How to know how much electricity is owed: Read us and you will find out what you should know

CORPOELEC, Known as Empresa Electrifica Nacional, together with the Ministry of Popular Power for Electric Power, this institution was born with the vision of reorganizing and unifying the electricity sector. Venezuelan in order to give a guarantee when providing a reliable, non-exclusive and socially conscious electrical service.

Which has a quality integration that allows strengthening the electricity sector in order to provide an efficient service to the people, thus responding to each company in each of the activities and conferences that contribute to the social work that the Government of Venezuela.

If you want to know a little more about What is CORPOELEC? What are the functions of CORPOELEC? How to pay it?keep reading and clarify your doubts in this portal in a very easy!

What is National Electric Corporation or CORPOELEC

National Electric Corporation better known as CORPOELEC is a government joint-stock company that is in charge of the electricity sector in the entire Venezuela. It is an entity attached to the Ministry of Popular Power for Electric Power.

What are the functions of CORPOELEC

The main functions of the Venezuelan public company known as CORPOELEC They are the generation, distribution, transmission and supply of electrical energy throughout the country.

All in order to improve the electrical service to the consumption of each home and company.

CORPOELEC Over time, it has carried out new commercial strategies to improve customer service by optimizing all existing infrastructures, this company develops non-face-to-face services, by this we mean that it ensures that each commercial office has an external ticket office where each of the users they can pay.

They can also ask about the different online services that this company has, for example: invoice consultation, balance, payment dates, and the incredible online payment. Just as it plans to significantly improve existing facilities with new technology.

How to make our payments in CORPOELEC

payments for Internet

If you have a checking or savings accountBOD either Banesco) you can easily and simply make payments for electric service through its website.

You also have the possibility of paying with credit cards. Visa or MasterCard from any national or international bank without any problem, through the Web

payments by phone

Now with just a quick call to the following numbers (0261) 700777, 0500-3635836 Y (0264) 3705555-3705556-3705518-3705564you can also make your payment quickly using a credit card visa either MasterCard.

Remember to request the membership form at the customer service center or any of its payment booths.

Payments at commercial offices

CORPOELEC It has a network of commercial offices, payment ticket offices and mini agencies throughout the country. Another easy way to pay for electric service is to present your original bill (not expired), in the following banks: Venezuela, common fund, Banesco, Mercantil, Exterior.

How to know how much our debt is in CORPOELEC

Know the amount and date of payment of your invoice in CORPOELEC It is very easy, you just have to enter the Internet from wherever you are through the website.

You must enter your username and password and enter the option where it says «document» where it appears registered, once there click on your invoice and the last 12 documents associated with your movement will appear.

If you want to download it, click on the viewer and the downloaded invoice will automatically appear on the screen, which you can save or print directly.

What is the importance of not having debts with CORPOELEC

CORPOELEC For many years, it has been emphasizing the importance of the rational and efficient use of electrical energy, especially for the benefit of each user of its electrical service.

Which is reflected to provide the best quality of life at a lower cost, which contributes significantly to the environment, and to the preservation of our country’s energy resources.

Not having debt with electricity service not only helps you to be a better citizen, but also helps the country generate the best service that it can offer to all its users.

What should we do if CORPOELEC suspends our service

To find out what is the main reason that CORPOELEC suspend your electric service you should contact their offices directly.

Here we leave you in an easy and direct way of all the contracts of this company, no matter where in the country you are

How to register in CORPOELEC

  • At the beginning of the section you will see 3 questions: if you forgot your username, if you forgot your password, if you want to register.
  • Select the third option “if you want to register”. Once you click, a second window called Online registration. Where should we use the option “use last payment information”.

    For this it is very important to have your customer number on hand. That appears in the upper right part of the invoice the date of the last payment and the exact amount.

  • Now you must give the button «Send»
  • In a few seconds the system will corroborate the data provided. Then a form will appear where the information you request will be emptied and thus you will be duly registered.

This form expresses the following data: create a personal user, enter your email (confirm that your email is spelled correctly), create a secret question and answer, enter your landline and personal telephone number, select your gender and marital status, occupation.

  • Once you complete all the data that the page asks for, you must click on «to register»

You will get a window which will show that the registration was completed satisfactorily, once it is duly registered, it should automatically reach the email that you entered your user information and password of the page.

Thank you for reading our portal, success in your process!

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