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For the times in which we find ourselves living today, with the reality of the country, credit cards are a method that can save you from emergencies and resolve unexpected moments; That is why in this post we will explain how you can request a credit card issued by Banco de Venezuela.

In this way, you will be able to finance the acquisition of goods and services in a practical way that will be very useful for your lifestyle, especially helping you solve any unforeseen event that arises.

Using this financial method of credit cards is beneficial, practical, safe and simple.

But like everything, it also has its risk, which you should be aware of before taking responsibility and the final decision to request one, since it comes with limits on the monetary amount that the card will issue for each account, which you can use at the moment. to use it.

All this will depend on the risk policy, personal characteristics and the economic solvency of the user who owns the card.

In most cases it is not necessary to pay the card in full monthly. The same card has a balance that will be accumulating interest month by month; To do this, you can settle it through minimum payments, in turn paying the accumulated interest on the outstanding balance.

But this method also has a way that if you get to settle the full total, it is not up to you to pay the interest accumulated in the month that has elapsed.

How to apply for a credit card at Banco de Venezuela?

In simple steps you can request a credit card from Banco de Venezuela, you just have to follow each step very well in order to have a successful result and then you can enjoy your credit card.

To apply for the card, all you have to do is enter the page, search for the form corresponding to the type of credit card you wish to acquire, fill out the form, print it, and deliver it to the agency of your choice or the one closest to you. You see? simple steps

By simply accessing your Web pagethen look for the option People > cards > Credit cards, and go down to the bottom of the page, looking for the Other Documents option, find the corresponding form to request it. It’s nothing complicated.

By clicking on the file on the corresponding list, a file in PDF format created by the Bank will automatically open where you will find the exact form that you must fill out and print in order to take it to the nearest agency or agency of your choice and to have your card chosen credit.

What credit cards do you offer?

There are many types of credit that a bank could offer you to help you with whatever you need, with different characteristics that make them unique (either because of the benefits they offer, the interest rate, the flexibility of payment of installments, among many others).

At Banco de Venezuela they can offer you a wide variety of credits too, they have a diversity of types of credit cards to apply for, choosing the one that best suits what you are looking for for your lifestyle or for managing your own independent business or your company.

With this bank you can have a variety of credits with 7 different types:

  • Visa
  • Sports Visa
  • mastercard
  • Titanium
  • Certificate of Living Well
  • Certificate of Living Well Pensioned
  • Are

These current bank loans have a financing system for the acquisition of goods and services for users, they also have a revolving credit line term consisting of 48 months, with an interest rate of 40% and with a flexible amount that varies according to the payment cancellation capacity that corresponds to the user and the financial evaluation of the account.

Some are intended for other purposes for the user who owns it, as in the case of the type of credit called Certificate of Living Well and the same but destined for pensioners that is offered to Venezuelans to facilitate their lifestyle with solidarity interest rates that are accessible to each one’s pocket.


When choosing which type of credit you would like to request to apply for the corresponding credit card, it is time to look for those requirements that are required to effectively generate the credit card application. At Banco de Venezuela, its requirements are divided for two types of public: Employees and Business Owners.

The basic precautions they ask for are:

  1. You must complete each field found in the credit card application, duly signed.
  2. Legible copy of the identity card of the client who requests it.
  • For Employees:
    • Evidence of work with a maximum of (3) months issued and indicating position held, basic salary and seniority,
      signed and sealed by the unit and person authorized by the company for labor matters.
    • Labor office landline number
    • Copy of the last public service receipt (light or telephone) or condominium.
    • Know the terms and conditions of credit cards. (Public Offer) before signing the contract.
  • For Business Owners or Independent Professionals:
    • Current income certification.
    • Personal account statements (savings or current, from other banks) of the last three (3) months.
    • Photocopy of the Mercantile Registry and/or statutory modifications of the company, when the applicant is the owner of his own business.
    • Photocopy of the last public service receipt (light or telephone) or condominium.
    • Know the Public Offer conditions of credit cards before signing the contract


The most important step for the application process for the credit card that you want to use with Banco de Venezuela is to fill out and print the Return issued by the same bank.

You can find it in your Web page in the option of People > Cards > Credit Cards and at the bottom of the page, looking for the Other Documents option, look for the form relevant to request it.


This bank has a series of benefits that are worth considering when applying for a credit card at its facilities, among them we offer:

  • Flexibility: Counting on a rotating financing to 48 months.
  • Security: Managing to reduce the risk of having cash.
  • Reliability: Guaranteeing that you will receive text messages to your cell phone with information (from ClaveMóvil) about each of the transactions you make with your credit card.
  • Availability: Depending on the type of credit card you choose, you can obtain cash simply by making withdrawals from ATMs with the assigned secret code or by making the request via the digital and online platforms (BDVenlínea personas or Clavetelefónica personal) offered by the bank.
  • Liquidity: With the opportunity to expand your financing capacity by requesting extra-credit products (Credicompra, Compra de Saldo and Credicash), without affecting your credit card limit.
  • Comfort: With payment quotas and ease of requesting additional cards available in the Online Requests section of our website.
  • Wide range of services: Having the possibility of being able to check balance, carry out transactions, verify payment dates, through its online services (BDVenlínea personas), entering and via personal phone number, or simply by calling 0500 MICLAVE (0500 642 5283).

Other services offered by the bank

This bank is really complete in the financial areas that are required for a safe and guaranteed lifestyle at an administrative level, whether personal or business.

It has a wide range of different services at the national level as well as internationally, allowing immediate ease to carry out financial operations.

Ensuring account mobility that you have in banking 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, offering a comfortable, agile and secure experience.

The other services they also offer are:

  • Currency Administration
  • local services
  • international services


This bank has an option for Venezuelan citizens, a service to be able to manage their personal finances and to comfortably organize their lifestyle.

Offering a great commitment to guarantee the best quality that its service can offer to users who can enjoy banking.

They also have a variety of options to further facilitate the organization of a financial life, among all of these we have:

  • Key Services
  • Financing
  • accounts
  • SENIAT Tax Payments
  • cards
  • Services
  • Payments


For the business format, the Banco de Venezuela bank has a large portfolio accessible to the public, where it seeks to achieve a great ally connection between both companies, the bank plus the business you manage.

It has a wide variety of services that you can access and ensuring the finances that you can handle with the business you have, among the elements that Banco de Venezuela can offer you, you have to choose from:

  • Key Services
  • accounts
  • Financing
  • Payments and Collections
  • Global Super Payroll
  • cards
  • Trusts
  • Services

Thanks for reading us! We hope the information works for you.

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