How to know if I got the Christmas Bonus: Find out and enjoy the benefits

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The country card Venezuelan identity document created during the presidency Nicolas Maduro It has a unique and personalized QR code. This document was created with the idea of ​​knowing the socioeconomic status of the entire population Venezuelan.

In addition to wanting to streamline the system of Bolivarian missions and each of the local supply and production committees better known as CLAP.

take out the country card It is free and not mandatory in any way. Keep reading and find out a little more about this tool, what it is for, how it works, its benefits and other things that can help you learn a little more about this document.

What is the Carnet de la Patria

The country card is an identity document that the president Nicolas Maduro introduced in January 2017 which with a code QR identifies each of the citizens who receive some social assistance from the Bolivarian government of Venezuela.

the target of the east license, It is to know in depth the socioeconomic status of the country’s population and streamline the social assistance programs provided by the government.

In addition, in recent years, economic aid bonds have been delivered. In his web page

Remember that obtaining this document is not mandatory and totally free. In order to process this card, you only need the person’s photo and Venezuelan identity card.

The card has a digital wallet which is within the homeland system, this payment is made electronically and each of the bearers of this document can receive different monetary bonuses thanks to the state.

What are the requirements to obtain the Carnet de la Patria

Remember that in order to request the bonds of the homeland card it is fair and necessary to be a bearer of it.

If you have, you must move right now to be able to remove it, you can do it in an operation that is carried out in the Bolívar square of the country.

The necessary requirements to get this license are:

  • Identity card (original, copy)
  • Be registered in the registry of the Carnet de la patria

There is no page, to register your data, you must attend an operation of the country cardThese operations are nationwide and the government announces them on a certain date of the year.

How to get the Homeland Card

There are many places where you can get the fatherland cardaThis will depend on the state where you live.

If it finds you in the city of Caracas, you can take it out in the parishes of the city.

You must keep in mind whenever this country card It is an instrument created by the Bolivarian Government of President Nicolas Maduro in order to help the needs of the people Venezuelaneither.

There are several points to get this card such as: Santa Teresa, the cathedral, Altagracia, San José, the valley, among others.

The places where you can apply for this card vary. Remember that this document is totally free and you should not give or offer any payment for it.

What social benefits does the Carnet de la Patria offer?

The country card It has different benefits, one of these is the organization of the cash registers. clap and missions, it is also useful for electricity transactions, which can be paid from savings, checking or payroll accounts associated with the user’s card.

This allows the document to be used as a debit card, the QR code that the card has has the user’s information to the degree of knowing if it has already been delivered or not.

It also has benefits for women, especially if they are pregnant, since it has the option of humanized childbirthwhich allows these women to be cared for free and comprehensively.

Older people, who are enrolled in the greater love missionThey also have benefits such as decent pensions to live comfortably.

Young people who have this card will find it easier to get a job, since the government has implemented the plan youth chambawhich allows young people to work with dignity.

It is also a great identification and statistical tool

Helps the state to specify the most vulnerable population, thus allowing to determine the needy of each Venezuelan

Use advanced technology through a code QR

What is the Christmas Bonus

The Christmas bonus given free by the president Nicolas Maduro It is a gift for the holidays that are celebrated on these dates with a lot of love, to help society with the gifts that are given to children, the traditional food that is usually eaten at this time of year, and also a gesture for the Venezuelan people demonstrating to themselves the well-being that they want for each of the citizens.

How to know if I got the Christmas Bonus

To know if you got the Christmas bonus you should:

1-First of all you must have this document called homeland card

two-If you were one of those selected for this bonus you will receive a notification by text message from the number 3532

3-Enter the page and follow the instructions that the page will give you.

4-Finally, he expects the Government to announce the dates and means for the delivery of the assignment.

What is the importance of having the Carnet de la Patria

The importance of father’s carda as a tool for the redistribution of national wealth, it is a necessary document for the redistribution of the country’s income and wealth, in order to strengthen social investment.

It also aims to support Venezuelan families.

VeQR on your phone

This is an application that connects data from the country card with the organization of popular power and the social missions in Venezuelait is very easy to get it

1-Download the app via Google play

two-scan the QR code from your country card

3- add your phone number

4-enter the confirmation code which will be received through A text message

5-Clever!, Get ready to enjoy the social programs that this document offers.


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