How to know if an Apostille is authentic: Everything you need to know

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How to know if an Apostille is authentic is an increasingly frequent question from Venezuelans who need to have these legalized papers. And it is that every day it has become more common than various scammers falsify the apostilles that they place on the documents that should carry them.

This happens very often when the process is done by managers because with the increase in emigration there are many more counterfeiters. Do you want to know how to know if an apostille is authentic? Are you interested in being able to differentiate between originals and copies?

Then you should continue reading this article because we will tell you everything!

How to know if an Apostille is authentic in Venezuela

The truth is that this is a question that every day it has become more common carried out by Venezuelans around the entire territory. And the reason for this is that currently there has been a boom in counterfeiters and scammers who take advantage of immigrants.

In fact this phenomenon has increased Precisely at the same time that the emigration of Venezuelans to the various countries of the world has increased. The reason for this is that many people, in order to speed up the process, pay managers who They are not reliable from any angle.

And one of the main reasons for this it is customary to use managers that until not long ago were in charge of these procedures.

These people in general were in charge of carrying out all these processes in a short time, but with the changes in policies have also been diminished.

However, you will be happy to know that there is a simple and comfortable method that you can use to find out if an apostille is legal or a fraud.

In the The following sections will explain everything what you should know about how to know if an Apostille is authentic in Venezuela along with the steps.

Steps to verify an Apostille

The truth is that all the documents that are apostilled They must have a number of characteristics. that indicate if the apostille is not a forgery.

In fact, There are two ways in which a document can be apostilled and be perfectly legal before the international authorities that interest you:

the first way It is in the event that you have made the apostille through the method of «special cases», having to pay attention to:

  1. That the document has the handwritten signature of the authority who is signing it.
  2. must have too the wet seal of the MPRE in a corner.

The second case is if the signature is electronicthis being the most common case because it is by online appointment, you should look at:

  1. The first thing you should do is check if the document you sent to be apostilled has the validation code at the top or bottom.
  2. After this you will need to enter the MPRE page and there place the validation code, in the box that will appear in the center.
  3. When you have done this you just have to click on «Send» and there the document that you have sent to be apostilled must appear among the options.

What documents to check

A fairly common question when carrying out this entire process is What are the eligible documents? that they could place a false apostille.

And this is something not only very common but also very logical because there are more and more people who are responsible for counterfeiting.

In fact, most personal documents They have to be apostilled, which is why they may be susceptible to having some forgery placed on them.

Despite this there are certain documents which are in more danger of being counterfeited than others, due to how common their application is.

Among them we find all education documentswith special emphasis on those with university degrees as well as baccalaureate degrees.

There have also been cases of Certified notes that they have placed false apostilles, which has immediately invalidated any use they could have.

Another case that has been seen quite frequently is that of the criminal record, because many people require them quickly.

Lastly, we must mention the cases that have been seen, but less frequently, these being Marriage certificates and birth certificate.

Which body is in charge of verifying the apostille in Venezuela?

A very frequent question when talking about apostilles and their forgeries is Who is in charge of verifying them?

And the truth is that it is a whole organism who is on the lookout for publicizing and legalizing the Venezuelan apostilles.

In fact, this is a procedure considered as international due to the implications that it has in the life of the Venezuelan who has emigrated.

That is why the body that is in charge of validating everything related to the apostilles is the Ministry of People’s Power for Foreign Relations.

this is a job considerably heavy and difficult to performwhich leads to a lot of confusion due to all the documents that must be apostilled.

For this reason the ministry has decided make the process more directwhich is why the authentication has been made completely digital.

In this way, waiting times have been reduced in which it is possible to know if the apostille they have placed It’s from the ministry.

This has also served take better control of the documents that must be delivered and that the interested parties have totally direct access.

What is an apostille

We have talked a lot about how to know if an apostille is authentic but we have not yet clarified what is actually an apostille and its operation.

And the truth is that apostilles are something very easy to know because they are simply a certification or legalization of a document.

Put that way, it sounds like something very easy and without anything special, but the truth is that its importance lies in the fact that they are international.

And it is that the use of the apostille is only required to give validity to a specific document in some foreign country.

This is done that way because that way no need for so much paperwork in order to legalize the public order documents of the country.

In fact, this is something that has been in operation since 1961 with the signing of the Hague Convention that seeks to facilitate procedures.

before that year it was a very complicated process and cumbersome to get a document to be delivered or validated in another foreign nation.

It is for this reason that nowadays many times when talking about the apostille reference is made to the Hague apostille.

What is MPPRE?

So far we have mentioned the MPPRE several times as one of the bodies that regulate the apostille but we have not yet clarified what it is.

And the truth is that it is something very important to mention, since it is about the Ministry of People’s Power for Foreign Relations.

This is one of the most important ministries of which the executive area of ​​the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is made up entirely.

In fact, this is the branch in charge of everything related to foreign policies of Venezuela with the rest of the nations of the world.

In this sense, it is important to mention that it is a ministry that is under direct orders of the person holding the office of president.

At the same time, he has at his command all diplomatic missions of Venezuela in the countries where it currently has some type of diplomat.

This means that everything related to embassies and consulates in foreign territory they are direct dependencies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela.

At the same time it has a division in which congregate by continents the different diplomatic delegations that are currently working actively.

What to do if an apostille is false?

When talking about the possibility of falsifying an apostille, all alarm bells go off and above all What should I do if the apostille is false?

The truth is that this is a case that is not at all out of the ordinary and every day more Venezuelans are experiencing it.

In this way nothing can be done since the document is already sealed with this false apostille and is therefore invalid.

In this case the only thing to do is restart the process and make sure you do everything the right way with someone you trust.

If it wasn’t done this way you run the risk of committing a crime which can be punished with a fine or imprisonment.

As you can see how to know if an apostille is authentic it is an extremely simple process that anyone can do.

And with this guide you will achieve it very easily!

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