How to know if my passport is ready in SAIME: Here you will find everything you need to know

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If you want to travel you have to process your passport, but you must do it through SAIME. If you do not know how to do it or how to check if it is ready, here we will be explaining the procedure. Keep reading!

What is SAIME?

The SAIME is he Administrative Service for Identification, Migration and Immigrationwhich was formerly known as the National Office of Identification and Immigration by its acronym ONIDEX. It was also the Directorate of Identification and foreigner by its acronym DIEX until 1999.

This is a organism which is dependent on the nation of Venezuela and is attached to the ministry that belongs to the people’s power for internal relations of justice and peace. Which in turn are in charge of the adequate ID and also the registration of all citizens of the country.

As well as is in charge of the correct issuance of passports of Venezuelans and the appropriate applications that are formed by foreigners.

What are the requirements to get my passport

Different collections may be requested depending on the type of passport you want to issue according to your condition, here are some of them:

For Venezuelans by birth

  • Your identity card with its original and copy
  • 2 forms of your application in the page Web
  • The bank deposit of the tax units that are required

The data of your identity that are appearing in the passport must be completely identical to what corresponds to the identity card

In the event that any of the data is not correct, you will also have to submit, as appropriate to your case:

  • Changes in your current marital status
  • If you are married, a certified copy of your marriage certificate
  • In the event that you are divorced, it will be the certified copy of your proper divorce decree
  • If you are currently a widower, you will also need a copy certifying the death.

In case of the date of birth, of an error in the names and surnames or in the country of birth. For these cases you must present your departure of birth with the copy and the original. If the change is to obtain the married surnames, you must place your certificate of marriage.

For Venezuelans by naturalization

  • You will need your identity card with a copy and the original
  • The official gazette or its certificate of naturalization
  • 2 copies of your application through the website
  • The deposit to the bank of the corresponding tax units

For Venezuelan birth children

  • The two copies of the application form through the website
  • Birth certificate with its original and copy
  • ID of identity of their representatives with original and copy
  • Copy and the original of your identity card in the case of having more than 9 years of age.

For Venezuelan children by naturalization

  • The certificate of your naturalization or the official gazette
  • The 2 copies of your return application by the website
  • Identity card of their representatives with original and copy
  • Copy and the original of your identity card in the case of having more than 9 years of age.

In the case of being a Venezuelan child or adolescent due to his naturalization with the normal procedure:

The birth certificate of the child or adolescent, translated and correctly apostilled.

For people with special circumstances

They must be consigned additional way to the above precautions which are described below.

In the case of having a lack with respect to the consent of your representative, being in this way you have to present a authorization. This authorization must be presented by the court of your protection before the child and adolescents that competes in their territory

  • If the case is that one of the parents cannot be present at the time of carrying out the procedure.

A notarized authorization from the council of the protection to the child or adolescent

  • If the present case is that neither of the two can be present then there must be an authorization.

This must be notarized before one of the third parties.

  • If the parents are Venezuelan but are domiciled in a foreign country, one of the authorizations must be legalized.

This must have a representation that is in the consulate of Venezuela next to the country where they are located.

  • In the event that both parents are foreigners who are domiciled in their corresponding country of origin.

In this case they have to apostille their authority that is the responsibility of the country with the copy of the passport from his parents.

  • If your representative is a foreigner who is domiciled in a country that is different from his corresponding country of origin.

Once it is authenticated by the authority that corresponds to that country, according to its consular representation in Venezuela and the respective copy of your passport.

Being the case that the parents are foreigners and that they also have the status of either transients or residents.

They have to present their game birth with the copy and its original, as well as the birth certificate,

Copies of the identity card are also usually requested. identity of their parents with the original and copy.

The visa in which your status as a transient or residence is also shown as the copy of the passport

How to get my passport

First you have to take care of making the application so that you can both know the requirements and simply request it from through the link

  • You must start by registering in the system, entering the page that has the SAIME and you must click on the option that indicates user registration and then on the following
  • Once the form that certifies the registration appears there, you must enter the data and answer the respective questions security, then just click register
  • In a moment you will receive an email electronic which will confirm that you have already registered.

In the same way, it will send you your corresponding username by email and your password, which will be alphanumeric.

These will be useful in your application and then you just have to click enter

For the Appointment request:

You must properly apply for your appointment To get your passport, you have to place your cursor where the word passport is. At that moment, the options menu will be displayed. You can click on the passport application in Venezuela.

Note: In the case of a minor under 18 years of age, the request must be made by their legal representative only

After you select your option in the appointment request, you have to fill out the form with their respective data.

Later you will be able to carry out the I pay by clicking on the icon that has the shape of a card.

The system will give you a response corresponding to the payment you must make for the appointment and the receipt will be sent to your email

After a few hours you will be able to receive an email in which the date will be indicated and also the place where you will have the appointment


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