How to know how much I should pay to the IVSS: We inform you what you should know

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You may have been told at some point about social security. Or the payments that must be made to the IVSS, if you do not know how to do them here we will explain how. Keep reading!

What is the Venezuelan Social Security Institute or IVSS?

On October 9, 1944, the work of the so-called social Security, by putting all its services into operation. This provides the coverage for what entails the risk of all diseases, maternity, accidents and any pathology that was caused by accidents

All this is done according to what is established in the regulations that generally have the laws of compulsory social security that shares the activity start date. In 1946 that law was reformulated, thus generating the creation of the new Venezuelan Institute of Social Security

This is a body that has legal responsibility and in turn has its own assets

This is intended to be able to adapt this Institute with all the changes that arise from that time.

Then in the year 1951, specifically on October 5, the law that created the Central Institute of the Social insurance

This to be replaced by what indicates the statute of organic nature of the Mandatory Social Security.

It has as its main mission or the most essential one is to take care of the correct maternity care.

Also for survival, old age, illnesses, accidentsdeath, disability, forced unemployment or unemployment and also in retirement.

What services does the IVSS offer?

Between the social services that the insurance offers by contingency is:

Good and correct maternity care.

Also correct care for survival, old age, diseasesaccidents, death, disability, forced unemployment or unemployment and also in retirement.

The benefits offered by social security are the medical assistance of the comprehensive type.

But you can also offer benefits economic as they are:

  • Elderly retirement
  • survivors pension
  • Daily allowances (rests)
  • Disability pension
  • Compensation for Involuntary Job Loss
  • Partial disability pension

all those who are beneficiaries As are all the people who have affiliated, they will be able to receive correct comprehensive medical assistance.

And the monetary benefits will have these benefits according to the rights of the people insured and in addition to the relatives who have been qualified

What is the IVSS registration form and how to obtain it

The cards of the services that is in force is form number 14-02 or what is the affiliation certificate issued by the TIUNA system

This can currently be obtained through the page that it has in compulsory social security

How to enroll in the IVSS

In a release It was explained that all people who are interested can choose to go to the administrative offices. These Offices They are operating throughout the nation’s territory.

In them you have to request your return, with your identity card, you can declare your monthly income to establish your fees. These must be deposited the first of every month

In this way, those workers who work on their own account can carry out their Payments. Thus they can obtain their pension at the time of old age no inconvenience. The amount that must be paid to the social Security it is usually between 13% of your monthly allowances.

This applies to all workers such as motorcycle taxi drivers, hairdressers, taxi drivers, artists, carpenters and those who work with minimum wage. However the payment It can be done at the beginning of each month or each week, however this is not alternated.

Those working on a contract basis must Consult Check with your boss if this amount is being paid. If the answer is negative in this case you can also choose to pay it yourself in the way that we have explained to you.

How to make payments in the IVSS

as boss or employer Whether private, public, cooperatives or any association, you must deliver:

  • The identity card of the person who is the legal representative of the company to be registered
  • You must present your RIF by its acronym Fiscal Information Registry
  • The commercial register of the company with its copy and the original
  • The copy of the respective publication of its commercial registry
  • A receipt for the payment of your public services, this is to verify the business address you have provided
  • Your registration in the SUNACOOP usually presented by a certificate only in associations and cooperatives

If the procedure is going to be carried out by a person authorized to do so, then you must also submit the following extra documents:

  • Identity card of the authorized person
  • The notarized power of attorney with its respective copy and the original

However, if you wish to make your payment staff You can do it through most banks.

Only in this case your contributions can get updated on the page after 72 hours after the payment is made in these banks.

But for this you need your payroll IVSS since you must deliver it to the box so that your payment can be validated.

Among the receipts that you must present are:

  • The IVSS payment form that is duly completed

East payment It can be done in different ways such as:

  • Cash
  • Personal checks or also cashier’s checks are accepted

However, the checks have to take into account the following requirements:

  • The beneficiary of that check must be the IVSS
  • On the front, the check must appear as non-endorsable with its legend
  • The endorsement on the check must also be addressed to the respective IVSS collection account.
  • Checks must not be interbank
  • The employer number of the respective company must already be registered

What other forms do you use in the IVSS?

Between the forms that are used by this institute you can find:

  • Proof of Payment Order (Form 14-23)
  • Faculty and Non-Dependent Continuation Enrollment Application (Form 14-196)
  • RETURN 14-04
  • Proof of consignment of data (Form 14-52)
  • Request for Affidavit of Defunct Company (Form 14-205)
  • Form 14-08
  • Proof of Work for the IVSS (Form 14-100)
  • Employer Registration of Insured (Form 13-12)
  • Employer Registration of Insured (Form 13-12)
  • Payment Agreement Request (Form 14-134)

Benefits of being Enrolled in the IVSS

Their benefit The main thing is that you can get a attendance Comprehensive free medical care in all the cases that we have mentioned.

Also that having quoted the amount of weeks that corresponds may have even insured his old-age pension

It’s one of the Benefits that we should not lose, since they can be really useful.


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