How to know my Banco del Tesoro account number: Everything you need to know

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Knowing the bank account number you have is very important. Do you want to know your Treasury Bank account number? Keep reading!

What is the Treasury Bank?

The Treasure bank is a financial entity created by the government, it has existed since August 17, 2007. This can be validated in the Official Gazette number 38.252.

The only shareholders of this bank are the government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the Ministry of People’s Power of Economy and Financewhich makes this banking entity belonging to the government.

What services does Banco del Tesoro offer?

Now, after knowing what the Treasure bankthe benefits offered by the bank just for having an account will be indicated.

Services for natural persons

  • Online treasure.
  • BT Mobile.
  • Transfer limit and payment at points of sale.
  • Commercial mobile payment and mobile payment, where one is for businesses and the other is for other people.
  • Rapi-Effective.
  • Mobile SMS BT.
  • Operations with credit card.
  • Payment of services, tax,
  • Collection of various public entities.

To learn more about these services enter here.

Services that a company can have by having an account at Banco del Tesoro

Services for companies are not very different from what natural persons have, but they will be mentioned to be clear about what they are:

  • Custody of values.
  • Confidential card.
  • Currency transfer.
  • BT Mobile.
  • I pay you commercial mobile.
  • Tax payment.
  • Points of sale.
  • Collections that have to be made for government entities.
  • Online treasure.
  • Payment orders.

You can find out how to enjoy these services here.

What are the necessary requirements to open an account at Banco del Tesoro?

Opening an account is somewhat complicated. However, you only have to collect the precautions required by the Treasure bank in order to open the account. As several types of account can be opened in this bank, each specific document will be indicated:

To open a savings account

  • Identity card or passport in the case of being a foreigner.
  • 2 personal referenceswhich cannot be relatives and must have the full name, address, ID number and telephone number
  • The receipt of a public service, a proof of residence or the proof of the RIFany of these documents is valid to verify the address of the applicant.
  • If it is an account issued by payroll, it must be delivered the application letter to open an account.
  • Any document that validate applicant’s income.

What is needed for a checking account

  • Passport in case of being a foreigner or the identity card.
  • Proof of residence, proof of the current RIF or the receipt of a public service.
  • 2 personal references that cannot be from relatives and must have the same ones that are requested in the collections of the savings account.
  • proof of work where it must have the letterhead of the company where the applicant works, the time he has been working, the position he has, his salary, signature and seal of the company.
  • If you are a person who works independently, you have to submit a entrance certificate.
  • Documents that validate the economic activity performing.

What is needed to open a legal account

  • Identity card of the legal representative of the company.
  • Letter of authorization to open the accountindicating the conditions of mobilization, the authorized signatures and the seal of the company.
  • The Tax Information Registry RIFwhich must be current.
  • Commercial Registry and Constitutive Act of the legal person, social status.
  • Bank or commercial references of the company
  • last statement of Income tax.

If you want to know about the accounts offered by the Treasure bank enter your portal here. Select in-person or business accounts to learn more about this service.

How to open an account at Banco del Tesoro?

What you have to do? Follow the steps!

  1. Investigate the type of account more convenient to open. To meet the needs you have. which can be done by visiting the page.
  2. Verify exactly what are the requirements that are needed.
  3. Gather all the collections depending on the type of account to be opened.
  4. Go to the bank agency of your choice with all the requirements.
  5. wait to be served by one of the promoters.
  6. Once you are cared for, you have to indicate to the promoter the type of account to be opened and deliver the receipts.
  7. Read and form all forms given to you by the promoter.
  8. Make the deposit when the promoter indicates it, in case you have money to deposit.
  9. Wait for me to give you your documents depending on the type of account opened.

In this way you can already have the account.

How to find out my Banco del Tesoro account number?

Since only the clients of this financial entity have the answer to the question How to know if my account number of Banco del Tesoro? In this part of the reading it will be indicated where you can see this important number. Here you can see the number:

  • in the checkbook in the case of having a checking account.
  • Notepad savings.
  • If you have Internet, go to online treasure and in the query section you can see this number.
  • In the first deposit receipt.
  • If for some reason you can’t review any of the options listed above, you can go to any bank agency with something that identifies you as a customer and ask about your account number.

What are the benefits of having an account at Banco del Tesoro?

After knowing everything that is needed to open an account, it is good to know what else this government entity can offer to all its clients just for having an account with them. As each account has its own benefits, it will be said that each one offers:

Savings account

  • Inquiries can be made with the telephone key only by calling 0800TESORO.
  • Interest is generated on the balance in the account. Which results as a bonus for the client.
  • Account management can be done through the book and a debit card.
  • Have acces to Mobile Treasurewhere you can make transfers, payments, check balances and more.

Current account

  • This is the option of having the account with a checkbook and debit card.
  • Have an account at Mobile Treasurewhere you can do various things without having to go to the bank, such as transfers, payments, among other things.
  • Account management for telephone key by calling 0800TESORO.
  • The check conformation It can be done all over the country.
  • Obtain references by figures according to the average that is in the account.

legal account

  • Payment to Suppliers.
  • Payroll service.
  • Bank reference showing the amount that is usually in the account.
  • Availability to use Tesoro online.

What must be done to know the account number of Banco del Tesoroit is not much, you even have several options to know this information so if you need to know, you already know what to do. Success!

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