How to know if I am a Board Member: Find out everything you need to know

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In Venezuela, there are several important events for the nation. One of those is elections. It is something where the whole country participates. Therefore, in this reading it will be explained How do I know if I am a board member? Something that any Venezuelan should know.

What is the National Electoral Council or CNE?

The National Electoral Council or CNE as it is also known, is the entity that is in charge of everything that has to do with the elections in Venezuela. It is in charge of drawing up the electoral schedule, so that the elections are held at the agreed times.

On the other hand, it is in charge of proposing electoral laws to avoid problems in this type of issues. Which must be approved by the National Assembly.

In addition, this same entity indicates the requirements that determine who can be a candidate in the elections, how political parties should be and who can participate in the vote.

But what matters most to us in this article are those who are in charge of randomly choosing the polling station members, who are common voters who participate in the entire suffrage event.

Finally, the CNE is the headquarters of the Electoral Power in Venezuela..

What are the requirements to enroll in the CNE?

The requirements for a person to register in the National Electoral Council are not very complicated and all Venezuelans have them. These are the requirements to be a voter:

  • to be 18 years old or more.
  • Being born in Venezuela or being a resident with a foreigner’s ID.
  • Carry the laminated identity card.

How to enroll in the CNE?

In general, the vast majority of Venezuelans enroll in the CNE when itinerant operations are carried out a few months before the elections, where voters can register and update their data.

Registration is very simple and does not take much time, but it consists of doing the following:

  • You went to the place where they are making the registrations and Updates of the CNEwhich can be an operative or in an office CNE.
  • Indicate to the person who is attending you that you are going to register in the electoral registry.
  • Give him the ID laminated identity card
  • Answer the questions they ask you, which are based on the following:
    • Residential address.
    • Profession.
    • Activity or trade.
    • polling place where you want to exercise your right to vote, remember that it has to be close to where you live.
    • Age.
  • After you have already answered all the questions, you are expected to print the form where the voter’s data is validated and where you can vote.
  • Sign the form and place your fingerprint on it.
  • Receive the copy that corresponds to you and you are already registered in the CNE

What is a Board Member?

A board member is a voter or voter who was chosen to be part of the team of people who make suffrage possible. It is chosen randomly by the National Electoral Council.

He himself is obliged to participate following all the corresponding indications. On election day, that person cannot have another commitment, since he will be there from 5:00 am until the order is given to close the polling stations, if there are no waiting voters. Only an emergency would be a justification for not attending.

How do I know if I am a Board Member?

There are two ways to know if it is member of the montha or not, the first is that you receive a text message on your cell phone informing you that you are a table member, the other option is to consult the page as follows:

  • Locate the box that says Electoral Registry data consultation.

  • In that box, place your ID number and press the magnifying glass button.
  • Then the system will indicate your data to the polling station where you have to vote.
  • After the voter data, it is indicated if it is board member or not.

What should I do if I am chosen?

The people who are chosen to be board memberThe first thing you have to do is:

  • Print the form that certifies you as board members.
  • Take the form to the place where the induction will be to be stamped and signed.
  • After induction on the Friday before election day, which is always on Sunday, you have to go to the polling station to verify everything that you brought in the voter’s suitcase. CNEcheck the voting machine and charge the battery.
  • On election day you have to finish setting up the table, set up everything and start with the elections.
  • Allow voters to vote and make sure that all inconveniences are recorded.
  • When closing the polling station, the audit of the polling station begins, the tickets are counted, it is validated with what the machine says, and the corresponding minutes are filled out.
  • When the audit is done, the lieutenant of the republic plan is given all the minutes, the machine seals and with their respective seals.

What are the consequences of not heeding the call to be a Board Member?

Failure to comply with the call if due justification, the person who was called to be board member can be fined with a fine of 15 tax units up to 50In addition, you may have problems when leaving the country, so it is better to attend to the call.

Reasons why it is acceptable not to answer the call

There are cases where for obvious reasons a person cannot attend the call to be board membersince his conditions do not allow him to carry out this work and it is because he has:

  • A medical disability that prevents you from doing the duties of a board member.
  • Is a candidate for the elections to be held at that time.
  • Has a political position.
  • Participate in the campaign of one of the candidates.
  • Having a job that prevents you from being free that day, this is for people who work with customer service.
  • Being on a trip outside the country and can be present there for that day.

Of all the challenges that have just been mentioned, the person or someone authorized must bring the challenge form, depending on the reason why it cannot be board member You have to take the form to be stamped and signed in the center where they are giving the induction to be board member.

What are the benefits of being enrolled in the CNE?

The benefits that a person can receive for being enrolled in the CNEthere are not many but they are very important, so it is important to know that a voter has the right to:

  • Participate in all elections held in the country, including those that can be held abroad.
  • Be a candidate for the vote to be held.
  • Volunteer to be a polling station member in any vote held in the country.

Now it is known what is behind the 10 minutes it takes a Venezuelan to choose his candidate, it is a protocol where all the participants have an important role, therefore heeds the call to be board member.

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