How to know if I got the Bono de Reyes: Read us and find out

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The implementation of this document in Venezuela caused great controversy among the population. Due to the political crisis that reigns in this nation. In How to know if I got the Bono de Reyes: Read us and find out, You will know how to obtain it and some other things.

But the reality is that the affiliates have obtained minor economic aid, which does not solve the problem but manages to mitigate urgent situations in a part of the vulnerable population.

What is the Carnet de la Patria

The country card is one of the documents with which citizens subscribed to this system can be identified, within Venezuela.

The identity card is the official identification document of all citizens

It has been implemented in Venezuela since 2017, with the purpose of facilitate access to the vulnerable population to some of the social assistance issued by the national executive.

From the high government spokesperson, Through the electronic database, with the information entered by the affiliates, the socioeconomic status of the user population can be known more accurately and in turn helps expedite the delivery of various government social assistance programs.

currently and As a way of dealing with the economic crisis that prevails in all social strata, they have managed to deliver directly, that is, by paying the member to the national card, a quantity of economic resources.

This help is known as financial aid vouchers, some have a monthly frequencybased on an equal amount for each member of the family nucleus. Others are often unique as are their amounts.issued according to the consideration of the executive.

It is also known that there are bonuses for affiliated people who have some type of disability.

Nevertheless, due to hyperinflation and other economic variables, the amount of aid is barely enough to resolve minor but highly important situationssuch as complementing some type of food that makes up the basic basket.

What is the QR code of the Carnet de la Patria and what is it for?

For the format that concerns us, it is understood by QR code, to the data collection.

Made up of an evolution of the barcode in a square two-dimensional shape. With the ability to store a large amount of encrypted data.

Analyzing the acronyms QRthese correspond in the English language to Quick Response code, translated into spanish means “quick response code”.

The information is stored in a dot matrix or two-dimensional barcode. That can be read or decoded through a mobile device, with a specific reading instrument, known as a QR reader.

Immediately the information is captured by the reader, takes it to an application on the web. It could be a database, a location map, or an email address, also a web page or perhaps even a profile on a social network.

At its creation in 1994by a Japanese company Denso Wave, a subsidiary of the Toyota brand. It prevailed that the objective of the code was to allow the reading of the content at a high speed.

The decision of its use in the national identity card, derives from several factors analyzed, among them, an instrument that condenses information, economic and social objectives. It can Specify the personal information of each member of the document.

For these reasons, The QR code on the Carnet de la Patria allows knowing important social information such as the missions from which the user benefits, as well as their socio-economic level.

In the medium term, it is expected that through the QR code, the relevant authorities will be able to find out if the citizen requires any kind of medication and their medical history, essential or vital information in emergency situations.

QR codes are in many countries, especially Japan, in very common use. Being the most popular two-dimensional code.

What are the requirements to obtain the Carnet de la Patria

In order for the largest number of citizens to be able to register or obtain the national identity card, the requirements are very simple:

  1. Being Venezuelan over 15 years old
  2. Have the identity card or a photocopy of it.

If you do not have it, any other document with a photo that identifies you is accepted, such as your passport.

How to get the Homeland Card

To get the Homeland cardis required register in the days of issuance, updating and modification of records.

During these operations, citizens who want to get their card for the first time, or those who have misplaced or lost it, or have been stolen, can approach.

For Venezuelans older than 15 years, following the steps described:

  • Approach the service module and present the laminated identity card.
  • Answer the general personal data that is requested
  • Go to capture the photo.
  • Wait patiently for the document to print
  • Receive the national identity card.

Among the data to be taken into account for the issuance, we note that even though the Patria electronic page exists, with general information on the user of the homeland card, there is neither on it nor on any other page, the registration of the data for the card .

So that to date October 2019, there is no other way to register, except in the Carnet de la Patria operations at the national level.

The dates of the registration are announced by the national executive, through the different media.

What are the benefits offered by the Carnet de la Patria

Through the Carnet de la Patria, subscribed users have the option of receiving the different social aids granted by the National Executive, giving priority to the most vulnerable or physically, socially and economically disadvantaged people.

Currently, there are the following Carnet de la Patria vouchers, among others:

  1. Hogares de la Patria, refers to a monthly amount for each member of the family nucleus.
  2. In Amor Mayor, the old-age pension is assigned, with an amount equal to the national minimum wage.
  3. Jose Gregorio Hernandez, benefits people with disabling conditions.
  4. Special Bonuses are specific aids, granted on different dates with names alluding to national holidays or holidays such as Youth Day, Child Jesus, Kings Day, Carnival, Easter, Back to School, etc.

How to know if I got the Reyes Bonus

When obtaining the carnet de la patria, you must register the card data on the page Homeland, that is, enter the card and serial numbershe, in addition to complete the social information sections requested on the portal.

At the end of the registration You can enter as many times as you want, entering as a user, the identity card number and a password, that you must protect, in order to activate the different social aids that are granted to you. The information on the page can be modified or updated, depending on reality.

Most of the time, when the bonuses are granted, a text message arrives at the cell phone number indicated when we registered for the card, with the information on its assignment..

To activate them:

  1. You enter the homeland page
  2. The bonuses granted are shown in the Social Protection menu.
  3. Once there, you must Accept
  4. Then enter the Wallet
  5. Withdraw the funds to the account you want or save them in the Petro modality, enabled in the same portal.

What is the importance of having the Carnet de la Patria

Being a holder of the Carnet de la Patria allows citizens be identified in their social condition. To receive financial aid that is assigned from the national executive.

Through the QR code installed in each card, it has been achieved determine the most vulnerable population sectors, such as the elderly who require and well deserve the payment of the pension.

Also to those people with disabilities, mothers in vulnerable situations, even families without homes or with inadequate infrastructure. Without forgetting chronic patients or patients with urgent surgical requirements, among others.

With this information, the State can make quick and effective decisions to meet the needs of the population. Planning and prioritizing in the economic matter, the social plans that are of vital importance for the communities.

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