirements, Documents and MORE

The UCV certificate It is a document that validates the specific procedure you wish to carry out. These can be notes, graduate studies, masters, courses, degrees, among others. In the same way, these are validated by the Central University of Venezuela and you must execute the process in the respective Department of the entity. Thus, … Read More

ISLR Certificate: Requirements, Step by Step and MORE

The ISLR Certificate It is an electronic receipt generated by the Integrated National Service of Customs and Tax Administration (SENIAT) to evidence the declaration and payment of the tax. If you are a taxpayer, you should read this. In any case, in Venezuela, the automation of the processes associated with the payment of taxes, facilitates … Read More

Income Certificate: Requirements, Data and MORE

The Salary certificate constitutes an instrument that an Independent Public Accountant prepares by means of which he declares the amount of income obtained by you, in a determined time. In this sense, said instrument is the product of the review of the information provided by you to the professional who prepares it. Likewise, you can … Read More

IVSS Work Disability Certificate: Steps, Standards and MORE

The Certificate of Work Incapacity IVSS It is a document that must be requested by a person insured in the Venezuelan Social Security. Consequently, this accreditation is derived from an accident or illness that affects the daily work of a worker. The Venezuelan Institute of Social Security (IVSS) is the entity responsible for granting this … Read More

Lien Certificate: Documents, Steps and MORE

The Assessment certificate It is a document that reflects the characteristics of certain properties that are in your name. Therefore, in Venezuela, property titles have derivatives that are necessary and requested by authorities. With which, it works to verify if the real or personal property belongs to you and for various processes. If you are … Read More