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At the UCV, there is the Certifications Office. This is in charge of receiving, processing, entering, verifying and issuing documents from students and graduates (undergraduate or postgraduate), either to certify grades, black background of the degree, University Creation Act, among others; documents that could be used to manage legal processes, and even study nationally and internationally.

The process can be easier than it seems, if you are patient and follow all the steps perfectly.


  • Be a graduate, undergraduate or postgraduate student of the UCV.
  • Have an appointment (confirmed).
  • Make the payment required for each document.


To certify any document, you must present:

  • Certification Request Form (one for each procedure to be carried out).
  • Printed quote.
  • Deposit (original and two copies) with name, surname, applicant’s ID, contact number and type of documents to request.
  • Documents you want to certify.
  • Identity card.

Steps to follow

1. Print and fill out the Certification Request Form (one form per document). >>Download spreadsheet here.

2. Enter the Virtual Queue from the system to book an appointment with an estimated date. >>Go to Row.

may confirm either Cancel their position in line, as well as confirm either Cancel his date.

Several times during your stay in the Queue, you will receive emails to confirm your registration. When this is the case, she must go to «Consult / Confirm Position in Line» or her record will be deleted.

Many people make changes to their dates or just delete them, so the system is constantly updated. Keep an eye on the page.

3. Make the required payment with their respective fees. Attach original and two (2) copies of the deposit.
4. Attend the appointment. Once the date is confirmed, present all the documents, the payment receipt and the printed appointment in the Certifications Department, located on the 1st floor of the Telecommunications Building, near the Federation of University Centers (FCU).
5. Request another appointment to pick up the documents , and wait for the time required to go and get certified. For this, you do not need to enter the Queue, just save the appointment.

How long does the process take?

This will depend on the dates available for each appointment.

The appointments are classified into:

  • Admission appointments / Request for Documents: The documents you want to certify are presented or requested on the 1st floor of the Certifications Office.
  • Retreat Appointments: Documents already certified are sought. You can request it 24 hours after attending your admission appointment; This should be effective at least 10 business days after having attended to submit your documents. You must present the voucher and the appointment email (printed).

In the Departments of Certifications, File and Correspondence, attention to the public is scheduled for 8:30 a.m., until 11:30 p.m.. If required, we recommend attending before 8:30 am for a good organization of all those present, a more receptive reception, and the delivery of documents as quickly as possible.

What University documents must I certify?

Depending on what your case requires, you can certify the following documents:


  • Certified notes.
  • Degree certificate (Plus a copy of the Identity Card). The one for Postgraduate graduates is requested in the Postgraduate Commission of their Faculty, this must be signed and sealed by the Director and Dean.
  • GPA (Plus a copy of the Identity Card).
  • Copy certification. For copies of notes and documents, black background of the graduate title, etc., they must be originally certified. In the case of the black background, the title must be registered and the copy demonstrates the registration of the original title.
  • Grading scale, with their respective form.
  • University Creation Act, with their respective form.
  • Programs, Pensum, Hourly Load, Credit Load (fill out a single form).
  • averages. Apply at the Certifications Office if you graduated after November 1994, except for the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, which is from December 1998. If they are earlier dates, you must apply for them through their respective faculties.
  • The accreditation of careers from the UCV is requested at the Permanent Secretariat of the CNU (13th floor of the OPSU). The accreditation of the UCV is requested on the ground floor of the same building.


  • To certificate: Notes, Proof of Studies, Programs and curriculum, two (2) forms must be filled out:

>> One for certified Grades (plus two sets of Grade History, Grade Kardex or Curriculum Summary, stamped by your Faculty.
>> Another for programs, curriculum and certification of proof of studies.

  • Grading scale with their respective form.
  • University Creation Act, with their respective form.


  • Grades.
  • Programs, Pensum, Hourly Load, Credit Load (Previously requested at your Faculty).
  • Grading scale with their respective form.
It is necessary to indicate if the procedure is national or international. If it is for abroad, Bs. 20,000.00 must be paid for each document, additionally, and must have the signature of the rector (a),

What good is it for me?

Many legal processes require not only the documents, but the certification of the same. Often students and graduates certify and verify their grades, or legalize (before the Ministry of Education) the documents to emigrate or study nationally and internationally, to carry out a postgraduate degree, to meet some requirement of a company, etc.

What is the associated cost?

Prices are constantly changing, so you should check on the official website of the university if there is a price adjustment. The last update was on January 15, 2019.

Concept / AMOUNT + Tariff

  • Certified notes: 2,880.00 BsS + 0.16.
  • Grading scale: 440.00 BsS + 0.08.
  • Act of creation of the UCV: 1,440.00 BsS + 0.08.
  • Programs (Given in faculty, signed by the dean): 1,440.00 BsS + 0.08.
  • Workload (Given in faculty, signed by the dean): 1,440.00 BsS + 0.08.
  • pensum (Given in faculty, signed by the dean): 1,440.00 BsS + 0.08.
  • Study modality (Given in faculty, signed by the dean): 1,440.00 BsS + 0.08.
  • special certificates (Given in faculty, signed by the dean): 1,440.00 BsS + 0.08.
  • certificate of good conduct (Given in faculty, signed by the dean): 1,440.00 BsS + 0.08.

Payment Methods:

  • CASH (for a bank deposit)
  • TRANSFER: Do them 24 hours before the Appointment. If it is from another Bank, transfer 72 hours before the Appointment.

Bill: Bank of Venezuela. Current: Nº 0102-0132-28-000101488-8 To Name of: Own income of the Secretary of the UCV. Rif: G-200000627

You can make a global deposit for all the fees you are required to pay.

Consider that:
  • The estimated date of service in the virtual line changes constantly and dailyso you need to log in regularly.
  • If you do not check/confirm Position in Line when required, your record will be DELETED.
  • It is necessary that between 15 days and 1 day before your estimated date of care, enter the System and download your appointmentsince in this period the System converts the estimated date into an appointment date, and that is when you can download and print it.
  • If the System does not recognize your CI, You must go to the 11th floor of the Central Library Building, to confirm the data in the File and Correspondence Department.
  • Someone else can certify for youas long as you have an authorization plus photocopies of the identity cards of both.
  • If you do not go to the appointment, you could be penalized and unable to request another one for 90 days. If you are unable to attend, cancel your position in line as soon as possible to avoid penalties.
  • Only the procedures of one person per appointment are accepted. If you want to manage documents from two or more people, you must request an appointment for each of them.
  • if there is a mistake As for the IC, career or degree data, go to the 11th floor of the Central Library, to the Central Archive Directorate.
  • It will not be attended without an appointment (printed) of certifications.

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