How to know if my Movilnet line is active: Obtain the necessary information

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You need to keep your Movilnet line active, check the following article How to know if my Movilnet line is active: Obtain the necessary information, You will learn more about the products and services of the first cell phone operator in Venezuela.

What is Movilnet

Hand in hand with the company CANTV, acronyms that correspond to the Compañía Anónima Nacional Telefonos de Venezuela, leader in telephone operations, was born in 1992, a subsidiary in mobile telephony known as Movilnet. Representing the first cellular signal provider in Venezuela.

In its beginnings it gave coverage in the main cities of the country such as Caracas and Valencia, among other.

Identifying with the area number 099 and then going to 016 and currently have 0416 and 0426.

Its first anniversary of operations is celebrated with the affiliation of 21,000 customers, under the offer of services AMPS or Advanced Mobile Telephone System.

This system corresponds to the first generation of mobile telephony. Developed by the American company Bell South, and implemented in the North American country in 1983.

This generation was also implanted in England and Japan, under the identification of TACS and MCS-L1 respectively.

Movilnet, in 1996 promotes and promotes products and services based on technology TDMA, marking innovation in cellular demand implementing caller ID service and achieving, in a short time, being the second cellular operator in the country to digitize its network.

For 1997, its client portfolio increases to 370 thousand. Deploy the network CRPDbut due to the advantages offered by other emerging data technologies such as 1xRTT, it is shut down in 2003.

As a result of the delays caused by the allocation of the new spectrum blocks by the media watchdog CONATEL, And also to be provided by equipment manufacturers GSM in the 850 MHz band.

The company analyzes the impact of new technologies on the spectrum, and decides to switch to CDMA2000 at 850MHz.

With the implementation of CDMA2000 1xRTT technology, In 2003, it began offering services of Third generation. And now yes occupies the leadership in South America in offering this technology in the sector.

Continuing with its growth, in the year 2005, Movilnet becomes the first operator in the country to offer a CDMA2000 1xEV-DO network.

Forks about this network that markets “ABA Mobile“. It is a service of high speed Internet access via cell phone with broadband access.

At regional level, ranks second in South Americaafter Brazil and at the level of the third continent, after USA.

Currently the company has coverage in the capital city and satellite cities that make up Greater Caracas. In it Coast plus a lot of cities with technology EvDO .

Even reaches the Isla de Margarita and the Archipelago of Los Roquesas well as cities and places in the process of expansion and diversification.

More than 17 million users in the market, in 2014occupies the leadership in mobile telephony, followed by Movistar and Digitel with 34 and 12 percent participation in terms of customer portfolio.

As a result of the nationalization of CANTV, in 2007, Movilnet is placed under the administration of the National Executive.

The commissioning of the Movilnet’s 4G LTE network, in 2017, implied access to network services in the Capital District (Caracas metropolitan area), Miranda state, specifically in Valles del Tuy, in Maracaibo in Zulia state and in Valencia, state Carabobo.

What services Movilnet offers

The company has an offer of service plans for individuals and businesses Under the modality postpaid and prepaid.

Besides basic mobile connection services, in the People section, it has special services, prepaidamong others the following:

  1. *101 Collect calls, where it is possible to make calls through this free number and the cost falls on the one who is calling
  2. Search Service, refers to the search for words, their definition, synonyms, antonyms, as a kind of dictionary.

While for companies, the services are under the postpaid modality. Including basic and special services.

By electronically, there are Online Services such as bill payment, balance inquiryetc.

Also offices of User Support, where a specialized staff attends and solves the concerns of the users. In the Commercial offices, The latest technology equipment is sold.

Besides the telephone line 0800-company that provides support and guidance in business customer relations.


Services under the prepaid modality are those that must be paid before your enjoyment. Plans in this modality are present only for Natural Persons among which are:

  1. Plans in seconds, where there are offers of a social nature for retirees, communes, among others.
  2. In minutes, for public servants and retirees and the general public


These refer to the payment of the services, after their enjoyment, available for business clients and natural persons.

For natural staff:

  1. Plans are available in minutes, for public employees and retirees, among others for all types of users.
  2. 4G Max services
  3. roaming services

For the business sector plans are framed in public and private companies. With offers of plans in minutes, 4G Max, Data and for tablets.

How to purchase a Movilnet line

To buy a Movilnet line we will carry out the following steps:

  1. Locate a commercial office, from the following link: Click here
  2. Request the ticket for attention
  3. Indicate to the official the type of plan to acquire and deliver the receipts according to the case
  4. The public server will assign the chip or Sim Card, request the telephone equipment linked to the line
  5. Will make the corresponding invoice
  6. The applicant will make the payment directly with a debit or credit card, through the authorized point of sale
  7. The telephone equipment with the Sim Card activated will be delivered to you

Once the line is activated, you will be able to enter the electronic portal and access the Online services from the operator How to update data, check balance, availability of seconds or minutes, check billing, change plans, direct debit payment to a credit card, among others.

How to know if my Movilnet line is active

To know the status of the Movilnet line, we have two options:

  1. If you have the SIM CARD or chip, place it in a cell phone with Movilnet configuration or unlocked for various operators. The active line will allow the reception of the coverage of the services immediately.
  2. The other and safer option is to go to the Commercial Office of your choice and request to consult the telephone number.

The person who gives you attention will ask you some questions about your line to rule out that due to lack of payment or recharge, it is already deactivated.

Otherwise, it will perform the search through the system and will indicate the steps to follow to to ensure its activation.

What are the benefits of having a Movilnet line

The main benefit of owning a Movilnet line is the quality of your coverageyou can get a signal inside elevators, inside a tunnel and in places where other operators do not reach or their signal is not clear.

Also found in constant development of new plans and accessible amounts to a large number of users.

Likewise the state-of-the-art equipmenthas a guarantee, technical service and other services, which ensure that you can enjoy the various plans purchased.

Movilnet have physical presence throughout the national territoryeither by authorized agents, commercial offices and centralized management points, known as PGC.


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