Certificate of University Participation: Steps, Cost and MORE

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Young people studying the last year of high school must go through the process to apply for a place in public universities in Venezuela, therefore, it is vital to register and obtain the Certificate of University Participation.

If the applicant’s goal is to study a desired career, you should be aware of the enrollment dates. Here are the steps to follow, keep in mind six careers in which you would like to develop as a successful professional. Currently, universities are in high demand, so it is essential to have an excellent average.

Learn about the Certificate of University Participation here!

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Certificate of University Participation

High school graduates who are studying the last years must carry out the following steps to obtain the Certificate of University Participation:

  • Initially, the institute where applicants study must send an email to the Office of Planning of the University Sector (OPSU), with the academic index of each one of them.
  • When the student has pre-registered, they must wait for the receipt of an email that shows a secret word that will allow them to enter the National Income System (SNI).
  • Subsequently, access the portal with the email and the secret phrase listed in the SNI. Inside, you must complete certain structures with the financial data of the place where you live.
  • When you have done this you will have completed the enlistment cycle under the OPSU and then you will be provided with two alternatives. One to decide the university vocation and the other, the endorsement of the student’s participation.
  • Just choosing this alternative will download a document with the certificate of registration in the OPSU.

It is imperative to specify that to obtain the certificate of participation in OPSU, You must participate in the raffle to get university places. In which they will seek to stay in a university in the State of their inclination in the chosen vocation.

What is the University Participation Certificate for?

The OPSU process serves to participate in the selection of students for universities. In the same way, it serves to obtain the University Participation Certificate, which is carefully important to get into any university, be it public or private.

In addition, it is exceptionally useful for finding or checking study interests. As we have previously mentioned, the National Entrance System makes professional tests, where the candidate is educated about the indicated vocations.

Who Issues the Certificate of University Participation?

The National Entrance System (SNI), simultaneously with the Planning Office of the University Sector (OPSU), are the entities responsible for providing the certification. Each participant must carry out all the indications to avoid losing the turn.

Here are the requirements to apply for the OPSU certificate:

The main requirements to apply for this certification are the following:

  • Be in the fifth or sixth year of specialized training in any educational establishment, both private and public.
  • Having taken the vocational exam in the fourth year of high school.
  • Have all the assessments together from the primary year to the fourth year of high school.
  • Be registered in the system along with all the necessary individual information.

Procedure to Register at OPSU

To register on the OPSU site, you essentially need to have finished enlistment in the SNI. With the personal information provided, the registration will be formally carried out in the National Entry System.

In this sense, when the participant is within the University Sector Planning Office system, you essentially need to finish the registration. Where you will give the data with the personal information and the financial level you have.

Does it have any cost?

It is important that students who need to carry out this procedure, keep in mind that the OPSU system or, also known as the National Income System (SNI), which belongs to the Planning Office, is open to all students and is completely free.

Anyone can complete this cycle, it is only important to agree on the needs and follow the means referred to in the previous steps. It is important to emphasize that this procedure is only done by 5th, 6th year high school graduates and graduates.

What is the Certificate of University Participation?

The OPSU system or, in another way, called the National Income System (SNI), which has a place in the Office of Procedures, in it individual information, place of residence, data related to money, qualifications of all periods are recruited.

To do this, a progression of tests is carried out that recognize the student’s situation in each of the aforementioned records. It is important to mention that the participants with the lowest resources are the priority in the system.

The data provided is evaluated using a multivariate component, which offers the possibility of being interested in the application cycle. In view of this enrollment, a sum of 40% of the degrees offered by state-funded universities can be chosen.

How to apply for the OPSU certificate?

In order for you to be essential to the OPSU system, you must follow the means below in the application that we will demonstrate:

  • Give or make an email address to the educational entities so that they can deliver it to the OPSU and thus the evaluations obtained from the first to the fourth year of secondary school can be transferred to the system.
  • In this email address you will receive a secret password with which you will have the option to access the SNI stage, also called the National Income System.
  • Go to the OPSU official page and log in with the email address you provided and the secret phrase you received.

  • Complete the structure and provide the personal data, (Identity Card, place of residence).
  • Choose the purpose of your application to enlist in the OPSU cycle, either to apply for a position at a university or basically to have the certificate.
  • In the event that you choose the alternative of «choosing a university vocation», you must choose six professions in the corresponding places of the higher exams in which they are instructed.
  • Archive all the information given and keep up to date on the official site, as the results will be supplied by this platform.

How long does it take to deliver the OPSU certificate?

The supposed time that the OPSU certification takes, is in any case from thirty days to a month, since the OPSU is in charge of investigating all the results of the tests taken by all the students and other people who have passed through this cycle. .

The vocational test that OPSU takes continues to last about 30 or 45 minutes. In the same way, all are oriented to find the preferences, interests and hobbies of each participant.

Regarding the passing of the notes to the system, this will generally not last more than ten minutes, and will fill in all the information close to the official OPSU page, somewhere in the range of fifteen and twenty minutes. It is a simple and fast process.

At that time, you must trust that the OPSU will do the research and evaluations separately and will give the results of the proposals of the professions, and finally, the student will know in which university they will have stayed.

Frequently asked questions about the OPSU certificate

Will the student who performs this procedure have to pay any expenses?

The cycle completed by the OPSU and the SIN is absolutely free and is open to any participant in the fifth year of high school. Anyone will have the option to complete this process, they just have to follow each of the instructions.

What are the main advantages of taking an interest in the OPSU cycle?

Doing this process can give an incredible number of advantages, however the most pertinent is studying and obtaining a university degree in the area you want. This accreditation is a mandatory need to learn in any university in Venezuela.

Similarly, it will offer you the opportunity to enter a state-funded university without going through internal exams. It is essential to have an excellent average from the main year to the fourth year of high school.

How many phases does the National System of Entrance to University Education have?

The National Income System has three phases:

  1. Registration and Validation of Notes.
  2. Delivery of Preliminary Results and Modification of Options.
  3. Assignment.

If I have doubts about the study options in the region where I live. Where can I get information?

In the University Study Opportunities book (LOEU) you will obtain information about the Institutions of University Education and their Academic Programs. Available on the official website of the entity. The important thing is that the participant studies.

Should the six Study options requested by the system be added?

No, of the six options requested by the system, three (3) are mandatory.

Success in the process, we hope you get the place in the University of choice!

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