How to know how much I owe in Directv: Here we will show you what you should know

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Don’t miss your favorite series! Keep your Directv signal active. Known how to know how much i owe Directv: Here we will show you what you should know.

We bring you important information to join, know the services and the amount you have pending to pay, read the article in full Don’t run out of Directv signal!

What is directv

In Venezuela, DIRECTV represents the leading service provider in the area of ​​satellite television.

For South America and the Caribbean, DIRECTV , offers top quality entertainment through satellite connection, with a portfolio of innovative services and technology.

Committed to supporting communities with the implementation of various educational programs, which seek to strengthen the ecology and activities of a community.

In a unified way, its varied and constant proposals make up the so-called DIRECTV Generationhas become an invaluable value for the strengthening and development of social change in various communities.

Directv day by day develops and strengthens the experience of its users and customers, creating a unique video image, exceeding the quality of its programming and technological advances in the area.

East US provider of direct-to-satellite television broadcasting services, is based in California. Being a subsidiary of the well-known AT&T Corporation.

since the year 1994, offers coverage throughout the Americas, bringing satellite television and audio transmissions to a large number of homes, through different plans that seek to facilitate their acquisition for thousands of families.

In its continuous growth, in the year 2016, launched DirecTV Now, an Internet service platform for television broadcasting.

For the first quarter of 2017, DirecTV in the USA reached 21 million affiliates.

What are the services offered by Directv

Through its basic service of DIRECTV Digital, provides all its subscribers with satellite television. With a large number of channels and a robust selection of programs.

Added to the cutting-edge technology that the digital decoder, with functions that facilitate advanced search of the various channels, with personalized programming guides, as well as the blocking of programming not suitable for minors.

We also find the service of DIRECTV HD™, which is High Definition television, where the images are sharper, with greater detail and excellent color tone. Additionally, the quality of Dolby Digital 5.1 sound, which generates a surround sound experience.

And through DIRECTV Plus™, you get a modern digital recording system. With which it is possible to control live programming and be recorded, paused or go back, using the remote control. As easy and manageable as a VHS or DVD player.

With access to the platform DIRECTV Play, you can have online contentenjoy varied programming from any screen throughout the day.

How to join Directv

Subscribing to Directv is very simple, from the electronic page it is possible, by deploying the plans section and click on Affiliate to Directv

How to know how much I owe on Directv

Knowing your balance is very easy, entering by MIDIRECTVyou locate the section of Manage my account and then to View Invoice. You will immediately be shown the history of payments made and the amounts pending to be cancelled.

What are the payment options that Directv offers us?

We have available the modalities of Prior Payment and Prepayment, in which we find the plans:

  1. Silver More 137 channels are available, with 100 channels in Standard Definition and 37 AudioRadio channels, additionally you can access programming on DIRECTV Play. Available access to Premium Packages and the purchase of movies under the Pay Per or PPV modality.
  2. more gold, With this plan you can watch 155 channels, and also 118 channels with Standard Definition. It also includes 37 Audio-Radio, and access to the international network TELEMUNDO. Access to more programming on DIRECTV Play. In addition to Premium Packages and Pay Per View (PPV) Movies
  3. Gold More HD, accounts with 215 channels. With Standard Definition there are 118 channels and 60 High Definition channels. Plus the 37 Audio-Radio. And to the programming of the international channel TELEMUNDO, to that of DIRECTV Play. In addition to Premium Packages and Pay Per View (PPV) Movies

It offers different Payment methods so that the subscribers select the one of their best convenience:

  • Domiciliation and Payment, where you can choose between the affiliated banks through credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club or American Express from any bank, the Sambil Visa and the Supereffective from Banco Venezolano de Crédito.
  • The Directv AppWhen downloading the application, the possibility of paying for services is activated, using Master or Visa credit cards. In a maximum of 24 hours, you will have the effective payment.
  • By electronic means or via the web, from the various MiDIRECTV points, by Mercantil Online, from the Mercantil Payment Portal. Also the platforms of the Fondo Común, Bicentenario, Venezuela and Banesco Online banks.
  • With text messages or Via SMS, when using the payment platform of Banco de Venezuela. You can send an SMS by dialing 2661 or 2662 as follows:
  1. Write SERVICE leave a space, write PAGODIRECTV another space, put the Customer Number press space and without points or decimals enter the Amount to pay.
  2. To enable the services by this means, you must be affiliated with PagoserviciosBDV, entering through BDVenlínea.
  • Also by phone dialing 0501-DIRECTV or 0501-3473288, dial 1 then 3. Visa or MasterCard credit cards are accepted. At any time of the day it is available. The other options are by calling 0212-9581600, select option 2 and then 1, and 0212-8231600, dial 1 and then 1.
  • If you want to pay for the products with money in Cash, there are the services of Mercantil Aliado, at the Banco Nacional de Crédito (BNC) Special Ticket Offices, at the Multifunctional ATMs of Banco Provincial. Prepaid Customers must give the number 576 to identify the agreement in the entire Network of EasyPay® points, located throughout the national territory.

What are the benefits of being a Directv customer

  • Being a Directv customer you will enjoy a wide range of channels, with programming for all tastes.
  • Selecting a plan that suits the tastes and payment capacity of each client.
  • And by being registered in MiDIRECTV you will be able to manage your account online, from wherever you are. You can check your bill, in addition to buying Premium programming, record your favorite shows. Track the status of the service order and you can access the various exclusive broadcasts, such as promotions, benefits and other discounts.

It only remains for us to wish you to enjoy the products and services that Directv has for you

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