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How to know if a trademark is registered It is a quite frequent question nowadays when someone decides to start a business or project. And it is that this has a lot of importance at the moment in which it is decided to even place a brand as its own.

In fact, it has a huge legal implication regarding issues as current as copyright in the market in general. Are you interested in knowing how to know if a trademark is registered? Do you want to know more about the organizations that regulate this process?

Then keep reading because we will tell you everything!

What is SAPI?

One of the first questions that come to mind when talking about how to know if a trademark is registered is that it is the SAPI.

And the truth is that this is a good question, since it’s about the organism that governs everything related to copyright.

In fact, SAPI is the acronym for Autonomous Service of Intellectual Property, which already gives a fairly clear idea of ​​its general functions.

In this sense, it is the organism whose function is avoid plagiarism or copies of the works that are registered therein.

This is done for the purpose of protect the rights that people have to charge a commission for their work or for their creations.

In other words it is the main anti-piracy system which is located in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela today.

In fact, its function is not only about the creation of content or accessories, but also about corporate branding theme and its use.

What does it mean to have a registered trademark?

Another very common question when they begin to search for trademarks is what does this mean in the day to day of the person.

The truth is that this is something very important for all those people who have any job related to the environment of creating anything.

In fact, from the music to the names and stamps of markets or department stores, are registered trademarks that should legally be in the SAPI.

The reason for this is that this institution is in charge of give a legal framework on which all interested persons must move.

In this way you have a protection of the intellectual rights of any creation that a person or even a company could have made.

What this does is that, in the event that the registered trademark is reproduced without the permission of the author, different legal actions can be initiated.

In this sense, legal actions such as lawsuits and disputes They are the most used when initiating a legal procedure.

How to know if a trademark is registered

Knowing if a trademark is registered or not It is a process that takes time. in most cases for all of these.

However at present there are two methods quite clear through which the SAPI hopes that the interested parties can find the brand.

In this sense, the SAPI has made a considerable effort, since it is currently estimated that there are over a million brands.

The reason for this is that the production culture has not stopped in Venezuela, for which there is an enormous number of brands every year.

In fact, to find out if a trademark is registered You can go in person or do the process online depending on the comfort of the person concerned.

In case you decide to do it personally You must go directly to the SAPI offices in the Simón Bolívar Center, North Building.

For all those people who prefer to use the online method in the next section we will leave you everything you need to be able to do it easily.

Via Internet

Currently, the most used method on the subject of how to know if a trademark is registered is the platform via Internet.

The reason for this is that it is much more comfortable having to go in person to the SAPI offices to make the consultation.

In addition to this, the process can be done anywherefor which the citizens of the interior do not need to move to Caracas to do so.

If you have any questions about how you can check if a trademark is registered online here we will leave you a small guide for you to do:

  1. The first thing to do is enter the official SAPI page, for which you can simply click here and you will be able to enter very quickly.
  2. Once there you will need to log in in order to start the process. If you do not have an account, you must create one by providing the data to the system.
  3. when i have done this You should look for the «Brands» option and place the one you are interested in consulting whether or not it is currently registered.

How to register a trademark in the SAPI

Once you have gone through the process of how to know if a trademark is registered, it is likely that Interested in registering yours? in SAPI.

And the truth is that this not a very complicated process because the Government expects more and more people to do it.

In this way it is expected that there more production both artistic and cultural and even new brands or processes within the industrial field.

However it is important to note that all processes are done personally in the SAPI office that is located in the city of Caracas.

The reason for this is that you have to take a series of precautions in physical format for the trademark registration to be made.

At the same time you need to The interested person or a citizen with a power of attorney that has previously gone through a judicial instance.

This way it works equally in the event that it is not an individual person but a company or a multi-owner business involved.


In the case of natural persons:

  • must bring a copy of the identity card or the passport.
  • will have to bring an affidavit about brand ownership.
  • You must bring a Stamp duty 0.02 UT.
  • You also need to bring a Filing Fee 0.1 UT.

For the legal persons:

  • You will need to bring a certified copy of the articles of incorporation of this society. If it is more than 5 years old, you must attach a copy of the last assembly.
  • You must also carry a Copy of the RIF that the company has at the time it was incorporated or if there are changes.
  • You must also attach a copy of the identity card or the passport of the president of the company and one of the applicant at the box office.
  • You must also add a Tax Stamp 0.02 UT.
  • You will need to add a Presentation Fee 0.1 UT.
  • If the use of a collective mark is requested, it must carry the Regulation of Use of the brand that you are hoping to be able to register in the SAPI.

Steps to follow

The truth is that as in all the procedures that must be carried out in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela you need to follow some steps.

However these They are not by far the most complicated. from among the entire bureaucratic framework of the nation of Venezuela at this current moment.

It is important to note that this whole process it is done personally and can not be done in any case by Internet or any other medium.

In any case, if you have any questions about how you should complete the process to register your trademark Here is a little guide:

  1. First of all is search for trademarks to make sure you register a different one. This can be graphic or phonetic in general.
  2. After this you should request form FM-02 and complete it with all the requirements that were mentioned in the section just prior to this.
  3. Lastly, you should deliver all these requirements in the SAPI office that is in the Simón Bolívar Center, located in the city of Caracas.

How much does the registration of a trademark cost?

One of the most common questions when wondering how to know if a trademark is registered is how much does it cost to register a brand in today’s Venezuela.

And the truth is that, like everything in the country, price varies over time depending on various factors such as the minimum wage.

In this way, it is normal for the prices of tax units whenever the national executive decides to do so for many different reasons.

However, there is a fixed price regarding the search of registered trademarks, both phonetic and graphic, which is 1,770 Bolivares Fuertes.

Surely you already realized that how to know if a trademark is registered it is something extremely simple and quick to perform for anyone.

And with our guide you will do it without any problem and very quickly!

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