How to know if I am enrolled in the Transport Mission: Know everything related to the subject

The transportation mission It was an operation that is responsible for protecting carriers. Here you can find out how to sign up and start being beneficiary along with the other registrants. also all Benefits that you can get by finding yourself working there. Success!

What is Mission Transport

Presenting as main objective the power to strengthen the part of the guild of the transportation public in the country. For this reason, on March 27, 2014, the president of the nation, Nicolás Maduro, began this social program

Among its other objectives is to dignify and provide working conditions classified as fair to professionals in the steering wheel. For this reason, the call arises Transportation Mission. The already appointed president was in charge of specifying that this would be a service that would be aimed at the so-called proletarian class

which would be benefiting from transportation urban, interurban, suburban, school, rural, communal, taxis and freight transportation. After two years have passed since the call was created Transport Mission, this is a social program. This has been in charge of covering routes in which previously the transportation traditional.

And according to the words of the executive, this is a program that has also been in charge of optimizing the service throughout the territory of Venezuela.

Therefore it is in charge of:

  • Offer everyone a choice of collective mobility inclusive, dignified, safe, quality and fair prices.
  • give greater dignity to the carrier, providing them with fair working conditions.
  • Perform the Revolution of public transportation in Venezuela.

It also includes as mission the following:

  • Carry out reconstructions of the Asphalt in the layout of the corresponding routes to transport
  • Shelters for all the Gandolas and extra-urban buses.
  • Safety of Users and Carriers in the Framework of the Mission To All Life Venezuela.
  • Driver school.
  • Constitution of New Systems of Transportation.
  • financing through the public bank for the Fleet Renewal.
  • Construction and conditioning of Passenger Terminals.
  • Building Solutions vials in cities.
  • Massification of the Suppliers of Spare Parts and Supplies.
  • Shelters of Motorized.

What is the Misión Transporte spreadsheet and what is it for?

The single form of Procedure by its acronym, the PUT is one of the collections that the INTT is requesting, by its acronym, the National Institute of Land Transportation. This is absolutely necessary to be able to register any vehicle Or any driver.

It reflects everything regarding the procedure you want to carry out, as well as personal data, and the information of the tributes to formalize your registration

This is one of the forms that were emerging due to the need to be able to simplify the procedures. So that you can more conveniently register the legalization of drivers and vehicles in the INTT

The PUT form began to be used through the year 2012 and it is substituting the previous one. automotive registration of a permanent nature. It is one of the forms of the INTT that is offering all its users the possibility of being able to enter the Web page.

In this way they could register and make the request for the procedure that you need to perform. In this way, the system by itself will be able to carry out as many tax units as it needs.

Among the steps you need to obtain this unique form is simple, as is the way to fill it out.

You just have to click on their website. There, users will be able to carry out the management easily and safely without requesting the aid from another person, here we will explain how:

How to fill out or renew the return

  • Step 1: Enter the application

The person must first choose to access the form You must access the page by following link

There they have to register with their email of habitual use with its respective password and write the CAPTCHA that corresponds to it

Immediately you will be able to see a screen displayed where you can choose a new password for this platformthere you can enter to register the data

  • Step 2: From the INTT System

After I was able to enter the system of the INTT, on the left side you can see a double menu.

In this you can check first your data and then if you are in possession of a fine or not.

In the log tab you can see that the user is allowed to citizen make the request for the procedures of their vehicles and the license

This can be at any office that is online or receiving.

  • Step 3: Make inquiries and pay fines.

In case you want to check if you have any penalty fee you can choose to click the menu of the tabs that indicate the online payment of fines.

The screen will show the information of the infractions as well as the amount that you must pay.

This system is reflecting the status of the finesthus offering the possibility of being able to cancel using the credit card.

And after you have paid the penalty fee You will be able to obtain the ticket of your respective cancellation.

  • Step 4: Application for vehicle paperwork

The user must make the selection of the vehicle option that may appear after clicking on the menu of his vehicle. Registration

Then you will be able to display the screen in which you are registered all the data of your request.

It is important that you know that depending on what the user’s request is, you can even process four formalities for each of the sheets.

  • Step 5: Single Form of Procedures

After the request was processed, you will be able to see what the amount of the procedure, there must Cancel either by deposit or through the point of sale this amount in the office you chose to carry out this process.

How do I know if I am enrolled in the transport mission?

For be registered You must have done the above procedure. Once you are already registered in that registry, the carriers will automatically be incorporated, so corresponds to the system of the great missions

Its main objective is to collect all the information of the conditions of their relatives, the social and labor that the driver possesses. This is to be able to perform an elevation of your quality of life, in this way to be able to improve both their life and the conditions of the transport service.

If you do not do it this way, you will see that the operatives are carried out in the Bolivarian mayors of the country and their regional headquarters

The requirements that are requested there for registration are the identity card of the person, the registration of their vehicle.

Also the data of the members of your family group, email and also your phone number.

How to download and print the Mission Transportation form

After the online procedure, you can click on the action tab that appears where the picture box.

There then you can see and also to print the spreadsheet displayed there.


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