Farmer Registration Certificate: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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The Farmer Registration Certificate It is a documentation directed towards the people who perform tasks within the raw material production. In the same way, it groups together those citizens who develop within the cultivation practices. With which, it is necessary that, if you do this, you are affiliated with the MPPAPT.

In the same way, by carrying out your due registration, you can have multiple advantages provided by the Ministry. Likewise, you will have the availability of financial aid, projects, among others. If you want to know more information about this area, keep reading. Here we will tell you what you must do to obtain the certificate and more.

Requirements for the Certificate of Farmer Registration

To start, it is necessary that you take into account the main and most essential aspect for this document. Thus, we will show you what are the requirements that you must have to request the Farmer Registration Certificate. In this sense, each requirement is categorized as follows:

Personal information

  • Identity card
  • Numbers belonging to the serial and code of the Carnet de la Patria
  • Submit your Tax Information Registry (RIF)
  • Show a number through the cal you can be contacted, as the case may be
  • Reflect the exact address of the place where you reside
  • Enter your email address
  • Finally, this access is active because it will function as a registration and entry link in the Ministry’s platform.

Production Unit

  • Regarding the data of the productive unit itself, you must present the social mission of the same
  • The RIF or Tax Information Registry number
  • Address of the determined production unit
  • Name of the producing entity
  • Propose in detail each of the items worked or the performance of the tasks that are carried out
  • Form of ownership of this producing entity
  • Specify the number of hectares in which you work with respect to the crop
  • Email address depending on the time of your request

Steps to Follow to Obtain It

  • First, you must have a relatively stable internet connection for the virtual process
  • Access the Farmer Registry by clicking on this link
  • Then, you must enter your identification number and you will be able to view the personal data that you previously provided
  • Press the alternative of «Next»
  • Immediately, you must put an email address and certain numbers where you can be contacted
  • Choose the State and Municipality of the corresponding country
  • Select the alternative of participation in popular power that belongs to your situation
  • Specify if you have an identical bank account and which is the financial institution of the same
  • Click on the «Add» option and complete the form providing the production items

  • Place the window according to the type of person you are, either natural or legal
  • Next, provide your National Card number, in case you have it
  • Suggest the personal password you want, following the platform’s guidelines
  • Proceed to start downloading the Farmer Registration Certificate

Finally, in the following link You will find the detailed manual that you must follow to correctly complete this procedure. At the same time, this was created by the Ministry of Popular Power for Productive Agriculture and Lands, and we suggest you visualize it. In this way, you can avoid errors during your respective application.

What is the Peasant Registration Certificate for?

In the same way, we can tell you that the Farmer Registration Certificate it has multiple specific functions. Likewise, these provide you with a great facility of privileges both for you and for the Ministry regulating agricultural activity. With which, some of its utilities are the following:

  • Provides better verification control regarding Venezuelan agricultural areas
  • This allows optimal support for financing within the scope, which benefits the productive sector in general.
  • Also, it works adequately so that the regulatory body (MPPAPT) is aware of the set of needs presented in the population.

  • Provides a great strengthening in the macro economy of the nation respectively
  • Maintains a record of the number of people who perform work in productive cultivation activities
  • Regulates the productive state of the country based on the agricultural work carried out in the field
  • Continuously records how aquaculture, livestock and agriculture activities are carried out
  • Facilitates the processing of public matters within the agri-food field

On the other hand, once you get the Farmer Registration Certificate you can have multiple privileges. Here is the classification of these:


  • The benefits granted to the Ministry are based on handling the statistical data of each item worked that characterizes the productive areas of the national territory
  • Allow the realization of methodologies related to public policies
  • Carry out multiple tasks that broadly benefit national and regional productive activities
  • Access the exact data regarding the number of people dedicated to agricultural, forestry, small and livestock sectors


  • Regarding the benefits for the citizen, the possibility of providing information on the needs presented within their specific area can be expressed.
  • Thus, these needs refer to basic supplies, machinery, instruments, among others.
  • Has the availability to belong in projects of national production and social missions respectively
  • It has attentions and advice based on issues of productive activity related to sowing, harvesting, cultivation, among others

Who Issues It?

Above all, it is essential that you know that the body in charge of issuing the Farmer Registration Certificate It is the Ministry of Popular Power for Agriculture and Lands (MPPAPT). Likewise, this regulatory entity is part of the set of executive institutions that continuously performs work in favor of the Venezuelan government.

In the same way, the Ministry is governed, as a central base, by controlling productive activities carried out in the country. With which, these are about cattle ranching, agriculture, divided division of illicit lands, underused and large estates. That is why it maintains under supervision all the variants that have arisen in this area at the national level.

Also, this institution works together with the following attached entities:

National Land Institute (INTI)

  • It is a government institution in charge of supervising land distribution procedures
  • These distributions are carried out under the Misión Zamora program implemented by the government.
  • Likewise, it develops identifications in the rotation of finished crops to proceed with the purchase of their owners
  • After owning these portions of land, INTI provides other farmers with the possibility of working on those specific crops.
  • This permit has the denomination of «Agrarian Charter»
  • Then, these people dedicated to agricultural processes have the possibility of providing these lands in the form of inheritance
  • On the other hand, they are organized based on cooperatives governed by the “Zamorano” Fundos and have benefits thanks to the social missions of INTI.
  • Finally, this Institute is about to verify which are the least worked lands and collects tax rates from determined landowners.

Agricultural Bank of Venezuela

  • The Banco Agrícola de Venezuela (BAV) corresponds to the financial entity of the country governed by the capital of the State
  • Since 2006, it works in conjunction with the Ministry of Popular Power for Agriculture and Lands
  • In this way, it meets the objective of expanding the development of productive activities within the agricultural sector. Venezuelan
  • Finally, it is necessary to indicate that this institution provides each producer with low interest rates, as the case may be.

Venezuelan Food Corporation

  • The Venezuelan Food Corporation (CVAL) is an entity attached to the MPPAPT and the Ministry of Popular Power for Food
  • It organizes large food days to support Venezuelan agricultural production and products derived from the Local Supply and Production Committees (CLAP)

  • Therefore, it is based on the objectives of both sectors to provide a better nutritional approach in the Venezuelan population.
  • In conclusion, it distributes food products nationally under equitable divisions that benefit as many citizens as possible.

What is the Farmer Registration Certificate?

The Farmer Registration Certificate It is a document that is granted to you in case you work in agricultural or cultivation areas. Likewise, this fulfills the objective of allowing you to have access to social benefits governed by the governmental entities of the country. With which, it presents a unique character and has an identifying number.

In addition, you need to be aware of another significant aspect. Thus, this is based on the classification of the 4 productive sectors that groups the Farmer Registration Certificate:

  • Conuquero Producers and Peasant Families
  • Agricultural Workers
  • Livestock Production
  • Agroindustry

Finally, you must take into account that this application in registration can only be done once. With which, when you become an owner, you will only be allowed to register a single cooperative or producer category. Therefore, if your production activity is based on Conuco, you must provide your personal signature and in other tasks only the RIF number.

Promote national production and benefit!

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