How to find out my Mercantile account number: Steps to follow to open your account

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The Mercantile Bank offers many services, where its clients can manage their money. But this time it will be explained How to know my Mercantile account number? And other things, so take a few minutes and find out everything you need to know.

What is the Mercantile Bank?

It is a financial entity existing in Venezuela since March 23, 1925. Today it is not only a bank, but also subsidizes Mercantile Financial Insurance.

This bank has changed over the years. When it opened it was not Mercantile Bank but Dutch Venezuelan Bank. The beginnings of this entity began in the Great Camejo Housewhich is located in the Corner Camejo in Caracas – Venezuela. It has evolved to the point of offering credit cards, even managing accounts over the Internet, providing its customers with the best service they deserve.

How do you request appointments at Banco Mercantil?

As the Mercantile Bank It is a highly requested entity, an appointment must be requested to open an account, therefore it will indicate what needs to be done to obtain the appointment. These are the steps to follow:

  • Enter the portal of Mercantile Bank.
  • On the left hand side in the menu select the option appointment request.

  • First, before requesting the appointment you have to identify yourself with your identity card.

  • Next, the system will indicate if you have pending appointments, in the case of not having them, press the button Apply for.

  • Then you have to select the account type he’s going to open up and press the button that says Continue.

  • Then you have to choose one date, state and city where the account will be opened.

  • Continuing with the process, you must choose the agency where you prefer to open the account.
  • Now that you have everything, you have to validate the information in order to avoid errors.
  • To finish, the system generates a form where you can validate the appointment at the bank agency.

What are the requirements to open a savings account at Banco Mercantil?

As seen in the steps to request an appointment in a merchant, there are several savings accounts so what you need will be mentioned. Pay attention to these requirements:

  • Proof of appointmentwhich is obtained when the request is made.
  • Identity document in original and copy, it can be any of these:
    • Valid identity card for Venezuelans and residents.
    • Passportin addition to having the valid visa in case of being a foreigner.
    • In the case of being married, you must present this:
      • Marriage certificate in original and copy.
      • Copy of the identity card of the spouse.
    • If the marital status is not updated, you must submit the original and a copy of the marriage, diffusion or divorce certificate.
  • Proof of Single Tax Information Registry (RIF) which has to be current.
  • The receipt of a public service which must be in the name of the applicant, in the case of not having, you must have, you must submit a residence card issued by the National Electoral Council (CNE)
  • 2 bank references or 2 personal references you can have the references combined. If you do not have a bank account, you can fill out an affidavit for here.
  • Proof of work, Attestation report or certificate of incomedepending on the applicant’s source of income.
  • In the case of retirees and pensioners, they must deliver:
    • Electronic certificate of current pensioner issued by the Venezuelan Institute of Social Security (IVSS).
    • retirement certificate It must be valid for a maximum of 3 months.
  • proof of study.

Documents that can expire cannot be valid for more than 30 days.

How to open a savings account at Banco Mercantil?

  1. request the appointment as mentioned earlier.
  2. Download the collection list for savings account here.
  3. Qualify what is needed
  4. Go to the agency that appears on the voucher the day your appointment was approved.
  5. Wait your turn to be attended by the promoters.
  6. tell the executive that you are going to open a savings account and give him the receipts.
  7. Read and sign the same as in the ID all the forms that I give youwhich are the product request, accept a debit card and passbook among other requests.
  8. Go to the box office to deposit your moneyYou don’t have to queue, just go directly to the ticket office.
  9. Receive your debit card and your passbookThat would be all.

What are the requirements to open a checking account at Banco Mercantil?

As a merchant not only offers savings accounts, it is mentioned what is needed to open a checking account that this bank also offers. This is what is needed:

  • The appointment voucher.
  • An identification documentit can be the identity card or the passport, it all depends on the nationality of the applicant, residents must show the valid visa if they still do not have Venezuelan nationality.
  • proof of study.
  • RIF voucher which must be current.
  • Receipt of a public service in the name of the applicant or the residence card issued by the CNE.
  • 2 bank reference or 2 personal referencein the case of not having another bank account you can download the affidavit by here.
  • Proof of work, a certificate of income or some document that validates where your income comes from.
  • For retirees or pensioners
    • Electronic retirement certificate issued by IVSS and the certificate of pensioner.

Requirements for company accounts

In the case of companies, they also deliver the requirements that were mentioned above, but it is also necessary to have this:

  • If the business is your own, it must be delivered Original and copy of the Statutory Constitutive Document of the Company and its subsequent current modifications.
  • Original and legible photocopy of the last declaration of the ISLR
  • Digital Proof of the Single Tax Information Registry (RIF) of the company
  • Checklist that can be obtained here.
  • Declaration form as a legal person.

How to open a checking account at Banco Mercantil?

The precautions for a checking account are the same as those required to open a savings account, only the name of the type of account to be opened changes. The steps to open this type of account are not very different either, so they will be remembered.

  1. Request the appointment on the merchant page, the same has already been mentioned.
  2. Download the collection list here In the case that an account has already been opened for a company, the list is obtained here.
  3. Once you have the list of what is needed, you have to get everything that appears on it.
  4. When arrive the day to open the account you have to take all the collections to the agency that was chosen to open the account.
  5. Wait to be attended by one of the promoters.
  6. Tells you that you want to open a checking account and deliver all the documents to open the account.
  7. Read and sign all forms given to you by the promoter.
  8. Deposit the money by box office when the promoter tells you.
  9. Receive your checkbook and debit card to finish the account opening process.

What are the differences between a savings account and a checking account?

Despite the fact that money can be deposited in both types of accounts and various things can be paid for with the money stored in them, there is a difference between these accounts. For example:

  • In the savings account interest is earned based on the amount in the account, which does not happen in the checking account.
  • The transfers that a checking account can receive are higher than what a savings account can receive.
  • You can make payments through checks if you have a current account, which gives you another option to manage the account, apart from the transfer and the debit card, which with the savings account only exists the transfer and the card.

How to find out my Banco Mercantil account number?

The How to know the merchant account number? can be answered in several ways. Here you can see:

  • The savings book.
  • In the checkbook, since each check has this number.
  • The bill of the first deposit that the promoter gives you when you open the account.
  • In case none of these methods work for you for any reason, you can go to any branch of the merchant bank and ask a promoter about your account number, bring a product that identifies you as a customer.

What are the benefits of having an account at Banco Mercantil?

The benefits of having an account Mercantile Bank, is the way is that you can manage your money. Not to mention that you can obtain credits in less time. So this is what you can get just for having a Mercantil account:

  • Online account management.
  • Internet tax payment.
  • ATM service.
  • Payment for services, products among other things.
  • Payments can be made by telephone number means better known as mobile payment.

You can do several things with an account at Banco Mercantil. Process it! Success

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