How to know if a person has a Criminal Record: Everything you need to know

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If you are asking yourself the question of How do you know if a person has Criminal record? You have entered the right place, keep reading and find out everything

What are Criminal Records

The criminal record they are a letter registered and given by the regulatory body to ensure that the person in question has a clean criminal record.

For this extremely important document to have any validity, it must be signed by the regulatory entity, as well as apostilled for its validity abroad.

What is the Criminal Record Certificate

The certificate of criminal record It is a document that supports a clean and criminal criminal record for each Venezuelan.

This is granted and previously validated by the Ministry of People’s Power for Interior Relations, Justice and Peace, known as MPPRIJP and it is requested online on the page

Click here

This document It is totally essential, which is recommended most of the time for people who plan to emigrate from the country.

It is extremely necessary and important for the search for job outside the country or in the case that the visa.

This document is requested in many countries in order to verify if the emigrant is fleeing from justice.

If you have plans to emigrate to another country, it is extremely important that you find that you must process this paper, and thus leave with all your papers in order.

What are the requirements to process the Criminal Record Certificate

you only need your identity card to request the criminal record In Venezuela.

By this we mean that any Venezuelan who has his ID or any foreigner can request this procedure.

How to get the Criminal Record Certificate

Follow the steps below and quickly and safely process your certificate of criminal record

Today you have the possibility to request this document by Internet in a fast and simple way, which gives you the advantage of being able to access them from anywhere in the world

1-First of all you must enter the website http://certificacioninternacional.mijp.gob.vean image will appear in the center of the website, with some important information about the process of this criminal record application.

You must read these data carefully.

Another important detail that the page recommends is to navigate in Firefox 11, just like you should have a file reader on your computer PDF.

2-Once inside the website, before you enter, you must register.

3-This is a quick and simple process, you just have to fill in the information that the page asks for.

4-Once registered, an email will be sent to your email (which I put in the previous data). Thus notifying that your registration was successful. In case it does not arrive, check your inbox Spam

5-Now that you are registered, log in to the system. With your selected email and password.

Important: If you are doing this procedure for the first time, it will give you the option to modify 2 security questions. In case you forget your password.

6-After modifying the security questions (if necessary). When you are entering the page, you will see the following image.

This will inform you that you can request your criminal record 24 hours a dayor until the system meets the 7,000 daily corresponding requests. With nothing more to report, press go outis located in the last part of the image.

7-Now it’s time to request your criminal record.

In this part of the process, you must wait a bit.

Note:We recommend making the request at 12 at night, apparently all Venezuelans need a Venezuelan criminal record, and the page gets a bit slow.

Already. After waiting as long as it takes, you will have 2 scenarios at your disposal.

Make the request or there are no vacancies. we hope you can do it

In the case that you do not have a quota, you will get the following information:

In the event that there are places available to apply for the certificate of criminal recordThe following image will appear on the screen:

8-Your data will be filled in automatically. All you have to do is select the reason for the request, the country to which it is addressed and confirm that the data is correct.

9-Now enter the data in the application form, press the button «to register» in order to send the request.

A message will immediately appear with the following information:

10-Press accept and it will quickly begin to generate the background, Now the system will send an email with all the data of the request at the same time it will show you a message, press accept.

Now you must wait for them to accept your application, in a few days you will receive your annotated records and ready to print.

Where is the procedure carried out and what is its cost?

Today this procedure is only carried out on its website, here we provide it to you in a quick and simple way.

Click here

Carrying out this procedure is completely gratuitous.

How to know if a person has a Criminal Record

To find out if someone has Criminal record you must go to their website

Click here

What is the importance of having a Criminal Record Certificate

The record of the criminal record Despite many comments or thoughts that people usually have, it was not created to account for the good behavior of any individual, which makes a lot of sense since it cannot be expected that someone who commits a crime or has been convicted can be stigmatized for the rest of life.

It is extremely necessary to clarify that only one guilty verdict After a criminal proceeding is handed down, either as a result of an oral and public trial or because they have opted for the special procedure for admitting rights, subject to tax accusations, they give some place to the criminal record.

As a consequence of the aforementioned, these are not included in the criminal records record, police arrests that did not give rise to any criminal case or criminal proceedings that never reached a conviction or where people were acquitted or exonerated.

So are the things. This record was created in order to verify the general or specific recidivism of the offender and in the event that he is a repeat offender, a greater penalty than the normal one would be imposed.

There is talk of a general recidivism when the crime committed happens again, that is, when the same legal provision is violated.

However, for a judge to be able to impose an increased penalty on a repeat offender, it must be in the file (the criminal record risk certificate), which complies with the obligation to appear in the case of a public prosecutor.

In accordance with the penal code of Venezuela, the validity of this document is 10 years counted from the execution of the sentence or from the extension of the sentence.

The certificate of criminal record It is granted by the Ministry of Popular Power for Interior Relations and Justice and foreign or Venezuelan people.

Success in your process!

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