How to know if my passport is cancelled: We will show you everything you need to know

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The passport is known as a document official that certifies and serves to identify people individually. This is valid internationally and accredits permission for people to leave and enter the country safely. East document besides being official, it is universal.

By this we mean that it is used to identify each of the people who leave and enter the country, as well as their citizenship. It also ensures the country of transit or destination, the person who owns the passport can return to the country. For this reason, passports are linked to the laws directly.

For this reason, there are a series of requirements to be able to process the passport in Venezuela and is totally designed before the constitution Venezuelan.

What is SAIME?

SAIME (Administrative Service for Identification, Migration and Aliens), formerly known as ONIDEX (national identification and immigration office) and also as DIEX (identification address) until 1999.

This is a body dependent on the Venezuelan State and is attached to the Ministry of Popular Power for Internal Relations, Justice and Peace, which is in charge of the identification and registration of each of the Venezuelan citizens. As well as the issuance of Venezuelan passports and applications by foreign citizens.

What are the functions of SAIME

The features you are looking for Administrative Service for Identification, Migration and Aliens lesser known as SAIME is to provide speed and functionality to citizen identification, mediating the implementation of high technology in its processes, with the purpose of timely guaranteeing the right to identity and legal security.

As well as the exercise of its powers as a migration authority, in addition to achieving effective control of foreigners who are in the country, in application of the identification, migration and foreigner policies emanating from the Ministry of Popular Power with competence in this matter

What are the necessary requirements to get the Passport

In the Venezuelan constitution without any problem you can see the requirements to process the passport (art 32 and 33).

The necessary requirements at the time of your appointment are the following:

  • Two appointment sheets (printed)
  • laminated identity card
  • Voucher of the respective bank sports car.

Note: You should keep in mind that the costs of this process will always skyrocket. Therefore, the slightest precaution must be taken when managing the process. Not only organize and plan this management, you should know that it takes time to be carried out.

To take it out for the first time

to get your passport for the first timewhat you should do is go to the website and make your appointment.

Now that you have it, you must have the following requirements ready for the day you have your appointment:

  • 1- Valid identity card (original and copy)
  • 2- Web page template (printed (2)
  • 3- Bank deposit

If you are a minor child, you must bring:

1-Page Worksheet (2 printed copies)

2-Birth certificate (original and copy)

3-Identity card (mother, father or person responsible for the child, original and copy)

4-If you are 9 years old or older, you must bring your original identity card and a copy.

5-Picture passport-size frontal photographs, with a completely white background.

6-Complete the data on the authorization form for passport issuance to minors.

to renew it

To request the extension of the passport you must enter your account and user at portal of the SAIME.

Verify that you have managed the security questions, selecting the USER option «security questions»

Click on PASSPORT and press procedures abroad «extension request»

click to continue and choose the country and consular office where you want to withdraw the extension

Choose passport to extension, selected on screen “the correct passport number”. This number is located in the upper right corner of your passport.

Then fill in the details of the debit or credit card holder to pay the fee

Then enter the debit or credit card information, answer the security question and press TO PAY

The system will notify the payment approval and assign an order number. Print that notification for your control.

To verify your process, enter your password and users, select the status of the process and click on «SEE» to know at what stage your extension is.

How to get my passport

Now if we come to a question that all Venezuelans ask themselves How do I get my passport? Here we will explain step by step.

First of all you must be registered in the page of the SAIME. In the part below we show an image where you must click on the web page, press the option «User register» and give it Next.

When you are in the registration form: you must enter the data and security questions. In order to conclude with the registration you must enter the validation code and there you press the button «to register»

Now log in: Enter your email and password.

Once inside the page, you can proceed to request the appointment of the passport.

Go to the option says «passport» and click on “passport application In Venezuela»


  1. Click on «to ask for a date»
  2. Fill in all the personal information that they ask for.
  3. Save the data.
  4. I make the appointment is ready, you must make the payment for it.

Now you must have the system response about the payment made and its respective voucherr in your mail.

You must wait for the email with the information about the place and date of said appointment. (You should not worry if it does not arrive at the time, sometimes it takes a few days or hours)

We remind you that you must have the necessary form filled out, and the other documents at hand.


In the case of making this request to minors, they cannot do it, it must be made by their parents or responsible person in charge of the child.

How do I know if my Passport is canceled?

If your passport was canceled, it is best to go to the offices of the SAIME closest to your community and ask what was the reason for the cancellation, and what you can do to solve said cancellation.

Importance of having my valid Passport

The passport As we explained in the upper part, it is a document with international validity, issued by the migration authority of each of the countries, which certifies the identity and nationality of each of the people, while certifying a permit or legal authorization to exit or enter said country through international airports or common border crossings of neighboring countries.

The document It consists of a notebook that contains the information of the owner of the notebook, which includes the photograph, personal data, the exits and entrances of the country must also be noted. In this small booklet the visas are inserted, which are the authorizations of the destination countries, to be able to enter or leave them.

Today the eastern leaves document They are made with security paper somewhat similar to paper money, with perforations and the photograph of the owner of the same, its printing is directly, this is done in order to avoid any forgery.

The security measures of this documentin order to comply with the intentional rules and thus prevent any terrorist attack that an international traveler can comment on.

We hope this information helps you in your process. Thanks for confirming on us.

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