How to know my Banesco account number: How to open an account

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In Venezuela as in other countries there are people who for some reason always want to be aware of their bank accounts. here you will know How to know my Banesco account number?

What is Banco?

Banesco is a banking entity that exists in Venezuela and in other parts of the world. It is also known for being a financial institution where people can go when they need a loan to make an investment.

On the other hand, Banesco unites tradition with innovation. This is how they offer their customers the best service they deserve. Showing that they are a trusted entity, where money can be stored or where a loan can be requested for a house, a car or a business.

At the same time, they have plans where they can satisfy both themselves. Like customers and suppliers, since one of their priorities is the well-being of the entire community in Banescowhich guarantees the profitability of the shareholders.

What services does Banesco offer you?

In the services it offers Banesco I know how to know How to know my Banesco account number? Since one of the things that Banesco offers is a bank account, which is known as a storage of your money. But to know what this bank offers, it will be mentioned here:

  • Bank accounts as mentioned above, but it is divided into the following:
    • Savings account.
    • Current account.
  • credits so that they can be:
    • agricultural.
    • Commercial.
    • mortgage.
    • Multicredit 48 hours.
    • Tourism.
    • extra credit.
    • Manufacturing Sector.
  • Credit and debit cards.
  • Mobile and electronic banking service, where customers can enjoy, even serve themselves. These types of are known as:
    • BanescOnline.
    • Telephone banking.
    • Banesco Mobile payment.
    • ATMs.
    • mobile bank.

These services can be very useful so that one can manage money, whether it is yours or borrowed, since it has become very useful for humanity.

What are the necessary requirements to open an account in Banesco?

The requirements to open a Bank accountit will depend on what type of account is going to be opened, although almost all the requirements are the same, only something else is added due to the type of account that it can be.

To have an idea of ​​what is needed, the requirements that are required according to the type of account are going to be mentioned:

Savings and checking account

  • Original and Copy of the identity card, it must be validit has to be the owner, co-owner and signatories.
  • The RIF in copy, original and currentof the owner, co-owner and signatories.
  • Salary certificate it has to have three months maximum of being issued.
  • Constitutive Act for personal signatures.
  • Explanatory letter the origin and destination of the funds.
  • Work record.

Savings account for minors

  • Photocopy of birth certificate of the minor, of course with the original document.
  • Form to open an account, can be downloaded by here.
  • Document that identifies the guardian or curates in original and copy.
  • Identity card of the minor in original and photocopy.
  • What parents have to deliver in certain cases:
    • If one of the parents is widowed, only the copy must be delivered..
    • Divorced parents must submit a photocopy of the divorce certificate.
    • Parents who are married do not have to show their identity card.
  • Copy of the RIF of the representatives.
  • work credential in case the adolescent works.
  • a personal reference only from parents.
  • Two bank references for representatives or parents.
  • court letter in the event that the account must be opened by order of a court.
  • Marriage certificate It is the case that the parents are married, the original document and the photocopy.
  • proof of study.

All the corresponding documents must be valid, only those that expire and the birth certificate.

How much savings for pensioners

  • Electronic certificate of pensioners issued by the Venezuelan Institute of Social Security.
  • Have an account in Banesco.
  • Valid identity card.

The account can be opened at any bank agency in Banescoalthough it is best that it be close to the residence of the pensioner, for any eventuality that may occur in the bank account.

Checking account for payroll

  • Identity card current copy and original.
  • Account opening request letter issued by the company where you work.
  • Letter signed by the nomineemust be written by the employer and signed by the nominee.
  • The copy of military card in case the holder is military.
  • If you are a minor, you must show a card that identifies you as a working adolescent.

legal accounts

These are accounts for companies, so they have their own requirements, but if you want to open this type of account, you have to have all this in order:

  • Copy of the RIF of the owner, the legal representative and everyone who has the right to sign on it.
  • Photocopy of the identity card of the legal representative, the owner and everyone who has the right to sign on the account
  • Two bank referenceIf you do not have a bank account, you must make one affidavit of not having a bank account.
  • Income tax returnoriginal and copy.
  • Company incorporation documentsit can be the commercial registry, a constitutive act or any other, in original and copy.
  • Document that indicates what the business is about.

In the case of being a public entity

  • Official letter of request to open an account issued by the requesting entity.
  • Official Gazette from when the entity was created, a constitutive act or an assembly act.
  • Identity card of the responsible person from the bank account.
  • Authorization Letter to open the bank account.
  • Electronic code given by the National Treasury Office.

educational entities

  • Official letter issued by SENIAT as exempt from paying tax in original and copy.

savings banks

  • Registration letter by the Superintendency of Savings Banks or Cooperatives.

educational tips

  • Initial Charter.
  • Fiscal Registry (RIF).
  • Act of current General Assembly.
  • Identity card.
  • Renewal Act.

These last documents in original and copy.

How to open an account in Banesco?

Before you know How to know my Banesco account number? First you have to have an account in it, so it will explain what you have to do to be a customer of this bank or if you already are, what is needed.

If you are already a Banesco customer

Started with the application, you have to follow the steps that are going to be mentioned below

  • Enter the page of Banesco select the option of Internet banking.

  • in which it goes display a small menu and select the option that says Online Account Opening Requests (Non-Customers).

  • Then select the option join here.

  • Accept the terms and conditions.
  • Then fill in the data to join, so you already have a username and password to enter the system.

  • When the affiliation is ready, enter Online Requests for Opening Accounts (Non-Customers) again and enter with your username and password.

  • Once you are inside the system product request and then account opening.
  • Now you have to enter data from where the bank account is going to be opened and some to formalize the account.
  • Then you have to wait for the form to open the account and follow the messages.
  • With everything ready, you can go to the agreed agency on the corresponding date.

If you are a new customer

In this case, you also have to follow some steps, which are very simple and can be seen here:

  • Enter the page of Banesco and press the button Internet banking.
  • In the small menu select BanescOnline.

  • Enter your username and password enter this part of Internet banking.
  • Then in the system menu select the option request a product and then account opening.
  • Wait for a message with a validation code for security reasons.
  • Then you have to wait for the form and print it.
  • Go to the bank agency to finish opening the account.

How to know my Banesco account number?

There are several ways to know your account number in Banesco, where any client can access them, you just have to keep an eye on various things where you can see this information. To give a clue where the account number is, it can be found at:

  • The savings book.
  • Current account checkbook.
  • In BanescOnlinebut the full 20 digits are not found here.
  • Another safer way to know your account number is to go to any Banesco agency along with a document that identifies you as a bank customer and ask the promoters about this information.

Benefits of having an account in Banesco

Have an account at Banesco It has several benefits and to know which ones are going to be mentioned below:

  • Make tax payments from anywhere with Internet access.
  • Make payments using your credit and debit card.
  • You can make transfers to accounts of the same Banesco and for other banks.
  • Online banking to manage the bank account.
  • Have a bank credit in just 48 hours.
  • Insurance service.
  • Escrow.

Knowing the account number is simple and you have several options to know it, but it is essential to have a bank account to know the number of it. So say no more look for that important number.

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