How to know if I am a beneficiary of the Carnet de la Patria: Requirements, how to obtain it and its benefits

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The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has issued the country card for social protection. However, you may not know how to obtain it or how to be beneficiary of this social protection. Here we will explain what it is the country card, how to issue it and also how to have this social protection. Keep reading!

What is the Carnet de la Patria

When the creation of the Homeland card it was indicated that this could be quite similar to a DNI. What this means is that you can allow the owner to prove your identity electronically and without any margin of error.

In this way it will be possible to regulate the access to the foods and also all basic necessities. East license To work, it is using a QR code which allows its bearer to make purchases electronically.

However, this can be an idea in quite general terms of what the country card. It was also created with the purpose of giving its beneficiaries bonds for the social protection and thus cope with the country’s economy.

What is the QR code of the Carnet de la Patria

East code it is mainly a unique identification system, with this code you can be scanned through the government systems.

In this way you can be the beneficiary of all the monetary bonuses of social protection that the executive can assign. This code contains the personal information of the beneficiary that was given at the time of issuance.

However, these can be updated through the system homeland. In this way it is avoided that two people can coincide with the same QR code even though they can share their name and date of birth

What are the requirements to get my Country Card?

just need to have your identity card however they can request information about:

  • Name of the Communal Council
  • Names and surnames.
  • Mobile and landline phone
  • School level.
  • Profession
  • Social networks

Health situation:

  • They mainly ask about the dentist, if you are presenting missing teeth, pain or discomfort and even if you have visited medical offices in Barrio Adentro

Housing situation:

  • This part usually inquires about the state of the home, whether it is borrowed, rented or owned

He also wonders if I make his registration in the great mission housing which was carried out in 2011.

All this part is for the purpose of subsequently being assigned a home through the country card more easily

In the political organizational:

  • They will ask you questions such as if you belong to any of the political parties that all those registered in the CNE could be mentioned to you.
  • It was asked if you had participated in any edition of the so-called congress of the homeland, you should mention which one and if you were a leader of any of the political parties

Later he would ask himself on a very general level about his status economic partner for log data

In the same way, it will be mentioned to him and he had previously participated in any of the missions that represent the bolivarian revolution in this case they will only be closed questions. However between questions it is very likely that your date of birth will not be requested. This is because he already appears in the Registration due to his identity card as a Venezuelan.

How to get my Homeland Card

Since the country card Today for Venezuelans it has become one of the essential requirements. It is possible that for this reason your application must be made so that you can obtain all the benefits that come with the projects of social protection

For this reason, the homeland system to the world of technology since in this way this procedure covers a smaller amount of materials. Among these materials, in general, a large quantity could be found. of resources human and economic.

This is saved since in this way you can reach a greater number of people without using that large number of resources. means. As you could see, you already know what requirements will be requested and what are the questions that they could do.

This is a procedure that does not have any cost.

And in fact it is not limited to only the Venezuelansall those who possess their nationality may request this document.

Previously it was issued in all places bolivar from the country.

What is the Carnet de la Patria for?

East License It is useful since apart from providing identification, various social protection bonds will be assigned through it.

And even the great missions of the executive began to be organized also through the use of the country card.

How to consult the beneficiaries of the Carnet de la Patria

The consultation can be carried out comfortably through the Internet through the following link

There you will only have to create your password since your username is your identity card and in this way you will be able to check if you or your relatives are beneficiaries of the Homeland card.

What are the benefits offered by the Carnet de la Patria

East license In general, it will present different types of benefits such as:

  1. The allocation of bonuses social protection to the people of Venezuela
  2. The mobile wallet system that will be governed by the national card and thanks to it will begin to pay for the bags and CLAP boxes
  3. The missions and large missions will be able to improve the quality of life of the most vulnerable populations with their services.

Now that you know how the system of card of the homeland and the benefits it provides.

You can request it as soon as it is necessary for you. Success in your request.

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