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Venezuelans who want to opt for their IVSS pension insurance must start quoting their work from the first moment they enter a company, for this they will necessarily need the return 14-02 which we will talk about later. Stay and keep reading this article.

What is the IVSS?

The Venezuelan Institute of Social Security is a public institution, whose primary purpose is to offer Social Security protection for all people subscribed to it in the areas of maternity, old age, survival, illness, accidents, disability, death, retirement and unemployment or forced unemployment.

The IVSS ensures that the service will be of quality, in a convenient and accurate manner, entrenched in the Legal basis of Social Security and the General Regulations of the Social Security Law.

Its duties?

The powers of the Venezuelan Social Security are going to be gradually changed by the New Institutionality of the Social Security System, developed in the Organic Law of the Social Security System (Art. 127 LOSSS).

Until this happens, the Social Security Law will have to remain in force, as long as its provisions do not contradict those of the Organic Law of the Social Security System and the laws of the benefits regimes.

Thus, the power granted in the Social Security Law is preserved in its Article No. 51: «It will ensure the application of the legal and regulatory provisions that govern the matter and will comply and enforce everything related to the contribution and benefits system.»

Article 13 specifies that the IVSS will be in charge of:
  1. Prepare statistics, including vital and health, and carry out studies in relation to the insured and beneficiary population, and, in general, all the investigations that are necessary for the progressive application of the Social Security Law to new regions of the country, categories of companies or groups of employers and workers;
  2. Recommend to the National Executive the reforms it deems appropriate in the fields of Social Security;
  3. Organize and put into operation the regional savings banks, branches and agencies, as well as any other dependency, according to the importance of the respective area where the Mandatory Social Security is applied;
  4. Carry out the studies referred to in order to establish, in accordance with the Law, the systems for collecting contributions and granting benefits.

What is form 14-02?

The Insured Registry allows workers to affiliate to the Mandatory Social Security through this spreadsheet as well as family members who qualify, according to the Social Security Law.

The employer is the main person in charge of registering or affiliating the employee and must do so the first 3 days that the worker is in his new job. If the employer does not comply with this affiliation, the employee can simply go with the form and all the necessary documents to an Administrative office where the employment relationship with the employer is recorded.

How to get it?

You can get the form in the following link Form 14-02 and the data that you must place in the format are the following:

Place an X (X) in the place corresponding to the use, according to the indication.

  1. Place the business name of the company or name of the employer that identifies it.
  2. Enter the company number assigned by the IVSS.
  3. Write the number of the worker’s identity card and place an X for the nationality.
  4. Write the worker’s insurance number, indicating with the digit one (1) if he is Venezuelan and two (2) if he is a foreigner.
  5. Enter the code that identifies the branch, department or dependency of the company where the worker works.
  6. Please provide last name and middle initial and first name and middle initial. (if the insured is a woman and is married, place after the maiden name) the preposition «of» and initial of the married name.
  7. Write in the format day, month and year of birth of the worker with series of two numbers.
  8. Place an X (X) in the corresponding space, to show if the worker is Pensioner or Retired.
  9. Mark with an X (X) if the employee is male “M” or female “F”.
  10. Mark with an X (X) indicating whether or not the worker is left-handed.
  11. Place in format day, month and year of entry of the worker to the company in series of two numbers.
  12. Write the salary that the worker earns monthly, the amount must be placed in numbers.
  13. Specify what trade or activity the worker performs, and also enter the occupational code.
  14. Enter the address of the worker’s residence exactly.

Declaration of Relatives:

  • Indicate the relationship of the insured family member with the employer.
  • Write the identity card of the insured family member.
  • Indicate with an X (X) if the employee is male «M» or female «F».
  • Enter the last name and middle initial and first name and middle initial.
  • Write in the format day, month and year of birth of the worker with series of two numbers.
  • You will see a box to be filled out by the assigned Administrative Office.
  • You will see a box to be filled according to the inspection carried out in the company.

NOTE: The documents or requirements must be presented at the respective Administrative Office, at the time of presenting this form. Maximum submission period, three (3) business days, with a copy of the identity card and form 14-01.

Documents that must accompany the return

The return must be submitted to the Administrative office in four (4) copies.

In addition, one (1) copy of the following documents must be added, depending on the case:

  • Incorporation of an unaffiliated worker:
    − Photocopy of the worker’s Identity Card.
    − Proof of Work signed by the Employer.
    − Copy of the Employer’s Certificate (F:14-01).
  • Data modifications of the affiliated worker:
    − Service Card.
    − Copy of the Identity Card.
    − Marriage Certificate and/or Divorce Decree.
  • Declaration of Relatives:

    − Birth Certificate, Certificate of Recognition or Adoption.

    − Marriage Certificate.
    − Copy of the Identity Card of the wife.

    − Birth Certificate of the Insured or Filiatory Data.
    − Mother’s Identity Card.
    Concubine (Having at least one (1) year of life together)
    − Identity Card of the Concubine.
    − Certificate of Concubinage issued by the Civil Authority of the Municipality.
    − If you have children, you must attach a copy of the Birth Certificate.
    Invalid Father and/or Spouse

    − Certificate of Disability issued by an IVSS Doctor.
    − Birth Certificate of the Insured or Marriage Certificate, as the case may be.
    − Copy of the Identity Card of the Father or Husband.
    Orphan Brother

    − Death certificate of the father and mother.
    − Copy of the Brother’s Identity Card or Birth Certificate.
    − Economic dependency determined by Social Work.
    Disabled Big Brother

    − Certificate of Disability.
    − Birth Certificate or Copy of Identity Card.
    − Evidence of Singleness issued by the Civil Authority of the Municipality.
    Other family (Not qualified according to the SSO Law)
    − Proof of common life issued by the Civil Authority of the Municipality.
    − Economic dependency determined by Social Work.

What is it for?


  • Incorporate a worker not affiliated with the IVSS.
  • In the case of wanting to modify the data of the worker affiliated to the IVSS (Identity Card Number, Name and Surname, Date of Entry and Wrong Date of Birth or change of Address of the worker).
  • To affiliate the relatives of the affiliated workers.

Benefits of being registered with Social Security

The services offered by the IVSS are many and highly recognized, these services are directed especially to the country’s employees and their employers.

The IVSS works as a protection of the savings represented in contributions that are made throughout your career as a professional worker. In addition, this insurance supports and supports employees who have suffered an accident in their workplace and social medical insurance.-

Absolutely all employees and workers, whether they work in private or public companies, whether they are freelancers or independent, this is a tool that corresponds to us by right and we must take advantage of it and put it into operation.

Thanks for reading us!

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