How to know if I am registered in the PSUV: Everything you need to obtain your PSUV Card

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The government of the Republic of Venezuela recently registered the PSUV card. It would be convenient to first know what the SUVto know if I am registered and even, how can I obtain this license. You want to know more? Keep reading!

What is the United Socialist Party of Venezuela or PSUV

On December 16, 2006, the history of Venezuela was marked with a democratic fact. This is the foundation of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela by its acronym the PSUV.

It is said that whoever has any doubt about the nature or direction of the revolution Bolivarianism will be able to find in this an unmistakable proof This is really about an act of the political type that was found after the elections presidential made in those years.

It was the Head of government Hugo Chávez who named the project of the SUV the United Socialist Party of Venezuela. To date there are no precedents for any act of these dimensions that has a high participation democratic.

This was a complex process since it was found involved the calls to the tens of thousands of promoters. Also the inscription as if they were aspiring to the militants at 5 million 800 thousand people.

The formation of the socialist battalions is also carried out, in addition to the choice of the spokespersons the commissioners and even 1,681 delegates. All these would be participating in the congress foundational which is installed on the date of January 12, 2008 and also March 2 of this year.

In all this structure Finally of more than 92 thousand people, it currently has around 1 million 200 thousand active members.

For this reason, starting from that election, the highest body of driving since it is March 9, 2008. After five days on the date of March 14, 2008, the proclaimed president of this party Hugo Chavez. He was in charge of swearing in the National Directorate of SUV in the municipal theater that is in Caracas.

What is the PSUV Card and what is it for?

During the initial period of this organization and at the end during the founding congress.

The United Socialist Party of Venezuela start a plan for both ideological and political training.

This begins with a video that contains several exhibitions and that its copies circulated through almost all the socialist battalions.

This video was commissioned to encourage the countless and diverse sessions of a debate political and theoretical, while it was beginning to organize itself adequately.

It is difficult to find a school that could have such large dimensions and that has as antecedent an identification of the match.

For this reason with the compression of a level maximum in which it was possible to put into operation outside of capitalism

Establishing in turn the difference between the capitalism and socialism.

In this way, they can ensure their correct political formation as militants of the SUV

At the organizational level, the PSUV card rectifies and adds hundreds of thousands of applicants to the active ranks

However, a complex task still lies ahead, which is the recognition and purge of its militants and other sympathizers.

The functioning that can be characterized as systematic and regular patrols may be a strong objective over a long period of time.

Particularly since it is now raised in its full magnitude as a party organization

This is done from work fronts until completing and being able to overcome the organization Of the territory.

What are the necessary requirements to obtain the PSUV Card?

The fundamental requirements to obtain your PSUV card they are simply:

Your identity card and it may be that in certain cases you will also be asked for your country card.

How to get the PSUV Card

In a press conference that was given in a park named Hugo Chavez which is in caracas that was explained. There it was said that in the scenarios that this card will be given, it will be in electoral centers since it will allow optimizing the registration of the militants of the PSUV.

And also that through the card that we named this force of the revolution You can choose to organize yourself in case any eventuality occurs. It will be able to allow in addition to be able to know all those militants who present the need to be attended through the missions

It may also enable better control of what is presented in all organization activities of the company. politics. This process of carnetization it should also be active in all the bolivar plazas in the country.

What are the functions of the PSUV

  • Quote for the financing of the match according to the rules of progressivity and proportionality.
  • Comply with ethical-moral values, training, self-training, discipline, solidarity and revolutionary love.
  • Train and self-train within the Training System of the
  • Be at the disposal of the Party Management structures to carry out any activity in which it is required or required.
  • Fight tirelessly against the scourge of corruption.
  • Commitment of the militant to the theoretical and practical study
  • Confront bureaucratism in any of its expressions.
  • Obey and comply with the guidelines and instructions, emanating from the different management instances of the
  • Carry out permanent actions of voluntary work directed by the party.
  • Defend the Homeland, the Revolution and its leader

What are the benefits of having the PSUV Card

Between the Benefits It is found that it will allow all the heads of the patrols and of the UBCh to take control of the territories of influence. It will be able to allow that on the day of the elections it is possible to know at the moment how many people are participating in the elections

This is a license who has deeply political work. In addition to this, this instrument may allow the report of all Venezuelans. As long as you also have the country card to benefit them with the social protection provided by the government.


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