Certificate No National Production: Steps, Consultation and MORE

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The Certificate No National Production, is a document that works as the main requirement to import goods into Venezuela. With which, if you are a person who wants to make international purchases, you need to have this vital information so that your merchandise can pass through the customs of the country.

Likewise, it is essential that you carry out the application process in advance and thus avoid inconveniences in the production of your merchandise. Therefore, in this article we will provide you with the necessary information for you to carry out this process successfully, what are your requirements and more.

Requirements to Obtain the Certificate of No National Production

To start, the first thing you should take into account are those essential requirements to carry out the application process. Likewise, it is essential that you dispose of these correctly and in advance. Here is the list of requirements for the Certificate No National Production:

  • The application form for the Certificate of No Production must be signed and sealed by the person who commits the company
  • Content of the articles to be imported, especially technical and commercial information
  • Tariff codes, quantity, country of origin, among others
  • Photocopy of the proforma invoice in national language

  • Copies of the Tax Information Registry, identity card of the legal representative of the company and the Income Tax declaration
  • As well as the last declaration of the Value Added Tax, Municipal Taxes and the Constitutive Act as its modifications
  • Stamp with a value of 0.3 Tax Units or greater than this amount, it can never be less


The National Center for Foreign Trade (CENCOEX) is the entity in charge of accepting your application for the Certificate No National Production. At the same time, it is in charge of executing national policies regarding imports, exports, foreign investments, among other aspects. This body suggests you deliver the following precautions:

  • Application letter where you state the reasons for said document, this letter must be duly signed. In the same way, it must clearly expose the general data of the company
  • The time of action in the market and the activity that takes place
  • Final destination of the imported products
  • If it is a manufacturing company, it must demonstrate its production capacity and the type of machinery
  • The updated accounting where it reflects the record of previous sales and imports
  • One of the requirements is to provide a technical description of each of the products to be imported or produced.

  • Proof of payment of 0.3 ut to the bank of Venezuela, account number 0102-0552-21-00000244-39 to the head of the capital government Eng. Sales of tax stamps in Venezuela
  • Request for the form and authorization for the certificate of non-production signed by the main representative as well as the wet stamp of the requesting company
  • Photocopy of the current commercial pro-forma in Spanish or its translation
  • Single price must be reflected without freight or insurance according to the single price of the pro-forma
  • In case of canceling in foreign currency, the currency conversion must be made to pay the invoice. This invoice must be signed and stamped by the supplier
  • Copy of the identity card and valid RIF of the legal representative
  • (1) copy of the declaration of municipal tax, VAT and ISRL signed by a public accountant as well as a certificate of non-taxpayer delivered by SENIAT
  • Commercial register with its last modification or articles of incorporation with the name of the applicant clearly visible and highlighted

Step by Step to Obtain the Certificate of No National Production

After you have all the necessary documents mentioned in the previous section, you only have to follow the steps that we will indicate below so that you can obtain your Certificate of non-national production. Thus, for the import process in Venezuela you must have the respective code. If you have the same, what you should do is the following:

  • You have to go to the official website of the CENCOEX
  • Once you enter the system, on the left side of the screen select the block that indicates CNP
  • A tab will open where you will have to choose which ministry the items you want to import belong to
  • As soon as you choose the option that suits your needs, a new tab will open where all the instructions and formats to download are presented

In-person procedure

Similarly, the process to get you Certificate No National Production It must be done in person. However, if you cannot attend, you must provide an authorization or power of attorney signed and stamped by you as the legal representative.

Following this, you must consign the documentation mentioned in the previous section, in the single box office for production procedures. The documents must be delivered in a manila folder, brown, legal type, within the commonly established office hours.

In addition, you should consider that a single Certificate No National Production for all the items that you request as long as they belong to the same ministry. Also, it is important that both in the CNP request form and in the proforma invoice, the items are requested in the same order.

To finish, once you have carried out this sequence of steps indicated, the process will be almost completed. With which, after consigning the necessary documentation and raised in the previous section, you must wait for the certificate to be approved to proceed with the import.

Consultation or Update of the Certificate of No National Production

Until now you know what are the requirements you need to obtain the Certificate of national non-production and the steps you must follow respectively. Now we will mention another relevant point in this entire application process, with which, we suggest that you read the following carefully.

You are probably wondering how to query or update the National non-production certificate. Therefore, we can tell you that you can carry out this procedure both in person and online. Once this is mentioned, we will specify both modalities:

  • If you wish to carry out the consultation or update in person, you must wait 15 days to go to the one-stop shop for procedures where you delivered your application.
  • On the other hand, if you want to make the consultation or update online, you will also have to wait 15 days and once this period of time has elapsed, enter your registered user on the website of the corresponding ministry.
  • Finally, you only have to access the official website of the ministry to which your application is responsible and make the query or update in the CNP section of your registered user.

Can it be canceled or modified?

If you wonder if your request for the Certificate of non-national production It can be canceled or modified in this section we will answer it. You can indeed modify or cancel this specific certification. That is why you must keep in mind the points that we will mention below:

  • Enter the official website of the ministry that corresponds to your production specifically
  • Once inside the page of the corresponding ministry, enter with your registered username and password

  • Then go to the section of the Certificate No National Production and select the option to modify or cancel CNP
  • All of this must be carried out while the certificate is valid.
  • Finally, we recommend that you cancel the document if you do not use it, instead of letting it expire

What is it for?

  • First of all, in case you carry out work within the scope of production, it is essential that you have the National Non-Production Certificate
  • As mentioned in previous sections of this article, this is a legal document that allows the importation of some items in the country.
  • This in order to protect imports and exports of goods and products of mass consumption in the Venezuelan national territory

What is the Certificate of No National Production?

An important point that you know is what is the Certificate No National Production. The CNP is a mandatory legal document for certain goods to be imported into the country. This document is issued by the National Center for Foreign Trade or CENCOEX.

Thus, said document is endorsed by the National Government of Venezuela for the import permit for some items. With which the national center for foreign trade or CENCOEX is the body whose administrative functions of the executive vice-presidency. In addition, it is in charge of authorizing permits to obtain foreign exchange and imports.

The non-production certificate is delivered only to those companies that meet the requirements established in the constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the regulations for imports of CENCOEX. Likewise, it will be delivered according to administrative indications in a period of no less than ninety days before importation.

As a last point that you should know is the time of validity of the Certificate No National Production. This document is valid for 45 days after its approval by CENCOEX. That said, we hope that the information provided is useful to you and that you can carry out this process successfully.

Certify your national production!

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