How to know if I left in Hogares de la Patria: Benefits

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Currently, in Venezuela there are several social programs that benefit the population. There is a family bonus for which the vast majority of Venezuelan families have it. Today it will be explained How do I know if I came out in Hogares de la Patria? Keep reading!

What is the Homeland Card?

The country card in Venezuela has become an identity document to receive any benefit offered by the current government of the country. What causes anyone who wants to have these benefits must do the process when a day opens to get it.

This document has a QR code, which has to be scanned every time the government is going to deliver a benefit. During the year 2019, monetary bonuses have been delivered without performing this type of scanning, which is done by the application We are Venezuela.

On the other hand, the card has been pointed out as an instrument for the control of society. Many of those who scanned the card receive a bonus.

What social benefits does the Carnet de la Patria offer?

The government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has promised several benefits to those who have this type of document, to have an idea of ​​what the benefits are, they will be explained below:

  • Distribution of Local Supply and Production Committees which is known as CLAPwhere the people who benefit from this network, it is essential that they have the country card. Not all communities receive this type of benefit.
  • On almost all holidays, people who have this identification document receive a monetary bonus with the purpose of helping people with the hyperinflation that the country is going through.
  • the option of Obtaining a home was a possibility thanks to the housing missionso people who do not have their own home can acquire one of these houses provided by the government.
  • due to smuggling gasolinethe government is planning that each person who has a car has to have their country card, so they can control how many cars there are in the country.

Of all that has just been mentioned country cardIt is an ID that a Venezuelan must have to obtain any benefit that the government can grant.

What is Homes of the Homeland?

It is a plan that the Venezuelan government created to help Venezuelan families, since the country is submerged in high inflation where people can barely survive.. In addition, this plan has to be canceled once a month, in its first days.

On the other hand, the value of the bonus will depend on the number of members in the family, so the more members the bonus is a little more, but not by much.

Currently, almost 80% of the families in the country receive this bonus, which can be an economic aid in these times of need.

What are the necessary requirements to enroll in Hogares de la Patria?

The requirements to be part of homes in the homeland are not really many, but it is necessary that they be met in order to receive the money every month, what is needed is the following:

  • Each member of legal age to have the national identity card.
  • Be registered on the homeland page.
  • Not having a good income.

There are not many requirements but it is important that everyone has the country card if you want to receive the bonus.

How can I enroll in Hogares de la Patria?

You can register in two ways in homes in the homeland, one is per page and the other is for application We are Venezuelahow this process is done will be explained at this moment:

For the homeland page

  • Prime you have to enter the page of homeland.

  • In the case of not being registered you have to do it by pressing the button Registration.

  • Make the registration answering the questions they ask for, you also have to have a cell phone for your own use to register.

  • Once you are registered in the homeland portal, Log in with the username, which is the identification number and the new password..
  • Then select the option that says family.

  • Then you press the button that says add.

  • Choose if you have an ID or not.

  • Enter the data of the family member. The same has to be done with each member of the family.

  • Children who do not have an ID must register as not registered.

  • Then you have to accept the affidavit that comes once the head of the family is defined.

by application

The registration of the family by the application of We are Venezuelasince you only have to scan the card and the family is automatically registered. In the case of the registration of children who do not have an ID, it is necessary to manually add the data of the infant.

These are the steps that must be followed to register the family by We are Venezuela:

  • If you do not have the application installed on your smartphone, you can download it from the virtual store, it is free so there is no problem obtaining it.
  • Once you have the application installed on your phone, enter it scanning your own national identity card.
  • Then the registration is completed with some missing data and that’s it, you are registered in the Somos Venezuela application.
  • Already registered in the application, select the registration icon and press the option homeland homes.
  • When you are already in the registration option, you have to scan the card of the head of the family already chosen.
  • It is expected that the application recognizes the person and remains registered, it must be press the name of the head of the family to register the other members.
  • To continue with the registration, you must press the button that has the plus symbol (+)you have to select certified or non-certified depending on the family member and the following must be done:
    • He already has an ID, he just has to scan the card and wait for the application to recognize the person.
    • Children who do not have an ID must only be registered by not having an ID, where the child’s data must be placed together with the ID number of the representative.

How do I know if I came out in Hogares de la Patria?

To have the answer How do I know if I came out in Hogares de la Patria? It is known thanks to the fact that the homeland system sends you a text message to the telephone number it has registered in the homeland systeminformed that he is the beneficiary of the Homes of the Motherland.

The message may not arrive, so it is recommended that you constantly review the page.

  • After receiving the text message, you have You have to enter the homeland page with the username and password of the person who received the text message.
  • Once they are inside the homeland portal you have to select the option that says social protection.

  • It does accept the bonus and then go to the wallet to make the withdrawal.

  • In the case of not having any account added on the page, you have to select the account option.

  • Then press the button add, with the same data. Once placed press the button add that appears below the data.

  • After having the account added, press the option that says Withdrawal of funds which is in the menu on the left hand side.

  • Select the account where the money will go and, if you wish, a note to identify the transfer.
  • after the page will validate the information and if it is correct press accept.
  • In the reconciliation of the purse, all your movements that are made in the purse of the homeland will be recorded.

This way I know How do I know if I came out in Hogares de la Patria? You can even withdraw the money at once.

What are the benefits of being in Hogares de la Patria?

What can be obtained is only the money per member house that is in the family nucleus, these are the amount that is received by each member:

Family members Bolivars you receive

1 8,900.00

2 13,300.00

3 20,000.00

4 26,600.00

5 33,300.00

6 or more 40,000.00

Due to the inflation that the country is facing, these values ​​are likely to change, which happens more than anything when there is a salary increase.

Now you have the answer How do I know if I came out in Hogares de la Patria? Something that has its own process that is not very complicated, you only have to have the national identity card and meet the other requirements.

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