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Currently, most people have a bank account. Which presents you with innumerable benefits, such as managing money remotely (transfers), saving methods, Bank certificate, etc. One of the most important benefits at the administrative level is the Bank Certificate. That is why everything that has to do with it will be explained in detail.

First of all, help will be provided with the necessary information to be able to carry out the request for a Bank Certificate, its function and benefits. But before going into detail, it is important to explain what a Bank Certificate is.

The bank certificate is a document endorsed by a bank where the account to be certified is held. The purpose of it is to confirm that a natural or legal person has an account in the bank to request said document. That is, guarantee that the account is in the name of the applicant.

In the same way, it is a security title, either in foreign or national currency, which is created by a bank-bearing entity. This document has the immediate guarantee of liquidity and profitability. And of course, it has a valid period of time, which is chosen by the applicant, it can be 60 or 360 days.


The requirements requested by the bank will depend on the procedure to be carried out. In the case of requesting the Banking Certificate via the Internet, the requirements will be:

Enter the account to verify through the bank page

To enter the bank account to request said document, you need the username and password previously created. You will also need to answer some security questions created previously

Personal information

For the request of all types of documents, it is essential to give the ID number, name and surname, etc.

special key

When carrying out any movement via the Internet in a bank account, be it a transfer, telephone recharge and even a Bank Certificate, a temporary code will be sent to the registered telephone number to enter it on the page and continue with the procedure.

Clarify the document validation period

It is necessary to know for how long it will be necessary to validate said document and express it on the page of the bank

In the event that the procedure is to be carried out in person, the requirements will be:

  • Personal information
  • Account number
  • Reason for request
  • Validation period

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When requesting the Bank Certificate, it is necessary to follow a series of steps to obtain it quickly and efficiently. We suggest following the indicated steps, as they are the simplest and most direct that are needed to request said document.

  1. Enter the bank’s page or download its application. To be able to make any movement via the Internet in a bank, it must be done by these two means
  2. Select the Certificate Request option. Look for this option or a similar one in the options menu to continue with the Bank Certificate procedure
  3. Select the type of certificate. Several types of certificates will appear in the menu, you must select the one that is most suitable for your needs. In this case, the type «Bank» will be selected
  4. put special key. As explained above, each movement that is made within the Internet route will require a special password as a security method.
  5. Download Certificate. Subsequently, the bank certificate must be downloaded and printed in order to have it physically

What information does a Bank Certificate contain?

The information contained in the certificate is:

  • Validation. The bank has to guarantee that the applicant actually has an account in said bank. Well, the bank has to take care of the origin of the money that is going to be given to some person or institution. It happens with when donating money, you must be sure that the bank account to donate belongs to the person or institution that you want to collaborate with.
  • Applicant Information. The certificate must contain the identification number, last name and account number of the person. In this way, the account to which the given money will be transferred or deposited is corroborated.
  • Validation period. The document will have the period that the person requested for the certificate to be valid. This certificate is not permanent, since due to many variables the accounts can be blocked or closed. For this reason, a period of time is necessary which establishes the use of said document.

What is it for?

The bank certificate of an account can be requested at any time. Especially when you want to opt for a scholarship, subsidy, compensation or also for home receipts and home tax.

Since in this way there are less chances of having errors, well, as mentioned above. This important document has the information of name and surname, identification number, account number and the validation of the possession of the account in said bank.

It should be noted that the Bank Certificate can be requested in the language of your choice. In this way, if any financial institution or person living outside the country can receive the bank certificate in their language. And so, continue with the procedure of scholarship, grant, scholarship, subsidy, donation, whatever you call the money that is going to be transferred.

Who or what body usually requests bank certificates?

The organisms that usually request bank certificates are generally the entities that make loans or donations of money, as well as the banking entities. When you are going to apply for a loan at the bank, it asks you for a Bank Certificate to corroborate that the applicant’s account belongs to it.

In the same way it happens with the requested scholarships, the bank has to make sure where the money given or lent will go. This is done by the bank to be sure that the money given will be used for the purpose already established (Loan, scholarship, grant, compensation, etc.)

Who endorses the Certificate?

The certificate is endorsed by a bank, specifically the bank where the account to be verified is held. For this reason, when applying for the Bank Certificate, you must address the bank, be it Banesco, Provincial, Banco de Venezuela, Banco Mercantil, etc. It will depend on where you have the account. They are the ones who seal, sign the document

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