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As Venezuelan citizens, it is necessary to know that we have important rights that must be respected by those who we place in positions for agreed periods.

Identification is part of one of those rights that we possess, for which, being fully documented is of the utmost importance. Also, Knowing what are those procedures that we always have to have at hand would make our right fully respected.

In this article we are going to learn about the institution of SENIAT, what is its importance, what are its functions and the most relevant thing, what is the RIF, what is it for and how can we process it.

What is SENIAT?

For the year 1994, and after the accumulation of achievements and experiences of the main tax administrations of America and an evolution obtained under our own tax system, the then president Rafael Caldera and his cabinet came with a powerful need to modernize, specialize and expand our tax system So they decide to build a new one. tax structure.

This construction of new tax system It was also due because at the time the Venezuelan state subsisted on income from the country’s crude oil. The reason was that PDVSA and its affiliated companies, saw the need for the funds collected were used and invested in repowering, updating and acquiring new assets for the company Therefore, it was almost impossible for the Venezuelan state to pay for all the public expenses of the time.

This new institution would be born under the merger of Customs of Venezuela, the Autonomous Service (AVSA) and the National Tax Administration Service (SENAT). the name would be SENIAT and would be treated without legal personality, founded with an important objective for the nation: the collection and control of taxes.

In this way, the Integrated Customs and Tax Administration Service (SENIAT) would be conceived as a modernization project oriented towards a strong information servicewith objectives to contribute to tax collection and update the national tax structure.

In the same way, it would promote a tax culture and the faithful voluntary fulfillment of the obligations towards the citizens, thus contributing to improve and use the nation’s collections in a productive way.

What is SENIAT in charge of?

The SENIAT’s mission it is, collect national taxes at high levels through a strong comprehensive system efficient, equitable and reliable tax administration, alleging responsibility, principles of legality and faithful respect for the taxpayer.

These features are clear. be the executing body of the National Finance Tax Administration, controlling tax collection, reducing tax evasion and reducing tax delinquency.

Other functions:

  • The increase in the universe of contributors
  • The development of institutional relations programs in important sectors
  • The development of tax disclosure programs
  • The design and implementation of tax procedure manuals
  • The development of tools that encourage tax collection systems
  • The increase in fiscal presence
  • Project an image of service before public opinion.

Internal tax system

  • Derived Income Taxes (ISLR)
  • Derived Value Added Taxes (VAT)
  • Inheritance taxes, gift taxes, cigarettes and tobacco manufacturers.
  • Taxes on liquor and alcoholic species and games of chance.

How do I enroll in the SENIAT?

To enroll in the Seniatwe need to go to Seniat portal. But what is the Seniat portal?

It’s a means that the taxpayer has to carry out his national tax transactions, In addition to also being able to find out about important fiscal aspects. The Seniat portal has a online systemwhich allows you to make tax returns, make payments, check account statements and verify your private tax information data, in addition to other tax services.

For the physical or natural persons, with ID and passportAll they have to do is click on the indicated options and answer the questions that identify them, establishing a user code and a personal password that they must save to enter on future occasions.

For the companies, legal persons or private organizationswhether public or mixed, must through their legal and legal representatives, go to the regional suggestion headquarters, Taxpayer Assistance Division of their domicile or place of tax habitation in order to be able to register prior entry of the necessary precautions.

Once you have that data, you can log in to the portal with your credentials.

What is the RIF?

The R.I.F., or Single Tax Information Registryis a document that is intended for tax management, where they need to register all legal and natural persons susceptible to any economic or lucrative activity that may generate income tax.

This registration, of a non-transferable nature, is valid for 3 years from the date it is issued.

This document is of the utmost importance and must be used in a mandatory manner in any document, procedure, petition, appointment, application or any other that is presented to the SENIAT institution.

How do I get the RIF?

Then in the following link, the SENIAT It shows you the steps you must take to be able to get your RIF.

How to get the forms for natural persons?

In order to process the forms for natural person you need:

  • The registration form that is issued by the SENIAT system.
  • Original and copy of the Identity Card of the applicant, in case you are a foreigner not domiciled in the country, you must present the original document plus the copy of the Passport.
  • Original document and copy of the document that effectively demonstrates the tax domicile (receipt or invoice for the payment of basic services, a rental contract or of another type that expresses an endorsement of the domicile.
  • Documents that confirm the family responsibilities as the case may be:
  • Copy of the identity card.
  • Original and copy of the birth certificate where the affiliation is exposed.
  • Original document and a copy of the marriage certificate or proof of common-law marriage
  • Original and copy of the proof of study or proof of incapacity for work in the cases of descendants of legal age or less than 25 years of age.
  • Original document and copy of the certificate of incapacity for work in the corresponding cases of descendants over 25 years of age.

whatHow to get the returns for legal entities?

In order to process the return being a legal person, company or private organization it is necessary that you have these documents:

  • Registration form issued by the SENIAT system.
  • Original and copy of the constitutive document formally registered and published (with the exception of civil partnerships that do not require publication)
  • Original and copy of the last minutes of the Assembly.
  • Original document and copy of the power of attorney of the legal representative (only when its character was not accredited in the bylaws)
  • SUDEBAN authorization (link) with its original document plus its copy in the case of banks or financial institutions.
  • Evidence document of tax domicile (receipt of payment for basic services) with its original and copy.
  • Identity card of the legal actor, partner and managers. Each and every one of them They must be registered in the RIF or single tax information registry, before processing any registration of the legal entity.

How do we register?

  • First, we must enter the SENIAT official page.
  • In the tab «online system” you must press «registration of the RIF
  • A new tab will open where you will have to enter the registration data.

You must enter the following information in the online registration form:

  • Type of person: if you are legal or natural
  • CI, or passport: you must add V- for Venezuelan citizens and E- for foreign citizens, consecutively with the ID number.
  • The next requirement is to add the date of birth: select the box with dates right next to the form.
  • Click the «Search» button and then click on the «register taxpayer» link
  • Finally, the name of the person you are going to register will appear, you must click on the name.

After doing the above, you will be able to view the data that will be completed in parts: «basic data», «addresses», «family responsibilities», «validation form» and finally on the left side you must click on «see form» and then click «print»

What is the RIF used for?

The RIF is an important document that gives full validity to your actions, be they legal, financial, organizational, among others. So it is important, whether you are going to process any document, or if you are going to lead a new organization, be sure to have this very important document.

The understanding of the tributary elements and the Venezuelan systemhelps us understand not only our obligations as taxpayers, but also Our rights. It also enables national financial planners to determine howWhat are the necessary criteria and policies that must be applied for the benefit of the nation. Hence its great importance and relevance, both for citizens and for our rulers on duty.

We hope the information is useful to you! Greetings.

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